20 hours ago

Walked this trail yesterday, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Grey weather with heavy fog and predicted showers probably made it less popular, which was great, it was wonderfully uncrowded for the Friday of a holiday weekend. The elk were astonishing, big bands of does and then gatherings of heavily antlered stags out of a mythical-seeming world. Once past the maintained part, you literally wade through chest-high pink/white wild radish and sweet-scented bushes of tall yellow lupine. (Warning: I did take one crawling tick off me at the end of the walk, even though I'd done a tick-check after emerging from the overgrown section on the way back.) Dark blue native iris, lower to ground blue lupine, and other wildflowers were also still out. Well worth it to go all the way out to the end and down a ways toward ocean, staying away from the unstable edges. The full walk with a few quick stops for photos, sandwich, gazing took 4.5 hours at my usual (entirely unexceptional) pace. This would be a great trail for a runner, also.