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Pretty sweet trail with great views at the top and just along the trail itself. Only saw a few people on the way up which was pretty awesome. Only issue is there is definitely a lack of signage when trails cross and the last bit of the trail to the peak was a road. Definitely bring sunscreen as there isn't much for shade

1 month ago

Not a fan. Beautiful surrounding area but this trail has very little vegetation and the right hand portion of the loop is unmaintained - disappears. Found a few snakes in the trail including a rattler that had caught a rodent.

Probably one of the coolest sunsets I've ever seen out at the peak.

This hike is harder than the stats show, which by the way, are a bit off (my elevation gain was 1,400 -- not 1,800). The first 2 miles are a relatively easy climb to the saddle between Strawberry Peak and Mount Lawlor. That's when it gets tough. You proceed to hike/scramble 800 feet in about .7 miles up a rugged ridge. The trail is followable but overgrown in many parts, so make sure to wear pants. The summit is worth it though, with a 360 view of much of the range. Enjoy the view and rest because the descent down the mountain is slow and tedious. (Make sure to take the south-heading trail that's just before the summit, not the east-heading trail that you can see while you're on the summit. The latter leads to Barley Flats.) The decent is very steep and the ground is lose. To add insult to injury, it's dotted with yucca. (I stabbed my hand near the bottom.) I highly recommend bringing a pair of trekking poles, otherwise you might have to slide at some parts.

I've hiked in this area a bunch of times and have always wanted to climb Markham. I expected the trail to be hard to follow in the final approach, but it was pretty easy to follow. That said, the final approach is very steep in parts and there's a lot of poodle brush and yucca. I would not recommend doing it in shorts. The views at the top are quite impressive and are different from what you see on nearby peaks. You could easily combine this hike with a trip to Mt. Lowe or San Gabriel Peak if you're looking to extend the outing.

Hiked with my 10 year old daughter and had a blast.

Great hike. Lots of changing scenery in the canyon and plenty of exercise on the switchbacks up to the ridge. Really nice ridge walk until you hit the fire road and then a steady circling incline up to Josephine Peak. Beautiful views of Angeles. Will definitely be back to Colby to try Strawberry Peak.

Brilliant views. Rewarding hike

Beautiful views of Catalina Island and Strawberry Peak, very fun hike.

I would rate this as an easy hike. Very easy to follow & it was more like 3 miles out and back from Mount Lowe. Very much a walk than a hike in my opinion. Lots of fresh bear scats when we were up there.

I think we went the "hard" way lol 6.7 miles Mt Lowe rd to Mt Lowe West trail. Up and up ass burner to the peak. a single swing was there. It was a beautiful day. Fun hike with Vista look outs.

Pretty easy hike with a few off-shoot trails to choose from if you wanted to. Not too much of an incline, but a good, long walk. We did the full loop and a small off-shoot loop for the swing area (had a picnic lunch here too) and did around 7 1/4 miles from start to finish. Highly recommended, beautiful views. There were a couple areas that look like they may have been washed out from the rain we had a few days earlier, so I’d avoid taking small children or pets in those areas. They only had about a 12-15” wide walkway in those areas, although they were very small lengths to travel.

Narrow and rugged trail to the top of the summit but well worth it. The swing added bonus points!

This is a great trail with plenty of options for extending the hike. Took the right turn off the main trail up to San Gabriel Peak. Great challenging up and down trail. Getting up to Mt. Lowe offers beautiful views, and the less travelled back side of the loop offers a constantly changing scenery along a clearly less travelled path. Overall, wonderful hike!

6 months ago

Did 3.5 miles round-trip. Amazing views all the way. Made it to the "swing" but was broken already

Did this the day before New Years Eve and it was great! it was only about ~3 miles though, so not sure if I started at a different place or the total is miscalculated here. The whole hike up is filled with amazing views and even though the incline isn't big, you can still feel it at some points

Fairly easy hike via Eaton Saddle. About 3.1 round trip. Some shaded areas but also some with none at all. I loved it! Views are amazing

This was great! I did the 3.5ish mike version. Parked at Eaton Saddle (no adventure pass needed because it was a holiday), followed the trail through the tunnel, and followed the signs up to Mount Lowe. Someone added a swing at the top, which is what prompted my trip there. Beautiful views. I’d rate it moderate - even though the incline wasn’t huge, my heart was still pumping.

It’s also dog friendly, but I’d recommend booties to protect the pup’s paws.

Pretty nice trail ,, I enjoyed it

This is a lightly trafficked trail in Angeles National Forest that is great for backpacking and for hiking. On this section of the Gabrielino Trail, there are trail camps that are 2.5, 5.3, and 6.4 miles in, making it a leisurely backpacking trip and a very doable hiking day-trip. There is a road parallel to most of the trail, that can also be hiked, the "redbox truck road" on some maps.

The trail starts out by dipping into the canyon. After about a mile and half or so you will start to encounter water (at least this was the case when we backpacked, in July. In early or later months the water will probably flow even before that 1st mile. There is plenty of water at all the campsites. Be forewarned though, that while the trail is very well maintained from the Redbox Picnic Area to the Westfork Trail Camp, between Westfork and DeVore Trail Camp it is not maintained at all. There were quite a few times where we had to find paths around obstacles and some very neglected trail signs we had to decipher. But there are definitely people traveling this part of the trail, so you should have no problem following it.

Also note, when the Gabrielino trail intersects with the Kenyon Devore Trail, there is a system of ribbons to keep you on the right path. Yellow = Gabrielino, Orange = Kenyon Devore.

Beware that the segment between Valley Forge Trail Camp and West Fork Trail Camp climbs up out of the canyon, and depending on time of year, gets very hot and sunny. Bring ample water and a hat for the summer months. Otherwise the trail is pretty good tree cover and there are lots of stream crossings to make it fun.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Really nice hike, I started on the fire Road, i to complete my loop on the trail, it was really nice but hard to. Remember Summers here,bring lots of water, if you bring a dog extra water for the dog.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Did this trail as a "Family Hike" with the Boy Scout troop and it was well received all around. Make sure you have an Adventure Pass to park at the trailhead. Closest bathrooms are at the Red Box turn, so plan accordingly. Benches at the top make a great place to take in the views and have a snack.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This is one of my favorite hikes in Socal. It's not hard, but you'll still get a decent workout. The views are amazing too.

Good trail. Great views. Did San Gabriel peak instead of mt. Lowe. We'll be back.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just did a short hike to the old water tank between the west peaks. Nice views. Saw a baby bear near the trail head.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Such a great quickie hike. Needed to check out for an afternoon and this was the perfect trail to tick off. I've done lowe via Sam Merrill Trail before but it was a fantastic route to take from the Saddle (not to mention low impact.) Besides the peak one of the best parts is the expansive view you get of the valley below a few minutes after you leave the fire road for the summit trail. My adventure pug made it no problem (he sets a hard pace so I wouldn't bring a typical small dog along). All in all this is a 5 star quickie. I know this area in the summer and would not set out too late but on a 70's LA day this is a nice cool hike at any part of the day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

This was a fun last minute hike. Very interesting because these trails are very old..part of the Mt. Lowe Railway. You can explore all over the place up here and find old remnants of the complex here and there as well as information plaques at points of interest. This hike is fairly easy but I would say it is moderate because it can be very rocky and some sections you are on a very narrow single track with a large drop (not for everyone). There were mountain bikes on this trail, but some of them had a rough go because of the rocky sections.

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