Great trail. The meadows were gorgeous- should have blooms in another week or two. Did see a big rattlesnake in the dry area before Government meadow. This was my first time on the trail. The route through the meadows is the easier way to go, although taking the bridge first and heading up via the old Silver Fork loop would be a helluva work out! I appreciated the earlier comment about the log crossing (easy). We camped near the falls, which was nice but noisy. If you want to camp where it's a bit quieter, turn right as you come off the log crossing. There's a nice space near there that's adjacent to deep water. Or better yet, continue over the ridge and down to the river - a few nice spots along there. Definitely doable as a single day hike, but the overnight was nice. And it's only 20 min off Hwy 88 via Mormon Emigrant/Silver Fork Road, so it's easy to go enjoy a Bloody Mary at Kirkwood Inn when you're done.