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We got a tab bit lost finding the trailhead. I believe there might be two ways to get there? We took the Bowen Ranch route. We brought along our 6, 17, and 18 year old boys. We knew the area was clothing optional so we spoke to them about possible nudity and to be open minded about the choice of others to wear (or not wear) clothing. There were definitely quite a few nude people, mostly men. And to our surprise the boys didn’t seem weirded out or awkward or giggly. They minded their business and enjoyed the creek and hot springs. The hike is moderate in difficulty and dog friendly. The trail is very clean. The rocks around the springs are easy enough to climb. Wish more people would remember to pick up their undergarments and trash. There is a $5 (per person) fee. The attendant that gives you the map is a bit abrupt, but I’m sure she has seen too many people do stupid things in the area so it’s understandable. Overall, we will come again, sans children and maybe even camp next time!

had some good fun here. went rope swinging. jumped off the cliff into the water and pretty much got in every pool lol. groups of nudist showed up. Like 10 dudes with there jocks out lmao

I can’t recommend this trail for anyone looking for a traditional SoCal hiking experience. The first part of the trail is unmaintained and indeed steep, almost steep enough that I was practically climbing in a couple spots in order not to slide back down. The forest road at the top is frequented by OHVs, so it’s less of an escapist affair, which I prefer in my hikes.

1 month ago

Thanks to Jessica’s review, I was able to complete this hike by finding that very lightly used bushy and rocky descent. I’ve done about 30 hikes in Southern California and this was the worst so far. Unmarked trail and no maintenance turned my rating from decent three stars to two. This area has potential for five.

Still better than watching TV at home. Beautiful views for the most part. Difficulty level: moderate, not hard. I recommend long pants, machete, tick tweezers and the AllTrails app.

Note to self: don’t do hikes with just a few reviews. There are most likely better ones.

Worth the price of admission ($5 per person). I got there around 4 so I only had an hour or so to spend in the hot springs before deciding to trek back out so I wasn’t hiking in the dark. Trails are fairly narrow (12-18” at its narrowest) and steep so I wouldn’t want to hike it in the dark. Beautiful hike in, stunning gorges. Nudists (I ended up deciding to be one of them, when in Rome right?) and other bathers were all very chill and respectful (don’t be surprised by people smoking some weed or having some beers though). Wading back through the river definitely wakes you up for the hike back up the hill (especially in March haha). H20 a must, I didn’t look for the water source mentioned but I did suck down what I brought. Road to the ranch is dirt but well graded, the only iffy spot for regular cars is about 200 yards from the ranch to the parking area. All in all just a spectacular experience that I’m absolutely going to visit again (and next time camp at the top of the trail, only $10 a person haha)

good little hike down enjoy the hot springs bathing suits optional

Best hike I have been on if I'm going with a water destination in mind. It's beautiful, fun, and a great workout. Going down is a piece of cake, opposed to coming back up. I wouldn't recommend going when the weather is over 100 degrees, because the hike back up to the top can be very exasperating. If you make the hike in weather that's hotter then you would like for a hike, I can't tell you enough times to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. I've been to this particular location about 5 or 6 times. Early winter isn't tooo bad, but the water crossing is extremely cold around that time of year, but it's so worth it. In any weather it's worth it. I will continue to go again & again, at all times of the year. Great hike to hang out at for the day.

2 months ago

Was a nice hike. Takes you 30 minutes to get out there (downhill) and an hour to get back (uphill). Like the gatekeeper said, “It’s so easy a 10 year old could find it.” Although I HIGHLY don’t recommend taking your kids. After getting used to the nudists it was an enjoyable hang out spot. Everyone was friendly and we all had a blast. The springs were hot and it was nice to take a dip in the cold water down below. There was also a little swing that people were using to jump into the creek. All in all, make sure to be prepared because the hike is steep, brings lots of water, and a no judgement mentality. Just have fun! Happy hiking!~

The first part of this trail is super hard, lots of loose rocks and it’s steep. Then you walk on a ohv road for awhile till the hairpin and then you walk down a trail that looks like animals use it, it was super steep in parts and lots of loose rocks watch your step. Also there was an area when you start to head to the West that had some old barb wire on the trail. When we finished this trail it said we were at a 9.14 what the trail said and we followed the trail.

very good section of the PCT, hiked in and rode horseback on it many times, watch for rattlesnakes in Deep Creek in the warmer months.

If you enter through Bowen Ranch beware of the gate keeper. He had a mental break down with my boyfriend and I after I accidentally rolled through the stop sign and had to reverse back 8 feet to his window. He WENT off and was unbelievably condescending and disrespectful. I don’t have time to transcribe his rant here. He also asked us if we brought car camping gear or backpacking gear. We said we brought our backpacking gear to car camp with. And he once again LOST IT. He heard us say “backpacking gear “ and assumed we were going to break the rules and not car camp. Aside from the behavior from this man, the springs were gorgeous and the trail was well maintained but steep. Bring a headlamp if you think you might be cutting is close at the end of the day.

We were under the impression that the total hike to get to the dam and back was 9.2 miles since that is the way the other trails that we try are, well we walked over 5 miles in one direction and never saw the dam. The scenery is pretty just be prepared to hike a lot more then the 9.2 miles.

