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Julian, California Map
22 hours ago

Beautiful views of Blair Valley to the north and Laguna mountains to the south.

Great trail if you’re looking for a fast and visually appealing hike. The mines were so fun to explore!

You can’t go all the way from S2 near Butterfield (at box canyon) to S1 (sunrise highway) with a vehicle, but you can cut across at Chariot Canyon to Banner Grade (Hwy 78). Its a tough trek unless you have the right equipment. I’ve reviewed this already as Oriflamme Canyon trail. Check it out for recommendations. Also passable via Rodriguez Canyon if you want to rock crawl (for you Jeeper creepers). Again, go prepared. Awesome adventure. Oriflamme Canyon and the Mason Valley Truck Trail are worth exploring. The entire trek is hike-ready. It is not truly closed altogether if you are on foot. The PCT crosses this trail too.

Omg this hike. I read all the reviews and I’ve done the three sisters hike so I thought I had this in the bag. I thought everyone was exaggerating about losing the trail. EVERYTHING you read here is true. Took us about 3 hours but we traversed our way down to the waterfall. A combination of the map from this app and following the rocks/tags others have left behind. This hike challenged me more mentally than physically but it is intense. Wildlife has a strong showing. We saw deer , turkeys , huge squirrels, and chipmunks. The ants are insane and the brush is prickly to say it nicely long sleeves and long pants are a must! One of my favorite and most challenging hikes to date.

Beautiful view and lovely nature.

3 days ago

Great short hike with excellent views at the top.

Interesting trail loop winds up through several palm canyons from the Mtn Palm Springs campground. Camping there amongst the cholla is an adventure by itself, with roaming packs of coyotes and so many cacti you’re bound to get prickly. Heading up the southern side of the trail is the preferred route as coming down the north side is steep and boulder ridden. Climbing up the north loop woul be challenging. Found a beautiful chert point at top of the hike, geolocated it and left it there. Never take any artifacts that you find, they are sacred objects to the native people. Leave them for others to find and appreciate.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Camped in Little Blair valley on the east side of the trail. Several primitive campsites encircle the valley, which gets filled with wildflowers in the spring. Biked the entire route with a buddy; great ride, strenuous at times and some soft sandy sections, but great scenery. Hiked up the indian trail at the southeast end of the loop the next day, its about 3 miles in and back from the trailhead. There are several morteros and Native American petroglyphs on the large rocks in the valley. Heading back it started to rain pretty good, be careful getting out, there are some muddy bits of track on the Big Blair (west loop) side of the range.

3 days ago

Great hike with diverse terrain. Cool, moist canyon with open desert approach, rocks and mountain trails. Lands right on top of Agua Caliente. Big horn sheep are on the trail if you start early enough. Relatively easy to traverse.

3 days ago

One of the best examples of native “rock art” in the region. Easy to access and a pleasant nature hike overall. Bring the kids. Wash is stable most of the year. Still best to bring a 4x4.

This is a wonderful cultural site. Easy to access and intriguing to visit and explore. Especially with kids. Don’t miss this one or nearby pictographs and box canyon.

This hike is a lot of fun and great for kids too. The path is well designated and quite safe for most people. The switchbacks keep the trail from getting too steep. Reaching the top is a great reward. Highly recommended.

off road driving
4 days ago

I have taken this path (The Mason Valley Truck Trail) twice now. Once from the 78 at Banner Grade down to the S2 at Box Canyon and once in the opposite direction from S2 up to 78. Took my LR4 going up and my 4Runner coming down. It was a tough trip going both ways. But also really fun and quite beautiful. Oriflamme has an amazing history. Look it up before you go. The path is rocky and a very rough trip for anyone without experience. I recommend having a spotter/co-pilot on board too - like you would climbing rocks. My most recent trip was in October of 2017. The rains have caused major erosion since my first trip. I would rate it medium to hard because of the tight spaces, shear drops and loose surfaces. Only true off-road “overland” vehicles with a narrow footprint and shorter wheelbase will fit. Ample clearance is important too. No full-size trucks or large SUVs. You’ll risk major damage. Very few places to turn back once you get started. Also note, the big metal gate up at Banner isn’t really locked.

It is a geological interpretive trail that points out faults and different rock types. There is an arroyo that is a good side trip to walk up.

The trail at the end of the road has an impasse at about one tenth of a mile up the narrow wash. There is a way to bypass it on the steep hillside of crumbly granite, but it is a bit treacherous on descent. For casual hikers I would not recommend this trail. For the young and adventurous it would be fine.

i love it, not too easy but funny

This was a really cool hike! Worth checking out!!! It was hard to find where the trail started, you have to walk down a “private” driveway to get to the trail head. Enjoy!

9 days ago

Doesn’t disappoint. Great view from top

Loved this trail and the view at the top was breathtaking! 360 views from the top. We went later in the afternoon so there was plenty of shade for the second half of the climb up. (Heads up - there is no really any parking anywhere near the trailhead so you have to park across the road at the campgrounds for $10 day use) Totally worth it though.

I did this hike this morning and it’s beautiful! It’s an easy one but super exciting to hike. Great for trail running as well. Views are incredible! Highly recommend it.

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