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Very steep in parts and lots of loose rocks and gravel underfoot so be careful. Views from the top are fabulous

16 days ago

Early in the morning there's alot of wildlife.

trail running
16 days ago

FYI need to purchase day pass. They offer annual passes but you must purchase those in advance.

One of my favorite hikes! Great workout and views.

Enjoyable views with a good workout on the way up.

The views were beautiful, and I went mid week when there wasn't anyone else on the trail. It was however very hot, and there is no shade along the trail. Be ready to be climbing a lot, and not feeling like there's much play-off. It was fine for the experience, but I wouldn't go again.

Nice hike and most of it is fairly easy. It is pretty steep up and down during the loop portion. The hike is mostly sunny and the only shade is near the trail head. There are many trails out there and they are not labeled well, so check the app occasionally if you are recording. This area requires a land pass for usage that you can buy online for about $4. I would hike this again and bring the kids.

1 month ago

Great hike, did the round trip in about 1hr 45min. Definitely bring some water with you, it was heating up at about 11am when I was on my way back and I was glad I was able to drink some water while I was at the top. Amazing views from the top, even saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying around below me.

Keep your eyes on the trail, I was distracted by the view and came within a couple feet of a rattlesnake crossing the path, I just backed away slowly and gave him the right of way.

Excellent, challenging with a good, somewhat flat break and wonderful views from the top


What a great trail! I'm a beginner and found this to me beautiful, scenic and doable for children and adults. Good rocks for footing, and hardly any slipping areas. But in drier season could be more risk of slips. But that may be with any trail.

Can't wait to bring my 10 and 16 year old!

This is one of my favorite trails. I love that it’s away from the city, and you actually get to experience some beautiful nature and wildlife. (I come from the Sierra Nevadas, so I need nature.) I have seen many different lizards, frogs, birds, and a few different snakes...even picked up a Rosy Boa. (They are very docile snakes, even in the wild.)
The trail is long enough that it makes you feel accomplished. It’s beautiful the whole way through. The trail changes scenery as you walk. It starts out being open, then you walk through trees and eventually walk along a creek. Then you walk along side a cliff that over looks a canyon. Then you climb a hill and once at the top you have some nice views. A lot of the walk back down is gorgeous with the views. The trail goes in a loop, so you end up walking back in the middle of the trail you came up on.

Fun hike.

2 months ago

This was my first time doing this trail and It wasn’t that bad. It took me about 2 hours to do it.. The views were amazing!! I saw the sunset on my way down and couldn’t stop taking pictures. I highly recommend this trail.

Had a fun hike with the family and dog. Amazing views to the ocean

A real beaut! Nice and flat most of the way. hiked this in the rain, I felt like I was in England, but I've never been to England, so I don't know. Wouldn't have been surprised if I had seen a unicorn calmly lapping from the brook this trail follows for the middle third of the hike, but alas, I did not. Perhaps I didn't believe hard enough. Highly recommend for an easy-moderate hike.

Great hike with incredible scenery.

2 months ago

The Alltrails map is woefully inadequate. There are dozens of trails here that are not shown on your map. You could hike every day for months and still see new country in this wonderful area. It is also great for mountain bikes. Get into the back country by bike, then hike the steep trails, then fly back on the bike downhill.

Beautiful and not many people.

nice, flat and scenic

It's a tough climb but worth it

Lovely hike. Important to note that this is an area that requires a Land Pass. Nobody checked ours, but it’s safe to get one ahead of time.

This was a great hike. There is a lot of dog / coyote poop on the trail so watch out. The beggining is overgrown. Make sure to do this hike in cool weather as there is not much shade. The inclines towards the end get pretty steep and are very rewarding at the end. Some amazing views from the top. It is kind of a bummer though that there is no sign when you get to the top! While it was very enjoyable I am not sure that I will be back anytime soon.

This was an awesome hike. Very little people are on this trail, and it feels like an adventure not seeing the peak right away.

There's a false peek which consist of steep switchbacks. From there, you'll cross over some saddles before getting to the bottom of the final ascent. The view was incredible, and I even found a rock that was shaped like a chair making it perfect for snack time while overlooking San Diego

Ok I’m a pretty good hiker I’d say. This was more difficult then I thought. It is noted to be moderate but I believe it to be more difficult than moderate. The trail wasn’t occupied at all during our hike. This was on a Sunday morning starting at 6:30 AM. It ended 2 1/2 hours later. Beautiful views. The caves are cool . I’d tell you we’re to find them but that’s the adventure. Goonies “never say die” . Ha I was bummed there was no markers or signs but hey it was a fun hike and the caves are super cool.

Great little hike! Lots of greenery made it not feel like the traditional San Diego desert hike. It was flat almost the whole way and had great views. We didn’t find the trail particularly hard to follow, and our dog had a great time. We’ll probably go back sometime!

Had never heard of this trail but was pleasantly surprised by the great views. Best to go early morning as you lose shade after 10am. Not too crowded yet not too far away the city.

Do NOT leave items visible in your car - my friend left her backpack in the backseat of my car, and someone performed a quick smash-and-grab. I came back to a broken window and her bag stolen. I talked to a local, who said it unfortunately happens often at the trailhead.

Hike itself is alright. There's no airflow in the beginning, so it feels pretty hot. I would not recommend this hike for a warm day.

This is a wonderful trail with hills and valleys and you are in sunlight most of time. NOTE: the sad thing is the trails are marked poorly. A first timer or even second timer will actually have a hard time navigating as where to turn, etc. this could all be taken care of in a few hours if the folks in charge of this trail would get off their butts and actually do something here. I love the trail. I am visiting out here for a month and it took me a few times to decide which trail to use in order to get back to the trail head. Also, maybe a bench at the trail head would be nice too. Whoops, we wouldn’t want to over do things and and make it too friendly of a place.

3 months ago

It was an ok hike. Great views. would be great as a training hike. just enough steep parts to keep it challenging.

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