Well worth the effort. Came in from the northern PCT approach. 14 mile round trip hike if you are coming from highway 173. Trail parallels the Mojave River in all its glory. Lost the trail just after mile 1 until realizing you must make a water crossing to pick up the trail again on the other bank. Only person on the trail until I reached the springs. The hot springs were lovely. Nice and warm on achey muscles. As said above, lots of nude people. Very kind people, but very naked none the less. Headed back early to avoid getting caught in the dark. Fun hike overall. The long approach made making the springs well worth the adventure.

This is a difficult hike to say the least, at least the first mile after that it's all downhill.

The hike is along a road which is mostly compacted dirt. The official viewpoint is 1.6 miles from the beginning and is marked by a block retaining wall, rails, and concrete viewing platform. The view overlooks the Mojave River Forks Dam and Hesperia. Also visible is the Pacific Crest Trail where it winds down from Deep Creek Hot Springs. The views are less admirable the closer you get to the end of the trail about 5 miles in. There is no water on this trail, I carried 3 liters and drank 2 carrying a 25 pound pack. I recommend an early start to avoid the heat. I used a hands free trekking umbrella and hiking sticks and recommend both for this outing. On a Sunday in January I left at 8:30 am and was first on trail, and saw no one until returning and saw 4 hikers and 3 mountain bikers.

3 months ago

Was a great hike in the middle of nowhere. Took the non paved road to get there. The gate keeper was great to us. Made sure us 3 girls had the correct hiking wear after seeing me in flip flops. I told him my hiking shoes and everything was in the back. We are pretty experienced runners/hikers that know what to pack with a little extra. On way in we ran into people that had no water on them, so we gave them on of our extra waters.
Once you hike in the views from top of hills looking down into the water area was beautiful. Hiking into the Hot springs, lots of naturalist to see. Once you get past the awkwardness of what you are seeing, it was a great day. Will definitely return before summer weather approaches.
Hike out is quite strenuous, steep, and the sun was now facing us. Can imaging doing this hike in the mid summer.
Have fun, not kid friendly if you don't them to see naturalist and peeps smoking weed.

Steep hike, lots of naked people extremely worth it. Random dogs running everywhere, lots of pot and hippies but so much fun. Brought my kid but definitely won’t be bringing him back. Much more for adults, will definitely be coming back. Bring lots of water and a towel if your getting in the springs. You have to cross the cold water to get to the hot springs. You must come early unless you plan on staying the night due to it getting dark very early.

awesome natural feature. right off the PCT. downhill going in and up hill going out.

Extremely steep hike. About one hour to the springs. Leave when you have plenty of sunlight the trails are very confusing in the dark. We ended up sleeping on the mountain because we could not find our way back at night. Don't do it. Other than that absolutely gorgeous and worth the strenuous hike. Federal land so be prepared to see a lot of penis and other body parts of strangers that you could probably live without.

Long steady pace up, up, up. Take water, wear sunscreen.

it is such a nice hot springs and little swimming area to go during the summer time perfect but recommend not taking kids lot of nudity

Sick trail. Pack light. Swim trunks. Back with a warm cloths inside. Bring a water bottle to refill. Water taste good.

Awesome, hot spring was very warm. Good hike

I chose to come from the 173 to Bradford Ridge to get to the springs, and I'm very glad I did! I think October-March is the perfect time to go. Either way is worth the trip, but here are some comparisons:

From Bowen Ranch: hike south
-Have to drive a few miles on I paved road
-Costs $5 a person or $10 ea to camp
-Mike, the gatekeeper, can be unsettling
-1.5 mile hike to hot springs

From Bradford Ridge: hike north
-Limited parking, but fully paved roads
-Free with no gatekeeper
-2.4 mile hike to hot springs
-Relatively flat trail, except for last 0.2 miles

Did this hike for the first time today. Beautiful scenic hike on the way down. Make sure to bring enough water to have on the way back. It’s all uphill. Yes there were naked men all over and you have to laugh at that. Went to other side of hit springs where there was a man performing oral sex on another. There are families there with children. Kinda got the wrong vibe when I saw that. On way back there was a sheriff helicopter circling the area maybe someone made a call. Besides that it is a beautiful scenic hike.

What a great discovery! Had a blast in the Jeep driving in via Juniper Flats. Snacked off the Holly Cherry bush on the way down and enjoyed a great swim and soak.

I knew to expect some amazing hot springs, but I didn’t know the hike itself would be spectacular as well. It’s a fairly easy hike, but I’m sure it’s more brutal when it’s super hot out (I went on a relatively cool day).

There are multiple small hot springs scattered around a swimming hole. Absolutely amazing! We had fun hopping from one to another and testing out the different water temperatures. We were able to sit in the hottest one for plenty of time (other reviewers have said only a few seconds so maybe the temp changes).

This is an amazing experience. my family's come here for years but I just went for my 2nd time. this time my 5 year old daughter came along. She walked every step of the way on her own. The hot springs were perfect and it was perfect at night.

Note, bring plenty of water and a purification system and refile from the creek before you go back up. If you stay the night, fires are not allowed but happen. PLEASE PACK OUT YOUR TRASH.

very clean and quiet trail hike on a Sunday afternoon.

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