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La Canada Flintridge, California Map

A surprisingly fun suburban hike, worth a little drive to get to. Very shady, with a pretty creek featuring lots of non-native trees. Feels more exotic than suburban La Canada.

Going up the canyon on the shaded Gabrielino trail is pleasant enough, but the hike down and back up to the Gabrielino trail, on an old road grade, is not very fun.

Short but good hike. Pretty strenuous - I'd rate it moderate+. Great views. Cool teepee and beekeeping area at top. Exposed, so bring your sunscreen.

12 days ago

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/9T6V0xyPrO4

Despite being a fire road, this trail is absolutely lovely in the morning hours. There is plenty of shade pockets and it makes for a wonderful sunrise hike. Start at one of two locations: right after the bridge on Jessen Dr. or at the top of palm drive, La Sierra Dr. Follow the trail up about two miles and there is a fork at a saddle. Stay left on the fire road and keep going up the hill until you reach a concrete slab with epic epic views! If you go right at the saddle, the fire road becomes a narrow trail and meets up with Mt. Lukens fire road about 1.5 miles further. From the concrete slab, there are panoramic views in every direction. There are views of downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, the Crescenta-Canada Valley, Verdugo Mountains, Montrose, and Mount Lukens! It is truly a wonderful hike up Earl Canyon Motorway, because the views start almost immediately and only get better. I do recommend the morning for this hike to avoid too much heat in the hotter seasons. I might bring a yoga mat up to the top next time because that concrete slab is just begging for some mountain top yoga!

All in all an excellent hike and a great way to spend a morning

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail: https://spoti.fi/2zPHeEK

I liked this trail more than I thought I would for a fire road. Lots of interesting views unwind as you climb up to the top, with changing views of the SGV, the Verdugo Mountains, and Griffith Park/DTLA. Gentle reminder to fellow dog owners: Please remember to scoop your poop!

23 days ago

Just hiked this today. Started a little late and didn't have enough time to get to the end, but really enjoyed the hike. My friend and I started from the end...It's at Vogel Flats on Big Tujunga Rd. I don't really see how this is any different than many hikes in Angeles NF as far as trail conditions. It is a single track trail, but I had absolutely zero problems following the trail. It is slightly "overgrown", but very much passable with no problems. There are sandy areas where the trail has slightly slid downhill, but I never felt like it was dangerous. The few trees I saw that were down were easily passed by. I'm 5' and it was not an issue getting over them. It was shady and beautiful. I hiked up about 3 miles from the bottom and had no issues. It does suck at the bottom near all the river crossings how disrespectful the people are with their trash and bathroom trash. I'm so looking forward to completing the hike from bottom to top. I wouldn't let any of the reviews prevent you from doing this hike. I would suggest doing it from the bottom up instead of upside down. If you're an experienced hiker these are non-issues. =)

Nice easy paths through Descanso Gardens ($9 admission). A little sparse this time of year, will have to come back when the camellias are in bloom!

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/fmPD8Ikc0UM

You just gotta love this hike. The campsite is easy to get to, and the hiking options from the campsite are plentiful.
I started in the morning to avoid heat this time of year, but I’ve hit up this trail before midday and it provides a good amount of shade once you make it down to the canyon. The trail starts by the last few houses on the right hand side as you are driving north on Angeles Crest Highway, as you leave La Canada. There’s a turnout usually with a few cars, so it’s relatively obvious where to park. Follow the paved road past the gate and keep following the paved road past the Socal Edison Power Plant. It will quickly turn into a dirt fire road that switchbacks down to the camp. On your way down the switchbacks, there is a cool little “junkyard” of structural materials and what look to be fire road maintenance tools, (I could be wrong). Shortly thereafter, you’ll find yourself at Gould Mesa Camp, which has a good amount of room for campers. I saw someone on a couple trips back and forth using a rolling dolly to bring camping gear down. There were some campers with tents set up and a few runners making the turn back down the other entrance to the campground towards JPL. A serene creek runs through the campsite adding to the peacefulness of the area. I decided to hang there for awhile, but then wanted to explore a bit further, so I followed the sign to the Paul Little Picnic area. Along the way, I encountered some deer, mountain bikers, and a couple other hikers. It’s about a mile from the campground to the picnic area, and you pass the Nino Picnic Area on the way there. It’s interesting to get this perspective of the canyon beneath Angeles Crest Hwy as I’ve driven past there up top many of times. I spent little bit of time on a picnic bench, took some video, and then headed back to the Gould Mesa Camp. The last part of the hike was the hardest; the climb out of Gould Mesa Camp, but it’s not so bad. The fact that it was noon by the time I was climbing back up made it a bit harder, but most hikers should have no problem with this incline.

