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This trail is beautiful! You start out on a fairly shaded portion overlooking some dramatic rocky mountain sides. Then you'll hit Mueller Tunnel. Prior to the tunnel being built, the trail went around the rocky cliff side (you can see some rusty metal rods sticking out from the old chain railing).

After the tunnel you'll hit a water tower looking structure with a fork. The trail noted here is the left option, going up the side of the mountain. It'll take you through some beautiful scene vistas.

Once you start going down the rock gets pretty loose and steep. This is the most difficult portion of the trail. Once you're finally down you'll be at a fire road crossroad. Take the left road and follow it to Inspiration Point for some amazing views.

Great spot for a picnic lunch! On the way back you can follow the same trail or stick to the fire road which will take you around the mountain on a longer but lower grade climb back up. It eventually connects back at the fork at the water tower. If you go this route the total mileage will be about 7 miles.

This has become one of my favorite hikes. it's very much on the side of the road. The trail leads you down hill into a very forested area. It runs a long a stream most of the time, and you'll have to cross is multiple times as well. it's like an obstacle course in some parts. Very fun. Highly recommended.

I went on 3/31/18 and there was a rock slide to traverse, about two dozen creek crossings (~half of them include downed trees/debris from recent flooding). It was a lot of fun, but a little bit more than you might have bargained for!

Great trail! As others have mentioned it is an upside down hike, gradual decline the entire time and of course up the way back. There was plenty of creek crossings through water and the waterfalls had plenty of water. If you traverse up towards the right of the first fall it can be a bit tricky but worth the travel towards the second fall. The majority of the hike is shaded and cool. Highly recommend!

Pros: Shaded (large majority), water crossings (spring time), waterfalls

Cons: Dirty restrooms

Spent the night at bear canyon camp. Beautiful easy hike. If you plan on staying the night, check out the last campsite in the back. The spot where you pitch the tent is on a little drop off with an awesome view of a peak. Watched hawks flying around all day. Loved it.

We were not able to make it to the camp ground. There was a downed tree we managed to get around. Then not to far there was a landslide that completely wiped out the trail. We got over that with difficultly. However the water up ahead washed away the trail and we could not continue forward.

The best part of the trail was the view to the falls. If we did this hike again we would just hike to the falls and then head back.

Very overgrown !!!

very easy hike. a nice stream and some old stone structures.

Fairly easy hike EXCEPT for the 0,8 mile trip from the campsite back to your car. We found that there to be STEEP!! Very pretty with lots of foliage and a few stream crossings. End is a waterfall from dam. It was a lovely hike for the most part. Our dogs loved the trip.

trail running
5 months ago

Trail exposure, pitch and views are very nice. Plus it was nice and shady at 1:00 pm in December. Unfortunately trail is overgrown with vegetation and with 5-7 trees down across the trail. Perhaps the trees will be removed but they impeded my run today. Also, some soil erosion going on which makes the foot work somewhat challenging, nonetheless, it was a nice experience and I’d go back.

a very peaceful hike we never saw anyone else

Great moderate trail for hiking and beginner trail for mountain biking. Dog friendly and not overly busy. Plenty of time to listen to the birds, streams, and trees.

This hike features a down hill start through a power relay station on a paved road. It levels out past a camp site and becomes a nearly flat trail through the ruins of an old neighborhood. Plenty of side foot trails to explore and multiple stream crossings. It ends just past Paul Littles picnic area at the base of a dam. The most challenging part is the hike back uphill. Plenty of shade. Cheers.

PS. Notice a couple with 2 kids using an all terrain stroller. Great idea!

6 months ago

it's moderate decent hike, make sure you have your long sleeve on since you gonna have marks otherwise, so much outgrown vegetation. but a great experience, very nice senary

A very pretty route, but very overgrown for half the route=scratches on arms and face. Be prepared for 90% uphill grind on your way back to the highway.

The first 1.1 miles are fire road leading down to the campground. When you get there, make a left toward Paul Little - and here's where it gets interesting.

The trail was narrow, winding, and beautiful. Veer to the left, and continue past the Paul Little picnic area when you find it - just a little farther up is a dam with a waterfall. A great spot to stop and refresh yourself.

very pretty and peaceful. we hiked up from Altadena didn't know you could get there from Angeles Crest Highway but it's a nice hike and a lot of friendly people

on Grizzly Flat Trail

Monday, April 24, 2017

Nice easy to moderate trail, pretty views and wildflowers. Didn't complete the last 1.5-2 miles due to so much poison oak along the trail - wear pants!

A decent trail pretty close to the base of the 210 and Angeles Crest Fwy. The trail starts on a long descent to the first campground at the bottom. There are power lines at the beginning and the road is paved for a part of the initial descent. There isn't a lot of cover so use sunscreen. We hiked to the Paul Little picnic area and back. On the way back you get a nice leg workout since you're hiking back up at the end.

