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I love this out-of-the-way stretch of coastal trail off the Drury Scenic Byway. It's by no means arduous since the majority of it is leveled road bed but that being said, nature has reclaimed almost all of what man built along the bluff. Some of the most beautiful and breath taking vistas I've ever seen of our coast line lie along here seeing as you are between 200 and 300 feet above the crashing swells at most points of the hike. Around 2.5 miles in there are three wooden posts off to your left with what vaguely resembles a path, I highly recommend the detour as you will NOT be disappointed by where it takes you.

Nice mix of sun and shade but I'd definitely throw some sunscreen on next time I take that jaunt on a clear day, the reflection off the ocean can be almost blinding at times and will assuredly cook you a bit.