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Great hike for our family. Kids are 12, 11 and 8. They had no problem . . . A little candy along the way didn’t hurt. It was 4.7 miles and took 1hr50min. A steep section in the loop was the only difficult portion.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Pretty good trail..

mountain biking
9 days ago

Nice trail

I will do this hike again. Mostly flat with a couple inclines. One major one as you loop around and head up and back. Lots of big black and red ants. If you take a dog, put shoes on him.

off road driving
10 days ago

Came out to mother Grundy because i was in SD for the weekend. Thought I’d check it out since it was close by.

The trail is nice and short. Did it in a stock 4runner. A little bit of washboarding and some divots were washed out by rain were kind of deep but the trail is easy (a little on the boring side) also this trail has land for sale so you’ll see homes and yards along the way which made it seem like a normal road than an off road trail.

I think it’s a nice trail if you’re in the area or new to the trails and just want to get your feet wet. I don’t think I’d drive out this way to do it. (Probably drive out farther for black mountain instead).

I did this hike a week ago with my girlfriends and it is by far our favorite yet. There were no markings at the trailhead or anywhere along the trail. We just used previous hikers review and basically made it to the top following shoe prints from previous hikers.
We indefinitely used alot of upper body strength. Other than that the hike was not as difficult as others had mentioned.
The views were amazing starting from the pancake rock and from the cave..no wind at the top so we got pretty lucky and was able to enjoy our time up there. We will definitely come back again!

I hiked this Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area trail in the early morning while it was still cool (August).

Trail is well established, but caution as other trails cross or intersect. Moderate use by hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. Some trail sections have lots of rocks. I did use hiking poles because I hike at a fast pace. Lots of oak trees, olive trees, coastal sagebrush and buckwheat. Wildlife is plentiful. I saw three Red Tail hawks, a Downy woodpecker, other birds, rabbits (I posted rabbit photo that wasn’t too shy). The trail is by a creek, but no water in the summer months. I choose to hike the north side of the loop and come back through Hollenbeck Canyon. The sun in my eyes. Next time I would hike the Hollenbeck Canyon side of the loop first before the sun comes over the ridge.

Lots of parking at the trailhead, including a port-a-potty. You now have to hold California Department of Fish and wildlife (CDFW) Land Pass. Sign posted with website (https://wildlife.ca.gov/license/lands-pass), where you can purchase online or you can call (800) 565-1458 pay over the phone and get a temporary authorization number (TAN). Choices are; day use pass ($4.32) or an annual pass ($25.00) Note: Login online as a guest for day pass, but annual pass will require you to sign in as a member. However, if you already have a hunting, fishing or or trapping license, you do not need to pay. Each visitor must have their own pass and keep on their person, not placed in vehicle.

Was able to hike this in 3 hours including lots of rest breaks. I am not an experienced hiker and very sensitive to the heat. Really good challenge and cool to see the caves. Lots of dog and coyote scat on the trail.

2 months ago

Good trail and easy to follow. Bring plenty of water and use sunscreen during the summer. Had my 4 kids with me (10 and under) and they were able to get to the top. It was definitely hot with minimal coverage, I’d like to do it again once it’s cooled down a bit. The views were worth the climb. The distance is a little off, it says it is 4.6 miles but we went 5.41 miles total.

Have done this many times in the past. its an amazing place after it rains and turns green everywhere. dept of f and g started enforcing permits. so now you need a day pass, or valid hunting/fishing license to go walking outdoors, so fyi. lame.

Typical SoCal hike. Good workout and accurate distance. There are a few nice lookout points but for the most part it is an uncovered grind to the peak. We went in the early afternoon on a sunny day in June and it was HOT. No tree coverage but based on other reviews did not expect any. A solid hike and close to San Diego which is a plus.

What can I say, this is a fun hike! The caves are so cool to see and u don't even think about the difficulty of the trail because of all there is to see! Beautiful views from the peak as well!

Fun but harder hike, took kids and dogs and they were good!

One of my favorites. My favorite in chula vista

4 months ago

it's quite the lower body burn for the first mile or so and then again, intermittently on the path. there are a few splits in the road that are not marked but you can figure it out relatively easily as the alternate "paths" don't really lead anywhere. you pass some huge homes, compounds really, so you don't really feel like it's a hike until you are near the top and the homes are in the distance. not as "scenic" as I'd hoped from prior reviews but after doing Corte Madeira in Cleveland National Forrest, there's not much that I would be wowed by. there are a lot of loose rocks so stick to the surfaces that look most traveled as they are the most secure. took us 2 hours because the first 20-30 minutes is super challenging. use this as a workout and you will love it. using it as a scenic experience, not really. we saw a total of 5 people so it's perfect for going at whatever pace you want.

Awesome for a first time Jeep off road experiment. I realized that within five minutes out there alone on the trail I had found peace, Lol. Trail driving. It’s described accurately and true and nothing intense but if you don’t yet know the joy of off-road slow maneuvering this along with otay truck trail are good good good.

Beautiful trail. Ran into a rattlesnake along the trail overlooking the canyon...I stepped towards a big rock with a flat surface with the intention of placing my backpack on it when I heard a loud hiss and looked down to see a rattlesnake, partially covered in shadow, nestled in between the big flat-top rocks and smaller rocks. Stay alert!

4 months ago

Beautiful views along with my pup and I getting quite a workout with the steep hills. Parking was good and there was barely anyone there. With that being said, we encountered a rattlesnake towards the end of our hike (we’re fine!) just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings!

4 months ago

The trailhead didnt have any markings or any post so were a little confused. Until the point where we you have to climb the little mountain the hike is moderate with beautiful views. However the trail is bulldozed making the terrain a little difficult to walk. The best part is the last section where you have to fo a little climbing and then climb up to the cave using ropes. Awesome views from the top. Very wind at the top.

Very challenging but well worth it! Trail to Gaskill Peak was over grown and could walk off trail easily. We missed the entrance and had to back track. Left a cairn to signal future hikers. A lot of scrambling and rock climbing. We hit up Lawson peak on the way back. Go early it gets warm. 2 liters water was good it was 76 degrees today. Cover up the brush is sharp. We left scraped up and bleeding. Still worth it! Bringing rope if you’re alone. We had to help pull each other up on some parts.

5 months ago

Really beautiful hike! Definitely on the harder side. But, for those (like myself), who are scared of heights - the cave can be sketchy to go in and out of.

Very steep in parts and lots of loose rocks and gravel underfoot so be careful. Views from the top are fabulous

5 months ago

Early in the morning there's alot of wildlife.

trail running
5 months ago

FYI need to purchase day pass. They offer annual passes but you must purchase those in advance.

Alert: this trail has been recently bulldozed. All the way up to the look out point.
First part has been leveled out a bit however all the way up now has little up and down hills. Seems like they might be trying to make rain/water run offs - maybe grade it a bit better. Because of this, all the beautiful rocks are no longer visible. Makes it for a less enjoyable hike but still beautiful views over the mountains. Ground and rocks are loose.

5 months ago

Amazing mountain. Love it!

Enjoyable views with a good workout on the way up.

5 months ago

The views were beautiful, and I went mid week when there wasn't anyone else on the trail. It was however very hot, and there is no shade along the trail. Be ready to be climbing a lot, and not feeling like there's much play-off. It was fine for the experience, but I wouldn't go again.

Nice hike and most of it is fairly easy. It is pretty steep up and down during the loop portion. The hike is mostly sunny and the only shade is near the trail head. There are many trails out there and they are not labeled well, so check the app occasionally if you are recording. This area requires a land pass for usage that you can buy online for about $4. I would hike this again and bring the kids.

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