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Good hike up hill at first, but not hard if you are a hiker beautiful lake nice and cool. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Get your permit for the trailhead and at the ranger office per wilderness area They do want to know your loosely projected itinerary, but you're not held to it. If you are starting on the east side, get one from an Inyo ranger station, even if you plan to cross into Yosemite. If starting in Tuolumne, get a Yosemite permit, etc. I did the Minaret Creek, Ediza, Garnet, Thousand Island loop from Silver Lake with side trips to Davis Lakes, Alger Lakes, Koip Peak, Lake Catherine, Nydiver. Phenomenal.

Love this hike!

Beautiful and scenic! The uphill climb was a bear but totally worth it. My six year old enjoyed playing in the creek. Great views of Mono.

We did this as a backpacking trip on July 7, 2017 as a three day hike. We picked up permits at the USFS Mt Whitney ranger station - they have walk in permits reserved starting at 11am. The permit is for Rush Creek trail at Agnew lake specifically. Parked at the rush creek trail head at Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop. The first few miles are the most climbing of the trip if you go counter clockwise. We spent the night at Gem lake and took a nice dip in the water and spotted a bald eagle fishing right in front of us. It was great to be able to bring the dog. Bear canister required. (Or may counterbalance). Second day went around Gem lake, we actually turned up to Waugh lake which adds more mileage and climbing but we loved the view. Mosquitos and flies were CRAZY. Almost unbearable when walking by water- which you do a lot. Would recommend 100% deet and mosquito netting and sleeves. Full coverage. Spent night #2 at Thousand island lake and swam in the water. Last day went back PCT up to Clark lakes and swam there and refilled water. A little bit of a climb but great views. The way down rush creek trail towards Agnew was steep and rocky - difficult for the dogs pads. Stopped at the dam for refueling and finished the hike down with a stop in Silver lake to swim! A GREAT three day hike. Be prepared for bugs. Pack everything out :)

10 days ago

Gorgeous hike! Definitely one of my new favorites. The views are absolutely stunning and definitely worth the uphill climb at the beginning. It was a fairly hot day when we went and the uphill really wasn’t too bad. Some shady spots every now and then to stop and rest but really wasn’t too bad. Once you get past the uphill it’s fairly flat, following a creek with beautiful wildflowers and trees. Be advised, mosquitoes everywhere!!! We doused ourselves in bug spray ahead of time and still got bit, a lot! Still, totally worth it for the views once you get to Parker Lake! We brought our dog and she had a blast playing in the water, although it’s quite rocky and slippery. Saw some ducks and heard deer frequent the area but we didn’t see any. Parked easily at the trailhead, there is a dirt road to get there. Can’t wait to go back!

One of my all time favorites.

on Parker Lake Trail

11 days ago

Did this 7/5/18. We got to the trailhead later than we wanted (almost 11am) and was surprised on how few cars were here. We attempted this in 2017 on the same holiday week and the place was a madhouse (we couldn’t get to the trailhead due to a very rutted, washed out road in 2017)

This year was different - we made it down the road easily but slowly - we had an SUV but saw sedans in the lot. Only a handful of cars in the parking lot- surprising for a holiday week...

The trail is very well marked but pretty steep. The lake is amazing!! It was very windy at the lake, which likely kept away the bugs because there weren’t any. Excellent, well marked trail but steep.

on Obsidian Dome Trail

13 days ago

I love this hike it’s so different from most

13 days ago

Nice trail, would rather ride horseback!

13 days ago

Parker Lake is beautiful. We did this hike Sunday, July 1, 2018, and got to to the trailhead at 8:30am. Having heard how popular this trail is, we were surprised to be the only car at the trailhead. There is a porta-potty there. The beginning of the hike is exposed and gravely but the views behind you of Mono Lake are spectacular. You soon reach Parker Creek—keep an eye out for wild irises blooming creekside. There are stretches of aspen and evergreens. As we approached Parker Lake, the mosquitoes came out in full force. I had bug spray on and did not get one bite. My boyfriend did not and got attacked—he had about 20 bites in less than a minute. It was so bad that we didn't even stay at the lake. I was able to take 2 photos and we left almost immediately because he was getting eaten alive. Wish he had worn bug spray! On the way back, we passed by a lot of people and the trailhead had about 30 cars. Definitely need to do this again and actually spend time at the lake. Had our 35-lb dog with us and he did well on this trail though start early because it does get pretty hot.

The lake is beautiful. I saw a beaver! Lots of mosquitoes when you get close to the lake, so bring bug spray. A couple guys caught some decent sized brown trout with fly fishing. The beginning of the hike was steep.

The climb was relentless but the views and scenery are worth it! Start early because you don’t want to be climbing up the first 2000’ in the hot sun with little shade. The mosquitoes were really bad this time of year, especially at Clark Lake! Really glad we did the loop instead of out and back. We took lots of breaks, took a dip in the cold water below Thousand Island Lake, and stopped to talk to lots of thru-hikers, so it took us 11 hours.

18 days ago

Very easy hike. Great views at the end. We went around 6:00pm so the weather was perfect. There were a lot of mosquitos by the lake so be sure to bring bug repellant,

Started late morning and definitely felt the lack of shade while hiking the uphill switchbacks. Didn’t climb up the tram/cable car tracks - looked a little sketchy. Lake at the top isn’t the most beautiful alpine lake I’ve ever seen, but we saw lots of wildflowers and a few small waterfalls on the way up that made it worth it.