It was amazing!! We did this trail in 6 Hours. We cross the river and we got wet our shoes about 6 times.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Very nice trail, A lot the green and water,some parts and really hard, but would fit beautiful trail.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I pulled over on the side of the road and started my hike where the fire road starts. The road was closed, but not for hiking. I took it all the way up and at first split, stayed to the right. I came across what looked like a helipad. I kept walking and at the next split, also stayed to the right. Eventually, I ended up by the power towers and climbed the first peak. AWESOME VIEW UP THERE!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Really nice little hike that is quiet and nature-y. Went after the rains, so the creek/river was full - be prepared to get your feet wet!

mountain biking
Friday, June 24, 2016

Many switchbacks are loose dirt, but otherwise KB trail is mostly rideable. Plenty of poison oak, but easily avoided if paying attention. Also pay attention to log placement to avoid wasting time missing trail as it leaves stream bed.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The problem arises at the intersection of the Brown Mt. Road and the Ken Burton Trail. To reach Brown Mt., You must go east on the Ken Burton Trail, up the ridge, a steep incline. The trail is long gone. I hiked it over 20 years ago and it provided access to some beautiful country. I suspect it was lost after the Station Fire. Too bad. The majority of the hike is pleasant but exposed. There are several springs along the way.

on Grizzly Flat Trail

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maybe a better warm weather trail as most of this is in the shade. Also, the route saved on here isn't really correct, but no biggie.
Most of the larger trees were burned by the recent fire so don't expect the lush pines I was hoping for...at least for a few years. Spectacular views along the way, though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It is one of my favorites, so five stars, but I found a dead hiker in Vasquez Creek on June 30, 2012. I strongly encourage people to bring clippers to do some trail work, extra water, good gps route and budget extra time.

After reviewing much information including Ertug Ergun's intended route from his work computer, it is clear to me that extremely poor trail conditions, hot weather, and inadequate water were the major factors in his death. His mapped route is exactly correct, but there are NO signs and NO websites giving current trail conditions. The trail has not been maintained since the Station Fire, and there are more trees falling down all the time. It's really hard to find the trail, even when you know where it is. The poor man ended up in Vasquez creek, missing one shoe and his glasses, and descended unsafely down eight waterfalls before he died. You can get water here but you can't get out. Sadly, had he found the right trail, there was also water available there on the west fork of Vasquez creek, just a few meters from GF. The trail has weeds over your head. We trampled some with search and rescue, but it is terrible. Choose a cloudy, drizzly or cool day for this hike.

I also hiked fox-condor trail, and the condition down from fox to stonyvale is pretty sketchy too.

PS, I just uploaded a good track to descend from GF to Stonyvale picnic area. Again, it's hard to find, but don't go down the East Fork because you can't get out! go down and across the West Fork of Vasquez Creek.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This is a beautiful area, and it's worth it to come out from LA if you want to be among some peaceful wooded areas.

That being said, the trail pretty much dies after a couple miles. If you go up the trail and get to the main intersection where it looks like you can go left or right, go straight to get down to Grizzly Flats. A lot of the trees have fallen so you have to climb over them.

Eventually you'll get to a fork where the left side is kind of blocked and the right side is just a riverbed. You can follow the riverbed and trailblaze around and explore, but it eventually dies off. If you go out to the part that's blocked, you'll make it to a stables area where it kind of ends. The trail map from alltrails indicates to continue northwest, but its pretty much impossible to do so. There's a small trail that goes southwest, but that eventually dies too.

I went back to that main intersection and turned left, and you can go on that for a little while before a bulldozer and cement block block it.

Overall, it was gorgeous and I saw no one else, so I give it 4 stars. But if you're looking for a solid trail thats 7 miles as advertised, this is not the place. Either way, keep going to nature...

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I started near the plantation loop. While there still scars from the fire, the smell of pine and sage filled the air. There was lots of life in shrubs and wildflowers. At the grizzly flats road, despite being a warm day, it was pleasantly cool, and I only came across two people for the entire hike. Photo opportunities abound of both the mountains and the city. At the top of grizzly flats road, you could see out to Catalina island. I continued up the fire road to the beginning of the tip of the ridge trail, but turned around at the Verizon towers. Wildlife I saw included butterfly's, moths, big fat bumble bees, grey squirrels, lizards, crows, hawks, bluebirds, hummingbirds, and even a white-tailed deer!
The fire road gets a bit warm, and there is no shielding from the sun, for about 2 miles towards the top. Overall it was 11.02 miles round trip, started at just past noon and finished just before sunset. Definately a family friendly hike. With clearly marked trails and plenty to see.

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