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Very enjoyable. Nice hike with some terrain variation and dogs can go off-leash. Bikers seem to enjoy it too and the trail is mostly wide enough for everyone. Good mix of shade and sun and a few vistas along the way. Just enough wildflowers in bloom to make it really feel like spring. As marked, the hike is just over 3.8 miles taking the loop clockwise and going Dunn to Graham to West Ridge to Baccharis to Dunn. There is no trail marker where Baccharis and West Ridge intersect. If you don't take a map, you'll want to note that it's 0.4 miles from Graham to Baccharis as you walk along West Ridge, that way you can keep an eye out for that trail. Or if you take the trail in reverse you can't miss the turn from Baccharis to West Ridge as that's where Baccharis ends. You can park in the lot off Skyline at Crestmont Drive and walk behind the building to get to the trailhead. Or, if you park off the road near where Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline meet, you can join the about trail 0.1 miles in.

Extremely fun and great for all ages.

road biking
8 hours ago

My vehicle of choice was a Trikke Freedom (which was not one of the options). The trail relatively smooth, level and is asphalt paved. There are areas where tree roots have pushed up the road bed. There are other areas that have long cracks (mostly parallel to the direction of travel).

Great little walk. Truly an amazing little spot on the more desolate Colorado desert side of Joshua Tree. I wouldn’t say go out of your way but if you come in the cottonwood gate it’s worth the stop.

nature trips
9 hours ago

Finally had a chance to check this place out. The description is fairly accurate: easy, flat sandy trail for the first 3/4 of the 3.5 mile trek, but once you hit the creek and up to the waterfall there’s lots of rocks and creek hopping. Not steep, though. Stick to weekdays if you dislike crowded trails. The creek and falls offer some nice photo opportunities. Great for kids and dogs. I took my 8 and 14 year old boys and they loved it.

Get there early. You will have to park on the street and the later you get there the further you will park from the trailhead. It’s a beautiful hike but it can get packed and the trail is well maintained but narrow. We hiked up to the hotel remains and I regret not taking the extra time to take the detour to inspiration point. Next time!

there is a lot of graffiti, and no markings on where the trail is. Once you are past the rock bed follow the graffiti to the falls.


Great view of El Capitan

10 hours ago

Great hike. Lots of hills. Best when it’s overcast. Not a good hike during the summer months. Not much shade after the first 1/4 into the hike.

10 hours ago

Full flowing waterfalls with bridges at the base at the time of writing this. 5/19/18. Get soaked running across bridges but so refreshing during a hike. Best hike to date for me.

off road driving
10 hours ago

May 2018 Drove by fire ravaged Aspen Grove top turnout. Area closed. Can see some Aspen shoots coming up at creek. Maybe 4' tall. Drove to Fish Creek and the corrals and spring survived the fire. Area beyond San G sign closed as well as trail that heads back down to Aspen Grove. Area won't be close to the same for decades (really a century.) Many burned trees seemingly marked for removal. Looked like they cleared a swath along the PCT for safety and it was open.

No dogs allowed.

10 hours ago

Great hike. Impossible to get lost. Did the loop (some snow on the descent) and just to add to the fun we walked on top of the snow sheds on the way back.

10 hours ago

This is definitely not an easy hike. At best, I’d call it moderate due to the incline.
Beautiful vistas and lots of lizards. Highly recommended.

Wow, how do you go uphill both ways?! Very challenging hike with brutally steep inclines. Great workout! Totally worth the pain once you reach the top. The view is amazing. The reason I give it 4 star rating is cause there was little shade.

12 hours ago

Great hike for families and beginners. Lots of friendly traffic today. It’s very easy to find the heart rock. Plenty of photo opportunities. I will definitely return here for another hike.

If we hadn’t used the map on this app we probably would have taken a lot of wrong turns. Beautiful scenery and moderate inclines. Good hike.

I enjoyed this trail very much! it is going by the houses and roads but did not bother me at all. I will do it again. I took some cool photos of flowers and trees. Very interesting, the first trail I did not see one hiker on it. It was strange to me because it is a cool hiking trail.

Great trail. Not too many people. I love the tree lined area in the beginning. Have hiked the face once and that’s a challenge! Not for a beginner for sure.

Free so I can’t complain. Some elevated portions, overall easy

14 hours ago

Beautiful but there's not really a trail for the first mile which is just basically a rocky dry riverbed that you make your way down. We probably wouldn't have found where you turn off the riverbed to go up if people hadn't been coming out and showed us where to go. Once you're off the riverbed keep going up and stay to the left is the best advice we were given. It's quite steep and it goes on for about quarter to half a mile but once you get there it's absolutely beautiful. I gave it 4 stars for the amount of trash we saw and the fact that there's no real trail for the first mile or so. There is tons of graffiti as others have mentioned, i didn't mind that as much, i can appreciate it as some form of art but the trash really annoys me. Also for the first mile along the riverbed there is no coverage at all so odn't go on a super bright and clear day, we did it when it was overcast and cool which make it completely pleasant.

beautiful easy trail!!

Did this hike in mid May. Wildflowers in full bloom, the initial descent along the single track coyote trail is very shady, watch out for poison oak crowding the trail. The trail soon turns into a shady stroll along the upper reaches of Marsh Creek, just enough water to occasionally hear it speaking to you. As you turn onto the Stone Corral portion of the trail the landscape changes dramatically to wide open grass covered hills to start the ascent back to the ridge. Best to do this stretch in the morning as there is little shade as you make a gentle climb with a couple steeper sections. It levels off when you hit the Volvon trail with some nice vistas of the Central Valley and Mt. Diablo. A lovely peaceful hike.

Fair with nice shade.

15 hours ago

Great Hike!

we hiked from Equestrian path to groove trail and down to ol melvenny trail... It's a workout but we got lured by the pretty flowers lol... the wildflowers were pretty but half way up to the top, we found out we hiked the harder way lol...so coming down was easier and very plain nothing floral loll....next time we may try other trails lol

Best hike we did in Joshua Tree. AllTrails says it’s an in and out but when you arrive there is a loop trail marked, take the Loop!!! The backside of the loop drops you into a valley that is far better then the famed Hidden Valley Trail. Start early and you will see tons of wild hares and rabbits. Parts are in the wash that can be a little confusing so just keep an eye out for the trail signs...if your unsure just push on slightly looking for the signs, if in doubt double back and try another wash, just stick with it. Super secluded, we saw no one on our 2.5 hour walk.

16 hours ago

Enjoyable morning on the trail! Loved the view along the entire hike, as well as seeing cows and turkeys! We started at the Stanford gate and leisurely did the whole loop in about and hour and 20 minutes.

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