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10 hours ago

Great place to backpack for the first time. Definitely worth the effort to make it up to a beautiful lake. Our trail was about 8 miles there and 8 miles back. The lake was clear enough for you to see the bottom and was pure enough for you to even drink (we filtered our water.) Must come with family and friends and bring a chair for star gazing. We decided to take the water taxi back to enjoy the lake and view. It was 14 dollars and person and you can either pay with cash or card when you get back to the main dock.

11 hours ago

End of August or early September .... great time to observe ELK during rutting season. Get to the trailhead early ... parking lot fills quickly. And being early on the trail is best for seeing ELK.

How much water should I carry? For anyone having gone recently, I have a water filter, are there streams, etc to get water along the way (and therefore carry less)? I’m planning on going 8/26

20 hours ago

This trail doesn’t have more Rattlesnakes than any other trial in Santa Barbara (it’s just a name). The East fork is overgrown and not worth risking poison oak but the main trail is in great condition and easy to follow. Surprised to see and hear water in the creek even in late August.

great hike we want to go back soon

The trail is back open as of August 15. Check with the Mill Creek Ranger station to confirm that it has not been closed again, but the fire has been contained more and it has been considered safe to use this trail. We hiked it on August 17 and had to hurry down from the peak due to a thunderstorm that was coming in. Overall, this is a great hike. The trail is a little rocky and eroded in spots, but definitely worth doing.

I hike this trail all the time you can do as little as a few miles or do 11miles. Its similar to Griffith but on a smaller scale, but an equal workout.

1 day ago

Excellent family half-day hike:

Difficulty: Somewhat strenuous, steep at first, leveling off around Grass Lake. The views and varying terrain make the hike worth it.

The waterfall was full, to our surprise.

The EarthTrek poles were helpful for the large granite steps on the descent.
Come prepared with trekking poles, good shoes and sunwear.
Forested and shady in some spots, sunny in others.

This hike leads up to Rock Lake. The Lake is somewhat barren, but is excellent for diving if the level is high. The day we went it was low with much silt. If you have the time, take the extra 15-30 minute loop around the lake. Amazing views of Grass Lake and the Sierras from above.
Jamison Lake is nearby and we could view it but headed down early. 10am to 3:30pm.

I will do this hike again. I did it years ago for backpacking.

1 day ago

Great trail worth going up to the ridge for the view from above.

1 day ago

I did this hike out and back in under 4 hours. My Garmin registered 8 miles. Warning... if you are looking for peace and solitude don’t go on this hike. 8/20/18 Monday was too crowded and noisy. People please keep your voices down...
The first 1.5-2 miles are very dusty. The best part about this hike- getting to the Duck pass. It’s challenging and fun.

1 day ago

So pretty. Loved all the lakes and creeks you pass along the way. The beginning is a bit strenuous and when you hit the rocks it’s also tough. The views are worth it tho! A little smoke was coming in so we didn’t stay at Duck Lake for long. But it was nice to put our feet in the water and cool down. On the way back, stopped by the smaller lakes and took our time heading back. Started at 830am and got to the car by 3pm (includes stops for resting) Such a beautiful day and did run into people quite often on the way up and back down. It’s tiring tho. I tracked in my phone over 11miles total. Bring lots of water (or filtration) and snacks. Bugs weren’t too bad. Although something stung me on the back of my arm but was just a small welt and went away. The shaded parts were nice too.

great spot to find some mushrooms when the weather is right. cute spot to hike, lots of people take their horses here

I logged 3.4 miles in and 3.2 miles out. this is not 5 miles round trip like it shows. I was closer to the trailhead than where this track is actually located, so if anything it should have been shorted. the hike was pretty easy. I had about 30-40 pounds in my pack. didn't have problems with the elevation until I got to the top and sat down. Started getting light headed and dizzy. the hike up is beautiful and the view at the top is gorgeous. next time up there I am planning to camp overnight.

Fun to drive, easy road, can be muddy and can be sandy.

What a pleasant surprise! Three trails consists of this 6-mile loop. Each trail provides unique taste and inherent beauty. Juanita trail is more like easy and comfortable trekking course. Hiltscher trail is more like walking in woods. Bud Turner includes Laguna Lake and Euclid street. On Juanita Cooke trail, don’t miss out on walking the narrow trail next to wall. It is right below the main road.

Got to the parking area right on the highway around 7 AM and we were the first people there. We didn't run into anybody else until right before the picnic area. The water dam area is just past the picnic spot and worth the time to see. Passed a few kids doing their cross-country training on our way back. Overall great hike, few people, and mostly shaded. The climb back up to the car was grueling though

1 day ago

Did this as a nite trek - pretty bad ass "nighty". Night life was awesome.

1 day ago

I hiked to Graveyard Lakes from Devil’s Bathtub. This is around 8 miles and took about it 4.5 hours with a full pack. The scenery is beautiful, the creeks are amazing and te trails are well marked. The water crossing were easy in mid August but I bet they could be really difficult earlier in the year. I camped at Lower Graveyard Lake and it was beautiful. There are several campaigns. I also caught what I think might have been a Golden Trout or a hybrid Golden/Rainbow (white markings on the tail and other fins). The hike is pretty standard for backpackers and the lakes are another beautiful high mountain lake. It rained for a short time in the afternoon but temperature never got below 48 degrees at night.

1 day ago

Good up hill climb nice views

We took this hike today with a few Boy Scouts, we started from Cedar Valley Road and went all the way to the falls and back. The water felt great but the first half of the hike has a lot of up and down hills. Overall we had a great time and took our time to enjoy it all.

Hubby and I went this morning!! Much more difficult than I expected, almost threw in the towel, but my competitiveness kept me going. The trail needs to be marked better the higher you go...had a blast, but should have taken my hiking boots..tennis shoes dont work!

typical fire road trail hike. quite steep and little to no shade.

trail running
2 days ago

Good trail! It has a good bit of more technical terrain, perfect for training.

I would rate this moderate. Most of the route is well covered by trees and did not feel the heat at all. Beautiful views. Go early to get parking

Great trail to hike with your dog

One of the best kept secrets of the Bay Area

Great family hike!

This hike had a good amount of shade, which was nice when I went in August. There was a spot with waterfalls and small pools of water. Lots of dogs on this hike. Rattlesnakes are common, this hike lives up to its name! I heard about) but didn't see) a rattler at the end of this trail.

Most of the trail is an old Jeep road; if you have an ok 4x4 you can go out another mile or so and park at the gate, where a couple bow hunters seemed to be camped.

Nice ridge views of Lake Bowman and both Rock Lakes are nice, although not the most spectacular in this region.

Trailhead is *just* accessible by a low clearance vehicle; we parked our Volt (very low clearance) about 600 feet from the trailhead about at the 11.5 mile marker on 18, before it got a bit rocky.

Depending on your athletic ability, this could be considered more than moderate. We had four kids with us ages 3-10 and they all did it but it was tough in some spots. Steep inclines with difficult footing- hiking shoes recommended! It was an amazing view from the top and the breeze made it worth it. Lots of broken glass which cut our trip short- my little guy slipped and cut his arm on a piece. He’s ok but parents should know it’s not the cleanest peak we’ve been too.

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