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This was from the El Vago entrance of the Cross Town Trail.

Too steep. An hour and 10 minutes up, 40 minutes down. I’d rate this hard versus moderate based on the grade alone. I fell twice on the way down. My girlfriend is a beginner and would have killed me if I took her on this.

Moderately high with a 35 degree incline on med lose gravel with minimum shade and one sitting area with 2 picnic tables. If forecast is sunny better beat the heat of the day and protection from the sun. Make sure to take good traction shoes for the trail, trail varies from two to one person wide. Few hikers n bikers. Nice views when LA is not hazy. At the top, Tepee area, it has no shade or sitting area n has two other trails to explore. Trail can use updated markers , one trail will lead you away if not familiar, others just merge into each other to go the top. This from a Chicago Il, hiker.

A beautiful evening sunset hike. Definitely steep. Shade is limited, but better in the morning or late afternoon hours. I love the tipi at the top and the beekeeping area is pretty rad. Amazing views in every direction at the top.

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Have a great hike!

Definitely an intense uphill if you’re a bit out of shape (like me), or if the weather is 80s or above - so it’s a nice workout replacement for the day. Bring water and take breaks. Opens up into a lovely meadow but shade is hard to come by anywhere on the trail. Only saw two other hikers and a biker on a Sunday afternoon.

Solid uphill hike. Nice wide trail with many scenic views. Trail head is just over a bridge at the end of a tiny street near La Canada elementary.

I went on 3/31/18 and there was a rock slide to traverse, about two dozen creek crossings (~half of them include downed trees/debris from recent flooding). It was a lot of fun, but a little bit more than you might have bargained for!

Great trail! As others have mentioned it is an upside down hike, gradual decline the entire time and of course up the way back. There was plenty of creek crossings through water and the waterfalls had plenty of water. If you traverse up towards the right of the first fall it can be a bit tricky but worth the travel towards the second fall. The majority of the hike is shaded and cool. Highly recommend!

Pros: Shaded (large majority), water crossings (spring time), waterfalls

Cons: Dirty restrooms

Final 1/3 kinda steep — bring grippy shoes! Otherwise short and sweet hike, +/-3 hrs

Steep, slippery, mostly shadeless trail on decomposing granite -- but what a view! Be sure to wear grippy shoes, not the old sneakers in the trunk of your car, like I did.

Spent the night at bear canyon camp. Beautiful easy hike. If you plan on staying the night, check out the last campsite in the back. The spot where you pitch the tent is on a little drop off with an awesome view of a peak. Watched hawks flying around all day. Loved it.

We were not able to make it to the camp ground. There was a downed tree we managed to get around. Then not to far there was a landslide that completely wiped out the trail. We got over that with difficultly. However the water up ahead washed away the trail and we could not continue forward.

The best part of the trail was the view to the falls. If we did this hike again we would just hike to the falls and then head back.

We hiked this trail in the rain and experienced a tremendous amount of fun, hard work and relaxation all at the same time! The clouds prevented us from seeing most of the views, but helped us feel like we were entirely out in the wilderness without a road, car or city in view. The hike, whether hiked rain or shine increases in elevation along the trail with the greatest inclines starting about halfway through the hike. It is a workout, but certainly worth it. I recommend this hike during mild rain or during our climate’s typical sunny weather, but caution everyone to wear good shoes as the trail is slippery in places.

The first part of the hike is really moderate level but wait until the second part of the hike. The second half of it is straight up incline. But it is short hike so not too bad. But I do recommend good hiking shoes or a tracker at least if you do not want to slip.

This hike is super steep and is 3.4 miles RT with some strenuous elevation gains. You can continue straight on the paved road to cut some distance, or go right at the trailhead go follow the AT Loop.
Great views.

Very overgrown !!!

Don’t get confused with “ campgrounds” it’s a homeless encampment near the only restroom. Was so irritating to get halfway down just to figure out what was going on.

Worth the hike... beautiful views

I hiked with a buddy. Short hike, but it was a workout due to how steep it was. The views were awesome though once you get to the top. I would recommend for views and a workout.

Approximately 4.6 mi (AllTrails kept crashing). Take a left at the T junction at 2.0 mi and go up the little spur to the concrete structure. Incredible views of the city and Verdugos at sunset. This trail is popular with mountain bikers but not too busy. There is geocache if you know where to look. This is one I'd take visitors to for the spectacular sunset view.

I started with the 4.5 mi hike to Hoyt Mountain to the water tank. Decided I didn’t have enough time to complete the entire hike with the sun setting in an hour or so. Turned around and did this 1 mi hike. Complete mistake. The trail is not much of a trail. It’s going straight uphill with a whole lot of loose gravel. Very sketchy. The view was great but the terrain going uphill/downhill isn’t.

trail running
5 months ago

Trail exposure, pitch and views are very nice. Plus it was nice and shady at 1:00 pm in December. Unfortunately trail is overgrown with vegetation and with 5-7 trees down across the trail. Perhaps the trees will be removed but they impeded my run today. Also, some soil erosion going on which makes the foot work somewhat challenging, nonetheless, it was a nice experience and I’d go back.

a very peaceful hike we never saw anyone else

6 months ago

Short and sweet. Great conditioner trail.

6 months ago

it's moderate decent hike, make sure you have your long sleeve on since you gonna have marks otherwise, so much outgrown vegetation. but a great experience, very nice senary

A very pretty route, but very overgrown for half the route=scratches on arms and face. Be prepared for 90% uphill grind on your way back to the highway.

This is hardly a trail and the rating should be difficult. I took this route with my bf thinking it would be a quick and moderate shortcut to the summit, but I regret the decision and wish we took the four mile route instead. The first segment leading to the peak is extremely steep and the trail is not clear. At times, we were on all fours climbing up the mountain and the rocks beneath our feet were unstable and rolling. There was no clear trail at the top of the summit either and the last uphill is also very steep. No shade.

Incline is pretty tough for the length of the hike.

Had a great hike, though the published trail was not my favorite part. There were a lot of sections of road, which weren't as much fun. But if you look for them, you can find opportunities for side trails that parallel the road, or even walk the creek bed itself for a while. Watch out for snakes, and poison oak which is prevalent in the area.

But my favorite part, was taking the trail up to Paul little picnic area, on my return. I took the side trail from the campground heading north. I only went up to Paul Little (about a mile), but I'm going to come back and explore the rest of that trail another time. The trail was narrow, winding, and beautiful. Veer to the left, and continue past the Paul Little picnic area when you find it - just a little farther up is a dam with a waterfall. A great spot to stop and refresh yourself. Check out Gould Mesa Road for that hike.

Appeared that trails were washed out and there wasn't much of a hike here.

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