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16 days ago

Did a 10 mile hike at this place. It is pretty amazing at this time of the year

Today was my first time hiking this trail. It was after a good rainfall, so it was a bit cold and windy. I wasn’t able to finish the full loop, but I was able to see some breathtaking views! I’m looking forward to doing the full loop and bringing my dog with me next time!

2 months ago

Lovely hike- took us about an hour. Great views, close cow encounters and historical landmark. Beware cow poop all over the place. Want to return to picnic with views in the future.

Went for a jog on a Sunday afternoon in January. Very pleasant, barely anybody for most of the time. Once you pass the cattle gate, it could get muddy but the views are very nice. Sweeping view of hills and the bay, mostly in the sun with a couple short shades. Watch out for cow poops.

3 months ago

Love this trail. Easy enough for all levels. Great views, and the trail is maintained and easy to follow.

4 months ago

Nice trail for a chilly day. Rolling hills but minimal shade.

I'm starting to hike again. My friends and I want to be able to hike to garin park from five canyons trailhead. Today we did two miles in and two miles back. Every week we'll increase a mile. Happy New year!

5 months ago

1st time on this trail, really like how the variations of different hills to get a workout, also seeing the cows along the way help my kid walk alittle faster.

We really enjoyed the hike with our dog. The trail was in good condition (although we took a wrong turn ones). Very nice

7 months ago

This one was a little harder than I expected but I liked the challenge.

10 months ago

Pretty good trail; just enough elevation. Was hoping that it loops back around but you just have to follow the same trail back. The photos I uploaded pretty much tells you why it's called Dry Creek trail.

I mountain biked this trail, which is allowed, but make sure you bring a bike with a good suspension and brakes. Once you reach the peak of your elevation climb at the radio tower, it's a steep and bumpy ride down from there. And take the advice of the sign by the water towers and walk your bike down the paved road. Otherwise, you'll be giving your brakes a serious workout and you'll need them for the final descent.

I actually took BART to the Union City station and biked to the staging area at May Rd. That's why you see my track start there. This may be preferred by some people so that you can manage this long point to point trail. Also, you don't have to pay to park at the May Rd. staging area. I think it's $5 to park at the main Garin Ave. staging area where the track starts. Once I reached Don Castro, it's another short bike ride to the Castro Valley BART station. You can also utilize AC Transit to get from one staging area to the other. I was riding solo, so this seemed like the best alternative for me that didn't require doing a 23 mile out and back on this trail.

There is very little shade on this trail. There is a scenic, shaded area about 2 miles after the radio tower and then it's shaded once you reach Don Castro. But other than that, you're totally exposed to the sun. Bring protection, lots of water, and don't pick an overly hot day.

I felt like I was fighting off flies almost the whole time I was biking this trail. You'll also be going through a lot of gates, which of course are meant to keep the cattle from getting out. I encountered a few groups of cattle, but they were mostly off the trail seeking shade.

I came across about a dozen hikers along High Ridge Loop Trail. But once I turned off High Ridge and onto Whipsnake, I only passed one girl running on the rest of the 9 mile Chabot to Garin portion of the trail. I think that many people don't realize that these parks connect, and those who do probably aren't up to the challenge. There was also a massive mudslide and some downed trees about 3 miles after the radio tower, but I was able to get around it.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun hike. Very easy with little elevation change. As the name implies, a creek ran through a lot of the trail There was even a section where you had to cross it to continue.

mountain biking
Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mountain Biking. Beautiful trail, refreshing. Love the sea air. Birds are nesting.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Great views from the tops of the hills. The only issue would be cow pies. Lots of cow pies.

Friday, March 24, 2017

We went at Sunset, it was really beautiful :D If it has been raining, you will get very muddy! : )

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beautiful hike, listed as 3.9 miles but my GPS put it at 3.0

Buen recorrido mucha agua y mucho lodo.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Excelente recorrido

mountain biking
Monday, December 05, 2016

I returned with a mountain bike this time. Do not take a road bike or a hybrid bike on this trail as your suspension and brakes will be inadequate.

