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Very nice and easy hike, great for kids. Saw deer, turkies, squirrels, all kinds of birds and lots of interesting vegetation.

Park at the Trout Pond sign and follow the trail. Once on the trail there are many options to custom tailor your hike. If you are looking for an easy hike this is a good one.

12 days ago

nice easy hike. At the end of the hike there's huge rocks and boulders you can navigate through to take in the beautiful views that stonewall peak has to offer.

The railroad has started ticket hikers walking the tracks. Be warned it can be a heavy fine with those trespassing tickets.

I took the trail on Sunday and I didn’t see some areas in the pics people took the ones where you drive between the rocks the trails were never that wide and couldn’t find that area and I drove everywhere and didn’t see those spots

One of my favorites! If you go right after the last snowfall you manage to see two seasons. Beautiful!

26 days ago

Very easy trial. Small incline at the beginning-maybe a tenth of a mile and that’s about it. Lots of switchbacks and the views all the way to the top were amazing. Loved the stairs leading to the summit. However huge infestation of termites at the summit. So definitely didn’t hang out at the summit for too long. They flew and landed all over my friend. The views at the summit are definitely worth it. It was beautiful. We went early enough we didn’t see any snakes at all but we were definitely definitely wary and watching out for them. Definitely do this hike. You won’t be disappointed.

28 days ago

July 20, 2018 warm muggy and slightly breezy desert hike. Good steady hike through the canyon, but the trail loop was not properly marked with any trail markers at approximately 2.00 miles into the hike. We ended up B-lining across the rugged terrain down to the dry ravine to get back on the trail. Tallied up 5.97 RT mileage & 1,175’ elevation gains! Cool part of the hike was seeing a desert owl and baby rattlesnake! #99 of 100 different hiking trails!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Went blind on this trail looking for a challenging ride out of William Heise campgrounds. Very tough climb lots of melon sized rocks, couple of fallen trees along the way.
This trail is probably hardly ridden or hiked. No foot prints, no sign of any activity on the trail what so ever!
Had a blast, very tough, remote, beautiful, for biking this definitely black diamond.
Bring lot's of water!

Great little hike. Plenty of shade in the am hours. At the peak monument there is a huge infestation of termites, pretty gross!

Closed, Gate is locked.

This is definitely one of my favorite hikes. The scenery was amazing and the views were beautiful. You are basically surrounded by wildlife (cows, wild turkeys, even saw some coyotes..) the hike itself was very relaxing although there was a section where the incline was quite challlenging..

2 months ago

Very nice afternoon hike. I took my son and 4 year old grandson. My grandson did fine walking down, but was too tired to walk back up so my son put him on his shoulders and carried him back. A good workout for all of us. We found two mines along the way which is what makes the hike worthwhile. Bring plenty of water and do it while everything is still green.

This hike was beautiful. Slightly better than Santa Ysabel West and with more variation in terrain. A good trail to hike if you don’t want to see many people. Great for enjoying the beauty of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers etc. One of my favorite San Diego county hikes.

Quiet. Very nice hike. Enjoyed the flowers. Saw a deer and wild turkeys. Took 5 oaks trail up and stayed straight coming down.

The last part of the trail really difficult. I recommend it just for Strong Guys;)

2 months ago

Pretty cool and easy hike if you want to take your kiddos. The down side about this hike is that you can’t take your dog. Also, watch your step because I came across with two rattle snakes on my way up.

great hike, even with my 4 and 6yo. switchbacks make the ascent easy and the views are spectacular. watch out for rattlers!

2 months ago

I visited just before the Agua Caliente campgrounds closed for summer, Memorial weekend. With the hot springs, nice bathrooms with soap and running water, and a general store close by, it was still a great trip despite the 100 degree weather.

Even got to see bighorn sheep on the trail!

2 months ago

Beautiful easy going hike ideal for families or beginners - but the incredible views make it worthwhile for everyone. I went up the 5 Oaks trail and came down the regular one - worth taking the 5 Oaks for the extra views along the way.

Great Easy-Medium hike for most. Completed the 5.4 mile trek this morning starting at 0600-ish. Did not see a soul on full hike. About Hike: $10.00 parking, self pay & park if you go early. Initial incline at start is a good breather, short lived, then easy-peasy switchbacks to peak. Love the view, trail is great, but narrow, will not go during peak hiking crowds, I amagine the stop and go, give way, and Good mornings..will become tiresome possibly. Intend to hike next time pre sunrise with head lamp to scare myself with the epic creepy dead trees and (I bet) shadows...Boo! Back side mountain return is a must for joggers to not worry about front-end congestion. Although drive not fun to get there, well worth the hike..Will go again and again

Closed. Who has a key to one of the 5 locks?

I really loved this hike and had no idea it was across the street from Paso Picacho! It’s definitely a new favorite in the area. Lots of blooms and taller vegetation even though this hasn’t been the wettest spring. My only WARNING is that I do not think this hike is entirely kid friendly. The hike itself is doable and well kept, but the top even with the rails would have made me very nervous if I had brought my wild 6 year old with me. There are huge gaps between the rocks and rails and if you have a clumsy or defiant or careless child (which describes many children), they could easily fall from a great height. I don’t consider myself a helicopter parent and have no problem with taking some risks with children, but take a good look at the pictures of the top before you take your kids. I would, however, take my cautious 9 year old who I’m sure would absolutely love it. The top is quite breathtaking and I plan to go back often! But consider carefully what your children are capable of before you bring them!

Easy enough hike for my 93 year old grandpa. We really enjoyed the scenery and abundant wildlife. There was many deer and wild turkeys towards the lake. Wild strawberry plants are also strewn across the shady, pined covered portions of the forest floor, but no strawberries yet. You can start and end your journey at the stonewall mine, where there are a few picnic tables set up for day use, flush toilets and a small cabin explaining the history of the gold mine.

Great place to take children, getting a good dose of nature and San Diego history without the elevation gain. Big Laguna trail is another similar hike.

off road driving
2 months ago

Did this trail in a stock JL Sahara no issues, definitely don’t suggest doing in anything bigger then a wrangler as there was a few spots where it was a squeeze.

Great hike. A favorite for sure. Did the regular trail with my 10 year old. Fantastic views throughout and phenomenal from the top.

3 months ago

Fantastic hike with fantastic views at the top

very easy walking ...very scenic.

One of the most amazing hike.

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