13 days ago

This is a real hidden gem. Very quiet and tucked away. I went on a Sunday morning and didn’t see anyone until I was on my way back down the hill. I got a little confused about a half mile in at the spot where a bunch of paths converge. FYI, I figured out on my way back that the trick is to go up the 2 sets of stairs on the right to stay on the trail and follow the creek.

There are a few creek crossings along the trail that I would expect might make it impossible to complete during the rainy season. Along the East Ave trail there were a lot of picnic tables and even some benches that formed some sort of amphitheater. And I spotted an old wrecked car along the Ward Creek Road Trail.

One thing that’s great about this trail is that it’s almost 100% shaded, which is great during the summer months. Garin and Dry Creek parks to the south are the complete opposite, so this is a nice alternative if you want to be active, yet escape the sun and heat.