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1 day ago

This is an old family favorite. Returned six months ago for the first time in about twenty years. The hike/walk is easy and the scenery is beautiful. It’s definitely not a beach for swimming. Driving through and then above the fog on the way back was magical, as were the elk on the hill. We got out of the car and silently watched them for a while before heading home.

Spectacular!! Worth every shrub scratch!! Elk are everywhere even bugling which is always fun!! Saw plenty other wild life too!! The views though are extraordinary! My boyfriend and I have been on hikes all over the country and this is one of the top ones!! Loved it!

5 days ago

A beautiful and "casual" trail located at the tippy top of Point Reyes. Alltrails listed this as a very heavy traffic trail, which is true - depending on the time and day you are going - try going earlier! My boyfriend and I went on Saturday morning around 8:15 AM and there was about 4 total cars in the tiny parking lot. When we left, around 12:15ish, there was no parking anywhere -- uphill, downhill etc. As we're walking back - there was people everywhere! So come early

For those who do come later, when there is no parking, please be considerate and NOT park on the lanes leading to McClure Beach... these are narrow ass roads already - we don't need your cars blocking the road even more... talking to you Prius and Toyota owners! Huge abundance of these cars blocking roads, not cool.

Also, need a restroom? The parking lot DOES NOT HAVE A restroom - you would need to trek or drive down a short ways to McClure beach parking for the restroom.

The trail itself is very beautiful, the last 2 miles are UN-MAINTAINED!! The plants and wildlife overgrown in these areas, so be prepared to get scratched if you are not dressed correctly or don't care!

To be honest, we both wore shorts and the bushes didn't bother us too much.

The last few miles also have SANDY PATCHES. Holy crap, walking up sandy that sink your feet is no fun! Just an FYI.

The first 3 miles were amazing. Lots of downhill coastal scenery to be viewed, ocean waves crashing along the cliffs/beaches and rocks, elk everywhere! A bit windy, but with all the hiking - you get warm fast! Bring a jacket just in case there is fog, luckily my trip there was none.

The hike totals about 4.83 miles each way totally 9.66 miles, from parking to the very tip of the rocks where you can see waves crashing along tidal pools. Alltrails says it's moderate and that definition of moderate varies by individuals for sure. The level of this hike will depend on how you generally hike... going back to the parking lot is pure up hill. About 1-2 miles is just up-hill nonstop so be wary of that... suggest to bring enough water!

At the end, after going through shrubs upon shrubs, you are met with beautiful coastal view, you can climb down the lowest of the rocky platforms to get a nicer view -- it was well worth the 3 hour and 41 minute trek.

Very easy stroll, pretty much level. Once you hit the ocean you have the option of going to the right along an extensive beach or a hill climb to the left. We went to the right and enjoyed a scenic beach nearly devoid of people.

An easy walk down to the beach, a bit tougher getting back to the parking lot. Not so steep that you can't do it by just slowing your pace. Indeed, be wary of the sleeper waves. I got snagged by one, and it was dicey.

7 days ago

An easy, pleasant hike with an abundance of wildflowers. White-crowned sparrows greet you from the tall grasses and ravens croak overhead. During the right months of spring or winter, you might see multiple grey whales migrating along the coast. Bring some binoculars and take in the views.

Nice, easy hike with a pleasant walk along the beach. At some point you turn left off the beach and get to a gravel road that will take you back. The gravel road is not as nice to hike on so one may consider doing a point and back rather than the full loop. We had pleasant temperatures with nice ocean breezes that kept us cool.

We spotted elks, deer and coyote! It was a very nice trail with a lot of wildlife.

Incredibly beautiful place. There were so many flowers blooming and birds singing. I highly recommend it for an easy hike. Well worth it.

A very fun, scenic hike with lots of wildlife (elk, deer, and coyotes) and beautiful coastal vistas. The grades are minimal and fairly far apart so this is more like a vigorous walk than a hike. Once you pass the reservoir and grove of cypress trees, the crowds thin out all the way to the tip of Tomales Point. Bring a jacket - it's always windy, especially the exposed final mile plus of the hike. No bathroom at the trailhead but there is one right below in the McClure Beach lot. Highly recommended hike !

13 days ago

Wear long pants and bring a jacket if you don't want scratches on your arms and legs. Near the end of the trail, you'll be walking through some prickly brush that goes chest high (if not head high). There's definitely some steep climbs in sand, but the most tiring one is mile 6-7. Super scenic photos of the water breaking onto shore, fields full of wildflowers, and you may even see some elk!

What an amazing trail along the coast! Expect to get sand in your shoes & go through bushes. The weather was perfect, with the cool, crisp air & fog in the morning and as the fog lifted, the sun made everything so visible. Loved all the wildflowers and wildlife. But the views are to die for! It’s one of my favorite hikes yet!