All in all a wonderful hike and a great way to spend a morning!

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail: https://sptfy.com/1zKm

28 days ago

Nice neighborhood walk that starts off as a wide track near the Pasadena Equestrian Center. Further north, the trail narrows to a single-track, passing under Angeles Crest Highway. The views are mostly of neighborhoods and backyards, but it's a nice little workout if you're in the area.

29 days ago

Hiked this with a friend at 5am. The basic info you need to be aware of at this point is that this trail is pretty difficult to follow after about 1.5/2 miles. We followed along with the trail on the app, but were unable to follow a trail to the end of the hike. We made it most of the way, but with about 1/4 mile left, right before what seems to be largest of the water crossings, the trail was gone. We attempted to get across near the general area that the trail was supposed to lead through, but no dice. Very overgrown in areas, and the trail is basically washed out in a couple of very sketchy spots. I think this trail needs to be re-blazed by some people who are more familiar with what the trail once was. Bring a lot of water - there is a decent amount of rocky ascent, but most of it is shaded. Still a good workout. There wasn't much trash, as a lot of the previous reviews have mentioned there being. Someone must have done a cleanup fairly recently. Also, we randomly found a geocache off-trail after about 1.5 miles :)

I am not going to include more detail, as I don't recommend this trail in its current state. Definitely not for beginners. Please bring a compass/GPS if you choose to attempt to complete the hike.

This “trail” sucks.

It’s paved for a large chunk of the way, in the sun, with very little shade and there’s no water for the first mile.

Not a great trail for taking dogs especially on a hot day.

It’s a steep decline in, and a steep incline out.

The reviews here are not accurate.

Short, well maintained, well marked trail with great views of the San Gabriel Mountains and SGV. Perfect beginner hiking trail, also would be a fun beginning MTB trail.

a nice short hike with a view down to La Canada and Glendale and the Crescenta Valley and you can see Descanso Gardens. we did this hike about 4 months ago

Beginning is all downhill to Gould-Mesa trail camp. Past the campground the trail levels out and 2/3 of way in you’ll start hitting pretty stream crossings (decent amount of water for early September). The waterfall at the end of the trail is solid. Coming back you will be in for a decent climb back toward the parking lot.

1 month ago

Goes through a very active bee hive!! So maybe not the best time to use this trail right now. Also, on the way out it’s basically entirely downhill after the initial ascent

views are nice at the peak and there's a teepee. Wear pants for sure as the path is pretty overgrown especially the bit from the power lines to the peak. I started at 9am and was at the peak around 10 taking a couple breaks along the last section with the false peaks. you're going to be in the sun unless you start early but I didn't see anyone until my way back down towards the bottom. I also had a lot of fun driving on the road leading to this one.

Easy hike to do with the dogs. Easy parking. Limited shade so not good for the middle of the day!

Seriously, don’t hike this trail. Hiking west from the top of Brown Mountain and going down the ridge there is no discernible trail and had to bushwhack down 2k of intense brush. If you do want to go to the top of Brown Mountain approach from the East and turn back around and go back the way you came.