I extended beyond the track and took the Chabot to Garin and Whipsnake trails to High Ridge. This way I could link up with the High Ridge Loop Trail that I had previously hiked. My goal is to be able to do the entire ridge one section at a time. If you want to do the same, just keep going to the radio tower, then go through Stonebrae Country Club until you come to a gate where Whipsnake begins and leads you to High Ridge. There are signs along the way, so it's hard to get lost.

There are a couple hiills that are difficult. The paved hill up to the water tanks is a tough climb. But the worst is the down and up through the tree line about half way through the trail. I ended up having to push my bike for part of it because I couldn't maintain traction in first gear. The path was just too muddy. This trail should be rated as hard.

I saw a lot of cows, some sheep, and about a half dozen deer. The trail is very scenic. There are great views of the whole Bay Area. The section where you go through the trees is very nice. Biking on Newt Pond trail was a lot of fun on the way back.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

A nice trail high up in the Hayward hills with some history. You start by hiking a half mile up a paved path that resembles someone's driveway. Then you will see a sign for the Ukrainia Loop Trail pointing to the right. The path to the left is private property. A little bit further you will pass a park residence and then the trail will split into the loop part of the trail. The marker says "Ukraina Trail" as there appears to be some discrepancy as to whether or not to include the "i" or not. At the far end of the loop you will see a historical site. See the pictures for some more information. There is a bench to sit down and enjoy the view of the east bay.

I went on a Wednesday afternoon and only saw one other person walking their dog throughout the entire hike. The trail entrance says Garin Regional Park but I don't think it connects to any of the other Garin trails. I think the advertised 3.9 miles is exaggerated as my gps only measured 3.0 miles.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pretty nice trail, the road is unpaved, so you shoes will get really dirty and heavy by stick with wet clay. And for me, I don't think it is moderate, pretty easy to finished.

road biking
Friday, November 18, 2016

Nice views of the bay. Lots of birds. If you want, you can start at the interpretive center and do the Cogswell marsh trail, then cross the pedestrian bridge over 92 and do this trail too for about 10 miles total. I like biking along the SF bay trail, but the path is mostly gravel, so make sure you have some durable tires that can handle the abuse.

Monday, November 07, 2016

The area was really pretty and green after all the recent rain. It was quiet and had lots of different views. There wasn't a lot of signage or maps to the entrance of the trail.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

great uphill hiking trails and beautiful scenery

Great views once you make it to the ridge. I wouldn't say it was easy and I wouldn't take any bike other than a mountain bike because of the steep grades. It was my first time and I took my hybrid and had a hard time getting traction on the hills.

Friday, October 21, 2016

An easy trail that winds through the salt marshes. As this borders the reserve, there are hundreds of birds to be seen. There are great views of the bay and the SF skyline.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This a favorite trail for my wife and I as it is right next to the Stonebrae Elementary soccer fields where our son practices. This is a relatively new trail--the end of the loop isn't even shown on maps. There's a half mile ascent to begin with, but otherwise it's an easy trail with great views of the East Bay. Lots of birds to see along with the occasional rabbit and snake. The trail leads to a historical landmark and gravesite for Agape's Honcharenko (see reference below).

There's plenty of free parking next to the soccer fields. No bathrooms or water along the trail, but it's only a few miles. There are cattle grazing in the loop area of the trail, but we've never had any trouble with them.
“Ukraina” is the site of the farm and burial place of the Ukrainian patriot and exiled orthodox priest Agapius Honcharenko (1832-1916) and his wife Albina. Honcharenko was the first nationally conscious Ukrainian to arrive in the United States. He published the first American newspaper in Russian and Ukrainian languages, The Alaska Herald, from 1868-1872. He wrote the first book for the educational use of Native Alaskans. After moving here from San Francisco in 1873, He continued to publish political literature, which was smuggled into Czarist Russia. Honcharenko was a prominent scholar, humanitarian, and early champion for human rights. http://ohp.parks.ca.gov/ListedResources/Detail/1025

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