13 days ago

It doesn’t get much better than this for me. I arrived by 8:45a on a Sunday and more or less had the walk out to myself. It was dense with fog so had a hazy, dreamlike feel to it. I was the only one at Tomales Point which itself is a stunning vista. There was lots of wildlife to see...sea lions, pelicans, crabs, oyster catchers, snails and gulls. By the time I turned around to walk back around 1130a the fog had cleared and the trail was pretty heavily trafficked. Because the fog had cleared though the walk back felt entirely different than the walk out. The views of the ocean and bay are terrific and seeing a herd of elk was fun. Overall a great hike.

18 days ago

We had a great day in the fog. I look forward to the “chill” and the fog brings it. We wanted out of the Sacramento 100 degrees that is coupled with poor air quality due to fires. Everything else was a plus, Elk, floral color everywhere. My hiking friends watched a Red Garner Snake eat a vermin.
Our time at Tamales Point was treated with Pelicans, Cormorants, Sea Gulls and friendly hikers pleased with rough waters of the Ocean and the mouth of Tamales Bay.

Tonnes of fog. couldn't see the water for most of the hike. Saw some elk.

21 days ago

Arrived at 9am to get a spot in the lot and then headed up through the fog. Elk are visible along the way and congregate above the pond. Bull elk are up on the ridge. Once you get to the unmaintained portion of the trail, it turns to sand and the brush gets chest high, but it is worth the views at the end. It is usually foggy in the summer.

26 days ago

This was the longest hike I’ve done in a while (9.4 miles). We saw lots of wildlife, including a coyote, tons of elk and birds. It was a good workout for me, particularly the last part that is unmaintained. The wildflowers are very overgrown and were taller than me, and it took me awhile to hike on sand. But, the views at Tomales Bluff (the end) were amazing. It had been foggy for most of our hike but cleared up right as we got there so we were able to enjoy our lunch perched on some rocks and taking in the beautiful views!

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29 days ago

There aren’t many views in California more spectacular than Drake’s Head!

1 month ago

This is a good hike. I wasn't prepared to share the trail with bikes. Lots of bikes. And much of the trail is over pasture with cattle grazing, so lots of cow patties and, you know, the aroma. The Sunset Beach Trail is my favorite option of the two, having done both.

Beautiful trail but TONS of poison oak!

Beautiful hills covered in wildflowers and bluffs all along the path. Seeing the Elk herds are amazing. The last 2 miles or so are not maintained so wear long pants and sleeves - the wildflowers were as tall as me

1 month ago

Beautiful hike and - at leas on a Friday afternoon - not very crowded. Saw lots of wildlife - Tule elk, deer, seals, quail, etc. Note that at lower tides you can walk all the way down to the point, though it will add about two miles to the hike (one mile each way); well worth it for the views, the seals, the kelp forests, and the almost perfectly circular boulders shaped by the tides.

1 month ago

We took our ten month old out in his hiking backpack for his first outing and we were pleased with this trail! We would definitely do it again. Plenty of shade, some pretty flowers and a nice beach rest at the end. Also, we saw tons of bat rays in the water on the bay. Very cool!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, with plenty of ooohs and ahhhhs, and some minor ouches.. ;)
Wild flowers towards the end of the trail were very clingy. But overall the trail did not disappoint. Prepare plenty of water and snacks, and definitely agree with others reviews, bring a jacket. You will not regret it.
Also, there’s no bathroom at the trailhead/ parking lot. Empty out your bladders before reaching the trail.

Beautiful and mellow hike. Bring a jacket for Tomales Point, it gets chilly! Lots of wildlife to see and wildflowers everywhere.

on Tomales Point Trail

2 months ago

fantastic hike. timed it perfectly for lunch at the point as the fog cleared to reveal some whales spouting about. wildflowers where just past peak but still outstanding it was a great just shy of 10 mile hike!! loved it!!

Fun for a quick day hike! Beautiful views for such a short distance!

Very interesting hike. The trail runs along the ridge line of a peninsula which forms the western side of Tomales Bay. Wild flowers are in full bloom, especially the pink and white radish bushes which are 5 ft high and the sweet smelling yellow lupine. Two negatives: the last mile of the trail out is sand which is tough to walk on. Also, this area is very windy. But the area is unique and Tomales Point is very dramatic, not to be missed. Saw lots of Tule elk and also a bobcat. Total hike: 9.7 miles, 3 hr 50 min.

2 months ago

So beautiful!! Easy hike, minor uphills for a few sections. Elephant seals we also it in full form!

Good hike, beautiful views of the coastline. Only wish we would have been lucky enough to see whales!

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