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20 hours ago

I was looking for a trail during a solo Kings/Sequoia 3 day trip and wanted to look into a nice hike I can spend majority of the day with. I picked Mist Falls over all the other trails because of the end point being a nice waterfall. Growing up near Joshua Tree NPS I anticipated the trail to be fairly barren (meaning not much to look at) until the end of the trail but this trail proved otherwise and not disappoint! The first chunk of the trail has light shade and is fairly flat, then you shift into a denser forest before you get granted with a nice walk along the Kings River. The overflow from the river does feed into the trail, which forces you to maneuver a bit more off trail expected but it was easy to find your way back. Dense forest goes into fairly open canyon stone trail with a bit of elevation gain that increases in intervals. The last mile of the trail does get a bit strenuous if you're not careful with heat and your own pacing. The waterfall, however, does not disappoint and you're treated with a nice view of the canyon.
Round trip took about 5-6 hours including a short picnic at the end of the trail. Waterproof hiking shoes and bug spray are highly recommended!

on Eagle Rock via the PCT

21 hours ago

Did this trail today, a beautiful clear Sunday. What an awesome hike! Arrived around 11am and there were about 20-30 cars already parked along the sides of the road. It definitely wasn't crowded though. We've been wanting to hike on the PCT "someday" and this is a great hike to accomplish that on. Well marked & maintained trail. Beautiful scenery that changes from a tree-canopied creekside path for the first mile and half or so, to rolling grass fields until you arrive at Eagle Rock. On the hike back we saw a couple groups of people on horseback. It seemed to go much quicker on the way back. Roughly 3hrs round trip including about 20min taking pix at Eagle Rock. We stopped at Lake Henshaw (like 10min away on the road back) to eat and it hit the spot! Great service and generous portions. Definitely recommended!

Beautiful views and very peaceful!

Completed this hike on March 16 with my husband and father. Hike is short but steep. At the top there is a nice clearing to walk around and see the surrounding cities. There is also an old abandoned building up there.

Did it counter clockwise, which is "supposedly" the easier route. MmHmm. There is also a bench about 2.5 miles up, tree shade and a "Box for your Troubles" (you write on a piece a paper your troubles and slip it into the magical box. It's a pretty good work out. Quite a few steep areas before getting to the bench. No shade except at the 2.5 mile mark - so it would be really hot in the heat. After getting to the bench to continue to the plaque, we ended up taking the steep route not realizing there was an easier way to get up there. It's alright, booty gains! The views are really neat. You can see a lot of the north, east, west San Fernando Valley and the aqueduct. Probably even South SFV. i dunno but you can see far!!

mountain biking
1 day ago

Done in March with not many people, not too hard mostly flat but beautiful, nice easy ride on single track.

Great hike out and back... good climb but mostly gradual so not to steep

Steep beginning with lots of views. Enjoyable evening or morning hike to get the blood pumping!

Well kept. Beautiful flowers. Water everywhere. Challenging enough to get a good workout!

Not to bad of a trail. Did it with my 4 year old son. We started on the west entrance to Bonnie cove trail. Good incline on some spots and also narrow. Wouldn't recommend strollers. You are next to the freeway so consider that as well for noise and scenic stuff.

all around great trail

Great workout! definitely bring a water bottle, dog friendly .. hard to find parking though, has become a popular place to hike, happy to see people trying to stay active

Nice view. Need lot of leg work and zeal to accomplish this trail.

Beautiful trail! Many steam crossings, may not be best after a rain. Grasses, flowers, amazing rock outcroppings and palms grace the path. Enjoy the trail and don't be fixated on getting to 'the falls', it's nice but the trail is the feature!

Great variety of difficulty. Car Wreck is legit hard.

Beautiful snowy day, and my dog loved it

3 days ago

Easy trail about a mile long i was cloudy and nice to walk parked on side street here is a vid that I shoot last Monday

Check it out


great hiking, nice view

This trail is super cool! Very well kept, beautiful views of Tahquietz Peak and Suicide Rock. Lot's of shade, switch backs and goes around mountain. Great workout! Make sure to get your Adventure pass, and requires permits at Ranger station.

overgrown in parts close to the george f. canyon but manageable. to use the martingale trail you need a permit now. in other words, trepassing if no permit

4 days ago

I would like to backpack this trail. I am looking for some pointers as far as where the trailhead is for this 20 mile trail and where we would be allowed to camp? Can anyone help me out?

This hike was great!! I took my golden on a Wednesday. Only ran into a few people on the trails. It’s amazing how much canopy there is so close to LA. I needed that!

Great hike. Very few people use this trail during the week, so it's very peaceful. The tunnels are cool and make this hike different than other Southern California hikes. Trail is good condition. Lots of beautiful scenery. I would definitely recommend this hike.

I am surprised that hiking options like this aren’t better marked. However, following directions listed I found the hike off Chiquita lane. The hike itself was great but is is more of a fire road than a trail. It is a steady and continuous climb into the mountains. It extends well beyond what is marked and outlined above. I went in about 4.5 miles before turning around and could easily kept going if I didn’t start so late in the day. Bring water and enjoy the walk and the solitude. I was passed by one mountain biker but other than that enjoyed the ever changing panoramic views.

Brisk spring morning hike. Cross the creek by crawling over logs. Woulda gone further but my daughter got tired. Definitely will come back to. Bring water. No shade, which is fine in cooler temps but would be killer in the summer.

“Review stars” not accurate, just an update that as of today 3/12/18, the road after the bridge, past Indian Scotty campground is closed due to slides and fire suppression activities! Either adding an extra 5mi of hike, or the Lovers Camp trailhead is still open (the road-closed signs advised it) if you take Canyon Creek Rd another 2.5mi and turn left onto an unmarked road and then follow the randomly placed signs. I tried that but ended up turning around after a few miles, road got a little sketchy with loose clay-mud and melting snow/slush! (4wd rav4 was slipping a bit). Just leaving this here in case anyone else drives two hours to get here and go on this hike just to putz around and drive back haha :)

Peaceful and beautiful

Drove it South front K.Falls this Feb in 2 high clearance jeeps. Moderate due to the snow. Camped the night on the river. Drove it back the next day. Nice trip!

This is one of my favorite hikes. I try to get my friends to go with me every chance I get.

on Fall Creek

5 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful Hikes I have ever hiked.With slight drizzle and cloudy skies , it was a amazing hike and I had stopped by the redwood for nearly an hour to enjoy the nature's beauty. For the most part of trail you will have the pristine creek running by beside the trail. the ascend and descend alternates itself and gives you a pleasure of a good workout. Although there is something about the trail I would like to mention. If you are taking the loop through Fall creek south fork trail and join back the Fall creek trail after hiking Big Ben Trail, then after hiking 1.3 miles in Fall creek trail from Big Ben along the creek, you will find that the path has been completely eroded and there is no way to proceed further. You would have to take a switch back to reach the Truck Trail, then hike thru Ridge Trail and S-Cape Trail to join the fall creek trail back. The switch back is not a well marked trail path and you have to figure it out moving back from the closed path say by .2 miles , this increases the trail distance to 10.3 miles and is not what that has been mentioned.

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