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wild flowers

Hemet, California Map

Easy trail, super fun and chill. Enjoyed the scenery.

off road driving
15 days ago

Read the great posts and made this my first mountain off roading experience as well with my new Jeep. What a great trail the views and quiet places were gorgeous.

off road driving
22 days ago

First mountain off roading....it was amazing! Water spot was beautiful. Had an awesome time.

off road driving
1 month ago

It’s really easy the first miles you can do it with any car. After you see a sign and another route if you go right it gets moderate, you don’t need 4x4 but you should have a lifted truck because there’s a lot of rocks and holes, the view is really good. I took my Range Rover and I had a good time.

good trail for beginner mtb riders its about 7 mile up hill climb before you catch a glimps of some shade to cool off in take but all in all i would go back again

The area where you can hike through the flowers was closed :(

Shaveonte, the trail description is not correct. The trailhead is on the corner of Domenigoni and Searle. The trail runs next to Diamond Valley Lake and is flat for two miles until it reaches a water tower and then climbs up a steep hill to a small area with a picnic table overlooking the lake. You can go about one more mile and then the trail ends overlooking some farmhouses.
There is no charge for parking, but there is a $2 charge for walking per person. Good luck.

came to hike I usually go to Simpson Park but wanted to try a new Trail however all trails are closed at Diamond Valley Lake until further notice I was extremely disappointed

off road driving
3 months ago

Fun trail! It was my very first time off road driving. Fairly easy for a stock wrangler with all terrain tires. There were a few tricky spots, but nothing too crazy. Didn't run 4wd the entire trail. Took me and my two other Jeep friends about 3 hours.

I think I must have missed it, but how do you get to the trail?? I spent over an hour looking for the starting point :/ I only gave it a 1 star because I couldn’t find it. Can someone help me out please?

This is a beautiful and very easy off road vehicle trail. You can take it from Hemet and end up in the Thomas Mountain area near Lake Hemet. Or you can pick it up near Lake Hemet and take it down to Hemet. Taking the trail from the top to the bottom (Lake Hemet to Hemet) provides the best views. Have fun!!

its close, up to speed for me, and I would be ok doing this trail by myself.

This trail system only gets better through the years. The group that designs and builds the trails know their stuff when it comes to trail layout.

trail is fun in a jeep, as far as the shooting area it's in the lower part of canyon. just don't go weekends very crowded

Nice Chill Place To Hike

Good trail. Took the family had a good time. It ends at Iddlewood. So if you plan on going up there it’s a good trip. Stayed in 2wd most of the time. Nice little waterfall towards the middle

Great trail for mountain or gravel bikes and even hiking. Great views of the lake and surrounding areas. From my experience, you don't realize the entire loop is 21 miles because your distracted by the views.

off road driving
5 months ago

Pretty good trail. Do all a favor, take trash bags. In the beginning you’ll see shooting areas and dirty areas. Past this, once you start climbing it’s worth it. Any areas you see trash, help keep clean. Most trail is 2wd friendly, locker recommended or 4x if it’s raining . 4x was needed in maybe 2-3 spots. Would do it again no question asked

off road driving
5 months ago

Awesome trail it's pretty cool and simple the best area is the creek site which is pretty nice and relaxing especially if you go midweek like we did you can set up your chairs and enjoy a cold refreshment.

great moderate hike but,I wish people would not bring their dogs when it is hot they can over heat and can cause heat stroke. This is not a shaded trail. They cool down by panting they cannot sweat like us to bring down body temp. Please be mindful of your pets as they are to you . Peace

6 months ago

Nice view all dirt trail..for foot or bike i can hike at my own pace and not see anyone on this trail.I like the solitude. .Take water.

6 months ago

Cool hike.

Love this place. One of our favorites. Been here several times. My kids love it here. There’s a road to hike along or you can venture into other dirt trails. It’s a great spot to check out if you’re in Hemet.

it's okay. Not much of a challenge but good enough for a workout.

off road driving
7 months ago

This place haves amazing views 5 stars for that, people go and shoot there guns at that trail and there drinking and shooting
And there not responsible people most of them are early 20’S and they never pick up there trash, there’s beer and left overs
Of the shooting all over. In top of that we observed a group shooting from the top part of the trail and bullets were fire literally in to open air
I will not recommend this place to anyone period

I did this trail on 3/6/18. I would rate this trail as moderate or advanced beginner just due to the steep narrow rocky incline. This was my first off roading experience. The views are amazing.

hard hike up and down lots of switch backs
But fun

Not a whole lot to see on the flat part of the walk but as soon as you start climbing up near the water tower there are some great views. At the end of this trail is a park bench with a beautiful panoramic view.


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