Solid hike with plenty going on around you. Had an afternoon to fill in (late June). Left from the start of trail behind RV park at 4pm which turned out to be great timing as the shadow of the mountain was starting to cover the track (30 degrees celsius.) Not much tree shade so take sun protection if you are doing this of a hot day.
2 waterfalls seen. Also family of deer closer to RV park!
Although tempting to ignore signs and walk up tracks for power station trolley I would advise against as some of the tracks pass on very narrow passes and I also noticed some squashed grass on tracks that looked way too consistent to be from peoples feet so I think that the trolley is still active. I have seen some people complain of the power station at the outlet of Agnew lake but I loved this section!
Continued until I could see the dam wall of Gem Lake then turned back at 5.45pm, I was only carrying a light pack. Allow more time if carrying camping gear.
Next time I would continue up to Gem lake and beyond if time allowed it.

23 days ago

Was a beautiful hike up this morning! The way to get there is fairly difficult - lots of uphill in the beginning but if you just push through the view is totally worth it. The cool mountain breeze and clear lake was worth the hassle! We saw an adorable mama duck and her babies peacefully swimming on the lake. We also met this lovely woman Michelle and her dog Floyd and enjoyed a wonderful conversation with her. Michelle, if you’re reading this, Grace, Ally, and Julia love you very much!! Would absolutely recommend this hike.

26 days ago

Nice hike in October among the changing leaves. Some initial uphill but it mellows out and you can enjoy some great views and dip your feet in Parker Lake. Parking lot can get busy and there are quite a few people on the trail, but not too many.

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28 days ago

Great hike. Not too hard for my 2 - 12 year old companions. Most of the trail was slag. The views around every corner was great. You pass a very ugly Agnew Lake. Keep going all the way to Gem Lake. It is worth the extra hiking

Nice, challenging day hike. The first .75 miles is real steep and will get your blood pumping but it levels out after that, then alternates on off. The altitude gain is real and the last mile to the top was a real struggle but the views are worth it and the rock scrambling at the top is fun. Be sure to set out early ish - it took me about 3.5 hours, not including break for lunch, and 95% of the hike is not shaded.

1 month ago

Went on a hike in around noon (was very sunny and warm at that time) but the trail is fairly easy since the incline mainly occurs in the beginning and flattens out midway. The one thing is that there isn't much shade until the last half mile of the trail. The creek also appears several times, but at the end it gets more lush and wet so the bugs come out and we got bit a few times since we forgot bug spray.

We also brought our dog, who loved the hike and kept sniffing every plant and part of the trail on our way up. (side note: the hike was much longer than intended lol.)

The drive to the trail head is the part that could be improved for such a good view of the Parker Lake and Mono Lake on the way back. We drove a Tesla Model 3 and made it since it wasn't too busy and we drove slowly. The drive has more dips / and rocks on the last half mile to the trail head (after the fork in the dirt road). Parking is located at the trail head. I'd recommend a SUV.

Great hike for all ages. Scenery was mesmerizing.

Nice easy trail not far uphill there east back beautiful views.

Beautiful views. Loved it.

Pat Ribotto - I'm a little confused on the ANYO Permit request for overnighting on the Loop. Did you get permits for all the areas your traveled on this Loop or was just one needed that included all areas on the loop.

1 month ago

We had hiked Big Pines trail two days before, and while staying in June Lake Campground we wanted a small hike to stretch our legs. We set out to do the full June Lake Loop Trail and decided that we would just do two miles of it out and back - which is actually I guess Yost Meadows Trail.

In any case, the views are spectacular! We are definitely going to do the full June Lake Loop when we go back. Good work out on the way up. Basically had the trail to ourselves.

Tip: if you stay at the June Lake Campground this trail is conveniently across the street. The trail is both shaded and exposed so good idea to bring sun screen.

All I can say is wow! This Trail starts off at a nice gentle slope for about 1 mile, after that be prepared for some serious altitude gain. I did this hike in May 2018 and the mountains surrounding the trail were still covered in snow. there was a small river running across the trail which require waterproof boots and some careful footing. If you're looking for a real leg workout about halfway up you will come across a set of railroad tracks that were used for a pulley car to haul supplies up to the dam. You can take this track up to the dam but your legs better be in excellent shape. I measured a 37 degree incline.
I continued on to Gem Lake and it was worth the extra time and effort.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful trail; however, it is a bit more moderate than the skill level mentions. While the trail is only 1.8 miles one way, the first half a mile on the way to the lake is very rocky and fairly steep. We did enjoy the view of the gorgeous lake!

This trail leads up by Horsetail Falls which was an awesome sight to see! It crosses a smaller waterfall/stream so waterproof shoes would come in handy. The last ascent to Gem Lake is very steep with lots of loose rocks. It's kind of a gnarly hike to be rated moderate but I loved it! The views are amazing! Also, bring a hat as there is no shade!

2 months ago

One of the best places to see a hill of solid obsidian - beautiful black glass - although it just looks like rock until you break it open - don't remove it. Wear good shoes. 11 miles north of Mammoth Lakes up I-395 from the I-395 and CA-203 intersections, take a left on Obsidian Dome road, and it is 2.7 miles up Obsidian, Glass Flow, and Glass Creek Rds. Dirt road to parking area; hike starts down and to the right of the dome and up a gravel bulldozed hill that takes you into the cone at the top. Really good description here: http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/long_valley/long_valley_sub_page_19.html [along with directions - coordinates - about 37°44.810' N, 119°01.305' W]. The hike is easy, looks like a hill up to a rock quarry. Nice distant views from the top.

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