The mountain views are very pretty and there are a little bit of wildflowers. This hike is mostly in the sun and uphill on the way there. Wear long pants because there's areas where it can get rual and there's a lot of tall bushes.

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/xVm2vO9BjyQ

Decided to go on this hike last minute after dinner during the last bit of light for the day. Sunset is a perfect time for this trail during the summer, as you get to enjoy pockets of sun and shade, as well as views of sun struck mountains and clouds. I started the trail at the entrance located west of the entrance to Descanso Gardens. The trail is steep at first but then opens up to some easy inclines. Looking down into the valley below you can observe Descanso Gardens, and if you’ve ever been there, it’s a cool perspective to get above everything and see how the whole place is laid out. I caught a great sunset over the city of Montrose near Verdugo Hills Hospital. I only saw one trail runner and a couple out on the trail, so it seems relatively less traveled, but that might have been because it was later in the evening. This is an easy hike that almost anyone could accomplish.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail:


Got to the parking area right on the highway around 7 AM and we were the first people there. We didn't run into anybody else until right before the picnic area. The water dam area is just past the picnic spot and worth the time to see. Passed a few kids doing their cross-country training on our way back. Overall great hike, few people, and mostly shaded. The climb back up to the car was grueling though

switzer “falls” is looking pretty sad about now, but the hike towards bear canyon after switzer falls was pretty shady the whole time and it wasn’t too strenuous. the only tough part about this hike is the short exposed area before getting to switzer falls.

2 months ago

Amazing views from the very first steps. We initially missed the first left turn trailhead to Mt Lowe summit by continuing on Mt Lowe Motorway. That was our extra 2 miles RT added on to the 17 miles. At the Idlehour Trail Camp there is a stream with cold refreshing water to cool down & drink (with filter). We stopped here on way out & way back. Much of the hike is shaded which is a plus. Encountered an irritated Rattlesnake on way back so beware & be careful.

Flat and shady!
Only ~500 ft elevation

Great run for the dogs
Keep dogs out of the sun
Cross a couple streams so fresh water for pups

it was a nice little hike and plenty of water to our surprise enough to go swimming but some people don't pick up after themselves and that's the only drawback

I took this trail today! It really was great. I took a left at the campground and went on about 4.5 miles more. He trails were clear, quiet, and not crowded at all except for some apparently long term residents at the campground. I’m not sure about easy if you take the left trail as I did I was out about 4 hours and pretty tired when I got back. Good for a shorts and T-shirt hike though. Great choice for close to the city, I’ll go again.

Not bad, but I will say they have many homeless people camping in the camp sites, and those areas have been trashed. It’s not a hard hike, and the elevation gain is unnoticed.

Bear sighting! Well, nearly. On our way out, two groups advised us that our furry friend was about 1/4 mile ahead. We never encountered said bear, but it seemed to be far enough away from the trail and not bothering anybody.

This hike is great!! Meets up with the JPL trail at Gould Mesa Campground. Turn right at the bottom of the hill (where the campground is) to head toward the dam. About 1 mile from the campground bear left at the picnic area to follow the trail to the dam (about another 1/2 mile) - otherwise you're ascending quickly up a mountain. You'll definitely know if you turned the correct way. :)

If you are going to take younger kids out here, I'd suggest using the JPL/Gabrielino trail. The hike back up to the car at the end of this route is B R U T A L. Mostly unexposed, and difficult to do in the heat. Bikers use this trail, so listen out for their bells and consider only wearing one earbud if you're going to wear them at all. Also good advice for the bears.

Good hike but more difficult than I anticipated. Some considerably steep parts. Most of it is pretty exposed so not advised for after about 9 am in the summer!

Really great hike with lots of interest along the trail - great views from the canyon rim, beautiful creek crossings, and several small waterfalls on the 8.5 mile trek. Lots of shade makes for a great trail on a warmer day. Bring lots of water (2-3 liters) - about 4 hours round-trip.

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