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Didn't make it all the way to Mount Hood, but the hike was great.

Limited parking at the trailhead. $8 fee to enter.

Starts in a low creek area with Redwoods around. Then goes up no-shade switchbacks for almost a mile. Then goes down to a semi-sketchy creek crossing. There is a downed tree that serves as a bridge, with a rope that helps you steady yourself. Then continue up for a while. We turned around as the trail entered Mount Hood Regional Park.

There was a small/full parking area at the trailhead, but we didn't see that many people on the trail.

Great trail, some areas have fairly steep grade and a decent section of the hike is fire roads with no cover so bring lots of water! View from the top is Spectacular

I’m partial to natural dirt trails and this park is mostly paved road which is why I gave it 2 stars. With so many other choices in Sonoma County I don’t think I’d visit this trail again. Solely my preference.

This trail definitely isn't closed anymore! I submitted the change request so hopefully AllTrails updates that.

This is a tough hike, but if you are in decent shape, you'll be fine. It's very exposed for a lot of the trail, so it's smart to bring plenty of water and don't go when it's blazing hot outside. This is great for a morning hike. I highly recommend going to Gunsight Rock rather than hiking up to the summit. Most people will tell you the same. The summit is boring and is surrounded with trees and there is no view. When you reach the sign that points you either right toward the summit or left toward Gunsight Rock, go left! These are where the stunning panoramic views are that you worked hard to see!

The Sugarloaf portion of the hike is very well maintained. You do need to cross a creek a little over a mile in, but right now there is very little water to speak of and I just walked right across the boulders with no problem. There is also a log with a rope to cross if you want to do that.

Once you get to the Hood Mountain boundary, it really pumps up the climb and you're going to come across a lot of narrow trail, loose rocks / scree, and elevation. Be prepared with the right shoes, and it really helped me to find a walking stick, particularly for the way back down. You will notice a lot of burned mountainside and trees from the fires we had last year in October.

The Gunsight Rock overlook is probably one of the best views you're going to find in Sonoma County. When I went yesterday, I could clearly see the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm afraid of heights so it's a little intense, but there are a few nice areas to sit up there where you can chill out for a while before heading back down.

I would say that going back down is more difficult than going up due to the steepness and loose rocks. My stick came in handy here! I got to Gunsight Rock in an hour and 20 minutes (but I'm a brisk hiker) and it took me just about the same amount of time to get back down. My GPS read 7.2 miles with a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

If you're willing to push yourself, this is definitely a trail in Sonoma County that cannot be missed!

Really nice hike and would’ve gotten five stars except for much of the trail is a paved road. Ordinarily views are great but we are experiencing a lot of smoke from the fires to the north

Most of the hike is in the Hood Mountain Regional Park, so if you want to bring a dog, park at Pythian and come up from the other side of the hill, just make sure to turn around once you get into Sugarloaf. All the trails on the Hood Mountain side are rougher and more challenging, while the Sugarloaf trails are a little easier and more well maintained.

We hiked this trail yesterday. It took 8 of us 2 hours to the top and we trail ran down, back to the trailhead. Because of the fires, the trail is 75% sun. The dynamic change in landscape and elevation made this hike both challenging and amazing. I highly recommend it you are up for a challenge

Stunning views, creeks, and wildflowers. We saw a deer. The first and last part of the hike is the hardest since we are ascending but the view was worth it.

Did 8-mi loop: Loved the experience! I went with two of my friends. We intended to do the 5.1-mile loop, but ended up taking the longer route (7.9-mile: returning via Gray Pine trail) instead. Though the return path was unpaved, steep at times, long and rough, we did it! I feel so accomplished. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with some hiking experience. Please grab the map at the park and go through the list of trails with descriptions given - very handy.

Breathtaking views from the top!

One of the great trails in Sonoma county. Is being rerouted this year to improve an already wonderful experience. G

Great hike for all ages

Wildflowers are spectacular after the burn. A tough hike, but the flowers and incredible views made it well worth the effort.

This trail was alot of fun. It's a good challenge and the view from the top was totally worth it. Can be very windy.

