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4 days ago

Terrific hike with great views from the trail and the summit of Lake Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness peaks. The trail is easy to follow but quite dusty at times. The hike to the peak was easy compared to most Tahoe area peak climbs, but the descent includes a long uphill section that can be tiring. We took our time and still did the entire 6.7 mile hike in under 4 hours.

Beautiful hike with great vistas. Right now they are quite muted by smoke from all the fires. Some pretty steep sections would make me rate this a bit harder. Some sections are very open making it tougher on a warm day. If it’s going to be a hot day, suggest an early start.

Great hike and scenic at the peak. Dusty trail but worth it.

20 days ago

Nice hike with some gorgeous views. The first and last stretches are pretty steep, and be prepared for a lengthy uphill on the return trip. With the elevation and altitude it felt like an advanced intermediate hike, though the mileage is not too great. I’d definitely recommend this hike. The drive to the trailhead is very pretty as well.

29 days ago

Did this with my two sons as I was trying to get them outdoors. Beautiful views! They loved it!

2 months ago

The lower and middle gates are closed. I walked the road to the trail head. As of 5/29/18, starting about mile 6 of the 7 mile road there was a ton of snow still on the road. About mile 6 1/2, there was a river from snowmelt going over/through the road damaging the pavement. It will be awhile before the gates are opened.

Because of the deep snow, finding the trail right after the trail head was very difficult. I made it halfway along the actual trail and decided not to go any further do to the added work of the 10 foot snow drifts.

All and all it was a great day. Ended up just shy of 17 miles with my 35 lbs. pack.

I will go again after the snow melts.

2 months ago

You can't get here yet, can't drive to the trailhead, the forest roads are still closed. I guess you could bike into the trailhead if you wanted but we were unprepared and turned around.

8 months ago

Love hiking around Tahoe!

It is late October 28, 2017.
Barker Pass to Twin Peaks Trail / 12 miles

Late autumn, late fall mountain ... The last trek in October is the Twin Peaks from the Lake Tahoe area, Barker Pass. As Lake Tahoe gets closer, hwy 80 seems to run to the winter. cold.

We drove along the Lake Tahoe side to the Home wood ski area and took the road towards the Barker pass for 20 more minutes to get to the Trailhead. If you walk over 5 miles of beautiful PCT section, you will be able to reach Twin peaks. I have a hard time getting ready for a walk with cold air in the morning sunshine. As always, the way to go is always the same ...

Ah, the PCT section passing through the Lake Tahoe Basin is so touching, so impressive every time I come. Particularly, today 's section is very well connected except for the last summit, so you can walk without much burden, and you can have a wonderful view that you can take the fatigue of the mountain by the section.

After 5 miles of overlapping PCT and TRT (Tahoe Rim Trail), it is a little less than a mile after a split into TRT at the crossroads, and a small pathway appears towards Twin peaks. Now it is full hill. The slope is not a joke. I admire the appearance of people climbing up a slope that is dizzying ... We are just climbing rocky mountains like them. The higher the altitude, the more the autumn sky the Lake Tahoe contains.

One side is a steep cliff, the other is a sharp cliff, where the two meet, and it is normal. It is possible to face a splendid view in that place, but enjoying that feeling is also a moment ... It may be the place where the desperation that the time of staying is too short maybe for us who have to go down. It was. I thought why I should not stay any longer. As soon as I came to the top, I was in a hurry to worry about going back. By the way, today ... Americans who have been in the tops of the world before us are taking their place for a long time after we went up and down. I was enjoying time at the top. Their appearance is not erased all the time. How precious is it? I had to go to the mountains to find a good place to stay for a while and enjoy the moment like eternity ^^

Lake Tahoe is tinted with golden light after a day when it is more meaningful to be able to hike with the sky and the stars. In the late afternoon sunshine, the maple leaves of the street trees sparkle and run on whispering paths. In the car running along the shore of the lake, music is played by the son who plays carefully. Lake says. Happiness is like this ...,

Happiness is a decision you make, not an emotion you feel!

Cool weather, nice weather for hiking! The trail is great, the PCT doesn't appoint us always:) Yeh, the length of trail is a little bit long... but it really worth it to get the top! At the top, there are amazing view ever. Enjoy you guys hiking before snow!

9 months ago

Great wide trail, park right at trailhead. While rated as easy there is definitely an incline at parts so be prepared for that and rocky trail. Beautiful views! Hiked with our dog off leash and he lives it!

Semi hard to find the forks, I trekked up the road and split off at the first sign of another trail; somewhat slim but always easy to follow. This wooded hike will set you out about an hour and a half + rests. Definitely will start using this loop as a warm up when near Homewood.

Love the beautiful views and exhilarating hike!

very nice hike.

This was beautiful, but harder than Moderate! Took us about 5 hours. there are some shale areas a bit slippery on the slope. gorgeous views, wildflowers, and trees. shaded most of the way.

11 months ago

Quick hike with Great views. Be ready for elevation.

11 months ago

Great hike, great views of Lake Tahoe! Still can't even reach the TH due to all of the snow on the road! Probably have to wait until August!

11 months ago

This trail starts out a little tough but it is worth it! It was an amazing view, I would hike it again!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I did Barker Pass to Richardson Lake and back. 12+ miles total with about 1360' elevation changes. Compared to previous years there are more live streams and the wildflowers are vibrant and diverse. I'm a fast hiker and completed the round trip in 4 hours. I posted a few pics. Go now and enjoy the flowers. You may need bug spray.

Friday, July 21, 2017

We have hiked this trail many times. The initial climb is a challenge but when you climax you see a beautiful view. The backside still has large patches of snow that proved too difficult to stay on the trail. We turned around halfway. The wildflowers were magnificent

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The road to the trailhead is temporarily closed until the snow melts.... it's about a 4.5mile hike on pavement/snow just to get to the trailhead currently! Still beautiful but length of hike is doubled and there is alot of snow on trail-- we turned around once we got to the trailhead

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Wonderful. Not overly trekked, great views.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nice section of the rim trail with some good lakes views and big features

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Desolation is the highlight (5 stars from echo to the Velma's), north of the Velma's it is a nice forest hike with some lakes and streams

Monday, September 05, 2016

Really beautiful trail. Slightly intense climb in the beginning but epic views at the top and a lake at the other end. I'd say slightly more than moderate like the others are saying.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Would rate this as more than moderate - but we managed with two ten year olds, a 14 year old, a 16 year old, two parents, and two grand parents aged 71, one who had a hip replacement 4 years ago. A beautiful trail with remarkable sites of various lakes. As we reached the final ascent to the peak, the trail could have been marked more clearly - we chose the more difficult ascent, which was over loose scree and boulders. We must have missed the cairn to direct us to the right.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Great trail and beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. Not many views of Tahoe if that's what you're looking for. Also, it's a 15 minute drive uphill from the lake. I would rate this slightly above Moderate. There are some steep uphill and downhill sections.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Great views. Well worth the (unexpected) ascent/descent in the middle!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Gorgeous July 3rd with wildflowers, gorgeous views...and a few spots of slippery dirt.

Whole TRT is great. Some hard surfaces here but worth the effort

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