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Found this spot by wanting something like Eaton Canyon but without the crowds. And for a Saturday morning, it was perfect. Pretty, with some people, but for the most part, we were hiking alone. The only downside was what someone else had mentioned which is the hike back up to your car. There’s little shade and was the most strenuous part of the trail being that it is at the end.

This trail is beautiful! You start out on a fairly shaded portion overlooking some dramatic rocky mountain sides. Then you'll hit Mueller Tunnel. Prior to the tunnel being built, the trail went around the rocky cliff side (you can see some rusty metal rods sticking out from the old chain railing).

After the tunnel you'll hit a water tower looking structure with a fork. The trail noted here is the left option, going up the side of the mountain. It'll take you through some beautiful scene vistas.

Once you start going down the rock gets pretty loose and steep. This is the most difficult portion of the trail. Once you're finally down you'll be at a fire road crossroad. Take the left road and follow it to Inspiration Point for some amazing views.

Great spot for a picnic lunch! On the way back you can follow the same trail or stick to the fire road which will take you around the mountain on a longer but lower grade climb back up. It eventually connects back at the fork at the water tower. If you go this route the total mileage will be about 7 miles.

This has become one of my favorite hikes. it's very much on the side of the road. The trail leads you down hill into a very forested area. It runs a long a stream most of the time, and you'll have to cross is multiple times as well. it's like an obstacle course in some parts. Very fun. Highly recommended.

Solid uphill hike. Nice wide trail with many scenic views. Trail head is just over a bridge at the end of a tiny street near La Canada elementary.

Nice hike, very steep at some points. Way too short.

Nice trail, moderate shade. Beautiful views of La Canada and the mountains. Be mindful that this trail is shared with many mountain bikers.

Don’t get confused with “ campgrounds” it’s a homeless encampment near the only restroom. Was so irritating to get halfway down just to figure out what was going on.

very easy hike. a nice stream and some old stone structures.

Fairly easy hike EXCEPT for the 0,8 mile trip from the campsite back to your car. We found that there to be STEEP!! Very pretty with lots of foliage and a few stream crossings. End is a waterfall from dam. It was a lovely hike for the most part. Our dogs loved the trip.

If ur looking for a quick, incline hike this is the one!

Approximately 4.6 mi (AllTrails kept crashing). Take a left at the T junction at 2.0 mi and go up the little spur to the concrete structure. Incredible views of the city and Verdugos at sunset. This trail is popular with mountain bikers but not too busy. There is geocache if you know where to look. This is one I'd take visitors to for the spectacular sunset view.

Great moderate trail for hiking and beginner trail for mountain biking. Dog friendly and not overly busy. Plenty of time to listen to the birds, streams, and trees.

This hike features a down hill start through a power relay station on a paved road. It levels out past a camp site and becomes a nearly flat trail through the ruins of an old neighborhood. Plenty of side foot trails to explore and multiple stream crossings. It ends just past Paul Littles picnic area at the base of a dam. The most challenging part is the hike back uphill. Plenty of shade. Cheers.

PS. Notice a couple with 2 kids using an all terrain stroller. Great idea!

Relaxing hike! Nice trails

The first 1.1 miles are fire road leading down to the campground. When you get there, make a left toward Paul Little - and here's where it gets interesting.

The trail was narrow, winding, and beautiful. Veer to the left, and continue past the Paul Little picnic area when you find it - just a little farther up is a dam with a waterfall. A great spot to stop and refresh yourself.

Had a great hike, though the published trail was not my favorite part. There were a lot of sections of road, which weren't as much fun. But if you look for them, you can find opportunities for side trails that parallel the road, or even walk the creek bed itself for a while. Watch out for snakes, and poison oak which is prevalent in the area.

But my favorite part, was taking the trail up to Paul little picnic area, on my return. I took the side trail from the campground heading north. I only went up to Paul Little (about a mile), but I'm going to come back and explore the rest of that trail another time. The trail was narrow, winding, and beautiful. Veer to the left, and continue past the Paul Little picnic area when you find it - just a little farther up is a dam with a waterfall. A great spot to stop and refresh yourself. Check out Gould Mesa Road for that hike.

very pretty and peaceful. we hiked up from Altadena didn't know you could get there from Angeles Crest Highway but it's a nice hike and a lot of friendly people

I enjoyed the hike, especially once we walked down to the stream. In the beginning, and end you walk amongst huge power lines and even a power plant. Once you walk down the first mile beyond the power lines, it is shady and is a nice rolling walk. But when you turn around to come back to your car it is a steep 1 mile climb with virtually no shade. You can access the same area without the power lines and steep descent and ascent by taking the Brown Mountain Ken Burton Loop.

A decent trail pretty close to the base of the 210 and Angeles Crest Fwy. The trail starts on a long descent to the first campground at the bottom. There are power lines at the beginning and the road is paved for a part of the initial descent. There isn't a lot of cover so use sunscreen. We hiked to the Paul Little picnic area and back. On the way back you get a nice leg workout since you're hiking back up at the end.

it was a beautiful hike lots of trees and a creek relaxing fun.

Took my kids for a Sunday funday and we had the most
amazing time... so coming back..

It was amazing!! We did this trail in 6 Hours. We cross the river and we got wet our shoes about 6 times.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Really nice little hike that is quiet and nature-y. Went after the rains, so the creek/river was full - be prepared to get your feet wet!

Did this hike with my 7 year old. We loved it, streams and wooded area to explore. However, we were very skeptical when we first arrived, from Hwy 2 (parking along side the road parking) no signs, you need to follow the utility road next to the electrical stations, the road turns into a fire road. I was very hesitant to go down and almost turned around, but after a mile we came across the camp. We saw a family of dear and plenty of stream crossings, great hike! Again, amazed such that places exist so close to a major city

This trail is appropriate for old men like me.I walk there almost everyday.Thank you creating all the hiking trails

we did this today.. great for kids. lots of nature to see. glad to see some water in the creeks, made more enjoyable.

A good short trail with a bit of elevation and great views.

Fun, easy hikes with great views of La Canada and surrounding areas. Good hike for the family.

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