6 months ago

Incredible view across the width of the state!

7 months ago

A spectacular and recently improved trail: better than before the fires. Untouched hillsides alternate with moonscapes of severe fire damage. Amazing wildflowers shoot up out of blackened earth amid the still- present odor of burned vegetation. The views from the top have been improved by replacement of informational signs which were faded and damaged over the years. Nice new bench on top. A good hike when other parks’ trails are muddy as most of this trail is paved.

In the past we have seen flocks of wild turkeys. Also rattlers—-be careful!

7 months ago

Great views and not too difficult if your used to a semi long hike.

8 months ago

Hands down, Bald Mountain has the best views in the county! We came up Stern Trail to Bald Mountain Trail (all fire roads), then stopped for a picnic lunch at the top of Bald Mountain. It was a crystal clear day, and we could see south to all the Bay Area land marks...Mt Tam, the Transamerica building in SF, Mt Diablo, and beyond, and north east to St Helena, Mt St Helena, and Cobb Mountain. To the west we could see all the way out to the coast. We came down Grey Pine Trail, which was much more rutted and rolling, with very steep areas and loose gravel. More beautiful views, but a strenuous decent in areas.
This was 4.5 months after the fires, and while some areas are totally devastated, a lot of the park survived and many burn areas are showing signs of life. A few trails are still closed to the public, and the ones that are open wind through completely burnt out areas followed by untouched areas. It’s eerie.
Looking across the valley to Hood Mountain was depressing. That park was hit hard with large swaths of redwood forest totally burnt. The volunteer at Sugarloaf told us the restoration work hasn’t even begun at Hood.
It will be a long before Sugarloaf looks like it used to, but it’s still gorgeous and worth the trip.

9 months ago

Unless you are an experienced hiker and fit - I am not - this would be a moderate trail. I was here to help with some trail work after the fires and only hiked about a mile of the trail and it was slow going for me. Keep in mind I'm new to walking/hiking trails and I was carrying a wet 4"x6"x4' fence post. It was beautiful the whole way though. I'm looking forward to hiking the whole trail after I've gained more experience.

State Park is closed currently due to recent fires.

Good hike but too many dog owners seem to feel entitled to bring their non service dogs on the trail clearly marked "no dogs." I found one bag of dog feces on the trail which I carried back to the trailhead and put in a trash can myself. Such a sense of entitlement. Total was 6 dogs being mislead by 4 dog owners. A real shame. Posted photos of 2,owners and their 4 dogs.

Great hike has really great views

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nice quiet park and campground. Spent 2 days hiking. Dogs are allowed in the campground and on the asphalt roads on a leach.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Very nice trail, challenging without it being impossible for beginners

Great scenic hike! I took my 6 & 8 year old. Both grumbled a bit about 3/4 of the way up but they eventually made it. One of the most beautiful hikes in sonoma county. A few water falls and rivers along the way to dip your feet in. BEWARE though. Rattlesnakes are more prevalent here then other local trails. We saw 2 this time. One directly in the middle of the trail about 3ft long. Then we saw a smaller one on a stone on the way back. Be very aware of what's in front of you.

Great training hike for the mountains. Also, can be enjoyed as a longer day with a descent down to Pythian then back up and over.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Moderate for sure, beautiful all the way up and down.

on Vista Trail

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Awesome trail. Great views. Good workout.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

We hiked the Goodspeed-to-Gunsight Rock and Hood Mountain on 7-1-2017. The hike to Goodspeed-Nattkemper Bench was moderate, and enjoyed a lot of different terrain. From the Bench to Gunsight Rock and Hood Mountain was very rocky and really makes you work. This trail really pulls it out of you. If you're into an endurance hike, with different terrain, this is for you. Beautiful views, water streams, and good work out!

Per my Garmin: 8.2 miles/ 5 hours/ Gain: 2,300

For this time of year - would recommend large waters and start hike early in the morning - some spots not as much shade, and can get toasty.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Spot on workout for a half day hike.
Bring several liters of fluid if starting in the afternoon during Summer. Few people on the trail & all friendly.

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