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Jackson, California Map
trail running
1 day ago

The trail is nice with easy stretches for giving the quads a break, although the trail is in total rated easy, the opposite side of the lake offers many intermediate to difficult obstacles, with tight trail running, steep inclines/declines, multiple types of loose terrain, small marshy areas to cross, abundant roots and rock outcrops give this running trail an excellent introduction to higher levels of trail running. Great place to train both speed and endurance. Measured route to be 2.5 miles.

4 days ago

Shorter trail than expected. Trail rain out at some point and lots of energy company workers/trucks towards the end. Ducks follow you so they must be used to people feeding them. Not impressed with this trail.

I wouldn’t describe this trail as moderate or hard, but it certainly wasn’t wide and flat. There were several stretches where I couldn’t walk side by side with my dog. I can’t believe a previous reviewer said she did this with a double stroller! The path I was on....no way! It was really pretty and a great easy evening hike. I only saw a few people on the trail while I was there.

trail running
26 days ago

Great for trail running. Only about 2.5mi loop, did it twice for full 5mi run. Have used the trail for walking many times as well, even with a double stroller (although there are a few tricky areas here and there but nothing bad at all). Beautiful views, not very populated. Dogs allowed. There are horses, some in training, so just beware/be courteous.

Nice little trail with lots of shade... it’s a little hard to stay on trail at the top as you are just walking through a cow pasture. The grass was freshly growing, so it covered the trail... Took us 1 1/2 hours.

1 month ago

It was a good hike for the dogs, not very crowded at all. Pretty, easy hike, a couple narrow spots but nothing even moderately difficult. A little muddy, but hey, it’s been raining and that’s a good thing.

I’m giving it a 3 because I was really hoping for the 4.5 mile hike and it was only about 2.5, and according to the map i stayed on trail. The locals told me it was only 2.5 miles around the lake as well. I don’t know if I would have drove from downtown Sacramento for just a 2.5 mile hike.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, husband and I took our dogs and hiked and fished along the way. Pretty easy, some narrow spots and one spot that’s a bit of a steep step down and up. But very doable. We plan to go back with our five year old soon. Loved it!

Beautiful hike had fun

after you drive all the way out here and finally get to the trail it says you need a permit. of course the permit had to be obtained from somewhere else... Lame!


Pretty views. Mostly shaded. Quite a bit of ducking under branches, the occasional steep section, some muddy patches.

4 months ago

Great little trail! Took the dogs and they loved it. Very peaceful, not very many people and a fairly easy hike. I️ do agree with others that the trail is a little hard to follow in spots and a little steep but nothing too bad. Would definitely recommend this spot!

on Lake Tabeaud Loop

4 months ago

Our family loved it. Our 6 and 3 year old were able to walk the whole thing. We did lose the main trail at some point and got to a pretty difficult area, but the kids were still able to handle it.

6 months ago

nice little trail. mostly shaded, good snacking on blackberries along the way. the trail was a little steep in places but I did it just fine and I have terrible arthritis in my feet an! ankles. my dogs loved it. although we were unable to use their facilities half way because someone vandalized the restroom. but it was nice to know there was one for future treks. we will go back.

Watch out for the geese and ducks. Agreed, trail was difficult to follow in many places and we got caught up in stickers. Beautiful, but probably wouldn't do this trail again.

This was not a very easy trail. The trail was hard to find in alot of places.

This trail is like what the others said.
Although I will say that if you are not already in the area don't go out of your way.

You should go LEFT when the trail splits, this way the elevation climb isn't so bad, however coming down the other side is very steep. Other then that, I don't think the trail is used much, lots of over growth.

Also when entering the trailhead area do not drive over the bridge, your just going to walk back across to get to the trail. Instead try and find parking on the same side you come in.

And! There is apparently fishing, there were a few guys there when I started.

8 months ago

Nice hike on a Saturday afternoon. Mostly shaded. The path was overgrown on some spots but manageable to get through. I have a heart problem and was able to complete the trail with no problem. Wouldn't recommend for small children bc there are some spots where can slip if not careful. Bring bug repellent as the mosquitoes get aggressive.and lots of water especially on a hot day. Overall it was a nice trail and had some beautiful spots to rest.

9 months ago

felt super uncomfortable with all the meth heads smoking up by all the wheels. Wouldn't let me 2 year old out of the car.

Nice easy trail

I agree with previous comments. 3 miles top, needs maintenance so that the easy walk actually remains easy for those who need it that way.

10 months ago

Easy trail, definitely not 4.7 miles.. the loop was 3 miles max. A few spots of poison oak, in parts the trail was kind of overgrown and that is why I gave it 3 stars because of it being overgrown. Cute loop near the water. A nice trail and we had it to ourselves!

10 months ago

We arrived at about 10:00am and started our hike. I read a few reviews and agree with some of them It's a nice hike with lots of shade and nice scenery. It's definitely not more than 3 miles round trip. A few obstacles near the river inlet, but nothing at all difficult. I have bad knees and found this to be a very easy hike. We saw a few spots of poison oak, but that's to be expected. All in all, we liked it and will be back!

Great trail, but must have a pass.

Super cute and not hard at all

Winding one lane road about three miles from highway 49 to get to trailhead. Need pass from East Bay MUD. Wonderful hike through woodlands, crossing creeks, meadows. Moderate level. Lots of poison oak on trail. Bring bug spray and water. Best early in the day or on a cooler day.

Beautiful views in the spring. Great for kids as well.

Tip: go left if you want a gentle climb, right for more intense.

Well worth the trip

11 months ago

Easy trail, however it was hard to enjoy with the massive amounts of poison oak around. Trail was sorta maintained, I feel that any latter in the season parts would have be overgrown.

The loop is only 2.8 miles. Very easy. Covered in spider webs half the time. Don't plan to go back.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Nice easy trail

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