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17 hours ago

Although this trail is (said) easy, it was not easy for me. First of all, there are very little shady areas, so, if you came here on HOT days, the temparature climes up due to the rocks. One of my dogs had hard time and I had to carry him on the return. I, myself, was really tired of going up and down rocks. It was not a pleasant walk at all. The lake was filled with people and there was no place comfortable for me to sit down and enjoy the lake. I will not come back here. One good thing was I met a really really nice young man who offered to carry my dog on the return and also showed me the way to go back. It was not easy to follow the signs for coming and going. without his help, I might have been stocked in this camp ground without camping equipment. I did not get his name. But, if he reads this comment, he would know who I am. AGAIN, thank you for your help. I wish I got his name.