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Very cool hike. Pretty hard to stay on the trail mapped out here, but wandering around and getting off path is part of the fun! Take time to climb around on the rocks and stop by the interpretive center to learn about the geology and natural history of the area, Tiburcio Vasquez and all the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here. It's a fun area to explore and I definitely feel like I could come back here multiple times and not get bored.

Brought our small terrier and he had no problem keeping up and hopping around on some of the rocks with us. we didn't take him up the major rock formations, though, so that might not be the safest for dogs.

Both falls were running well. Beautiful trail even with the scarring of fire. The new life that is filling the area is amazing.

This was a nice, quiet trail. Ends up being a pretty good workout if you keep a good pace.

Nice day, lots of shade in afternoon. 2.5 hrs to Springs and back. Need decent shoes, rocky, up and down. Hiked with 4 adults 5 kids, and 2 dogs.

17 hours ago

This was perfect to take our 3 year old on a short and simple hike.

Beautiful views, very well maintained trail, easy street parking.

Took our German Shepard on a December Saturday. Perfect for dogs and inexperienced hikers. Saw a few deer and the people we passed saw coyotes. Great views from the top. We parked on the street and started on black walnut trail and looped around to come out on powder canyon. Starts uphill and the rest is easy. Definitely will do again.

it's a leisure walk. very pleasant.

1 day ago

Great day hike with my young Cub Scout

good trail. Took my dog and all went well. Hiked up to where you start climbing over some rocks to get the waterfall, but decided to turn back after a family said there wasn't any water. hopefully that changes soon, definitely want to come back when there is water

1 day ago

Trail was very confusing at points and covered with horse poop for the first 2.5 miles. Most of this hike is directly next to roads, but the zoo part is cool and the trails are pretty

I did the full Olmstead Loop. This is a pretty hike on a beautiful fall day. The trails are mostly flat, with a few uphill climbs around Knickerbocker Creek. Saw a coyote and many birds. I got a tick despite wearing long sleeves and pants, so I’ll wear bugspray next time.

2 days ago

Amazing beach walk; really nice! Easy access off Hwy 101, a paved parking area with restrooms, trash and recycling receptacles and a few picnic tables, some of which were "accessible"...We found it to be our favorite beach in the Crescent City area; the sand was immaculate, sand dollars were prevalent, interesting driftwood was plentiful...the ocean view, the breeze, the sun, the waves; it was all perfect today!

Great place to getting some trail running in. Sort of narrow in some parts and people like to ride their horses in the area so be careful.

3 days ago

Fun trail

Great trail. Highly recommend hiking poles as the ups and downs are pretty tough. Went in early December, weather was cool and overcast and even got some rain at the end. Start early! Almost lost the trail recorded here near the top, but we made our way to the top by scrambling up some gently sloping boulders. Wear good treaded sneakers. Excellent, wonderful colorful views of the surrounding mountainside. Bring some snacks, enough water, and help for your knees and a change of clothes for the end of the trip and you'll make it!

this is a nice Easy hike. 6.6 miles no big hills. only down fall is you can see houses and the road is only about 100 yards from eagle rock...

A good work out- 22.7 kms from Olema Campgrounds and back. Walked the extra 0.2 mile to the summit of Mt Wittenberg but no view?
Tried to get to the Arched Rock outlook but the trail has been covered in slashed branches to prevent passage. Very good quality trail but needed more views of the ocean. Still a good work out.

A great hike with some nice views, it actually clocks in at 7miles round trip. Advice: Hike in the morning to avoid the head (88F on our hike), Sign into the book at the start of the trail and sign off on coming down, bring 1.5L water per person, be sure to take Bear Ridge trail back, has the best views!

Beautiful trail run. Starts and ends on paved road and middle section is off road trails. I sort of jog/ walked it with a day pack in 2.5 hours, with little stopping. Some steep hills and moderate terrain, but overall a beautiful trail with a variety of scenery and terrain. Don’t underestimate or go unprepared because it’s a long and tough 9 miles.

Third time doing this trail on a stunning 48 degree day. Hard enough to keep you warm and cool enough to stop and lounge on a few of the big boulders. Amazing 360 degree views from the top.

Very nice hike, as mapped here taking the chapman trail back it is 9 miles though. I enjoyed the chapman trail, hiking back along the wall of the canyon provides nice views.

This is definitely a cool weather hike. It gets the most indirect approach award. I got turned around near the peak and a fair amount of bush wacking. All and all great views after a rainstorm.

The last 500 ft up to the summit changes into mild rock climbing . Splendid views.

6 days ago

I did this trail November 25th 2018 started at lodgepole campground and when all the way up to Twin Lakes. I had always intended to make it a single day hike and by the time I got the Twin Lakes my legs were pretty pumped out so I didn't go up to the summit. Besides the root was covered in icy snow and I didn't have any crampons and didn't want to risk it.

I passed two sets of hikers coming down from Twin Lakes and one lady who passed me on the way up. by the time I got to Twin Lakes she had already visited probably ate her lunch and was on the way down. she was probably in her mid 20's and I'm twenty years older but in good shape for my age. it took me 3.5 hours to make it up.

because there is a 2in layer of fresh snow I could tell that nobody had attempted to go to the summit, at least not since thanksgiving day when it last snowed.

the views from the lake are beautiful but the tree line is high enough that you cannot see much of the surrounding territory. I agree with other reviewers that to get the best out of this hike you should try to scale at least part way up the summit wall.

the trail is very well-marked but as with all trails when snow covers the ground that's hard to follow. my Samsung Galaxy was able to hold a GPS signal the whole way and so alltrails was able to record my progress. I always find that very useful since it's easy to lose trails and the alltrails topo maps are great for finding your exact position at any given time using the GPS on your phone. course correction is a breeze that way.

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