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This trail is pretty nice you walk inside the forest for a bit and end up alongside the rolling hills in Hayward. I was a bit surprised because I saw someone also beginning of the trail and was accompanied along and introduced another way that makes it a 2.2 mile hike. Pretty easy on the lungs and would enjoy doing again!!

12 days ago

This hike was really nice. Trails weren’t marked very well so I often would have to track back to make sure I was going in the right direction while following this app. I went mid morning and it was a bit hot so I suggest to go once the gate opens at 8am, not at 10am like I did. I went all the way to union city and back to Hayward in this trail which was pretty cool!!

A nice trail, there wasn’t a lot of people on the trail when we were there.

- Well maintained path
- Somewhat challenging
- Mostly open landscape
- Good overlook of East Bay
- Mild foot traffic
- Multiple additional paths in area to make hike shorter or longer
- Decent signage
- Picnic / sitting area / bathrooms near NW edge of Park

1 month ago

What a beautiful trail!! What makes this trail special is the history about the trail which I’ll leave you in suspense so you’ve got to hike to see it. Great views. There is a herd of cows so just be on the lookout. I walked past 3 on the trail and lived to write this review so no biggie.

Not much to it... There are some other trails there. The little lake is just nasty. Very surprised to see an adult on his way down with a fishing pole. A sign says they planted catfish recently. Very surprised the parking lot is next to the freeway...

Firstly, you cannot bike around the lake as the trails away from the parking lot and swimming area are for hikers only. Secondly, there is no way this trail should be classified as easy with very steep grades as mentioned in the reviews and the 1000 foot plus elevation gain. The trail signage is less than adequate and often misleading or missing. Advanced bikers might find this trail more to their liking.


2 months ago

Nice and easy early morning time with a little bit of history to learn on the trail.

Only got halfway through the hike both times I've done this, when the trail thins out there has been rattlesnakes in the path. Great view and pretty easy to do. I don't recommend doing this in hotter weather due to the snake problem, and lack of shade.

Awesome trail

We enjoyed this hike on Father’s day. It’s very maintained and a good portion was in the shade. We had two eight year old girls who didn’t complain once. I think the hike was about an hour and my Apple Watch clocked it as 2.5 miles.

This hike is good if not done in Summers. Almost all of it is exposed, with a section going through a construction site/golf course, so the sun can beat down hard. Plenty of options to relax afterwards though.

charming loop trail. this was a good time to see wildflowers. some small wooden bridges and small lake. great short hike.

4 months ago

Did a 10 mile hike at this place. It is pretty amazing at this time of the year

5 months ago

Quintessential East Bay Hike - bald open face hills with oak shaded creek trails. Absolutely beautiful during the Spring months- very green with an abundance of wildflowers including poppies all over the place. Beautiful views of the bay. And COWS on the trail! Loved it.

5 months ago

WILDFLOWERS time for April! It is stunning view from trail end near Alta Vista Equestrian Center. 4.5 miles to and out from Garin Regional Park Gate. There are wild flower near the Jorden pond but most significant colorful patches is at the end!

5 months ago

Not exactly a loop but still a good hike with decent elevation and views. Watch for nettles and cow poop if you venture off the main trail.

I mountain bike this route once or twice per week except after recent rain. It is not recommended for beginning MTB riders. But if you are up to it, the view, wildlife, and workout going up; and the adrenaline, speed, and view going down are well worth it.

5 months ago

Today was my first time hiking this trail. It was after a good rainfall, so it was a bit cold and windy. I wasn’t able to finish the full loop, but I was able to see some breathtaking views! I’m looking forward to doing the full loop and bringing my dog with me next time!

Beautiful views of the Bay and grazing cows. Best to go early to avoid the heat...even during the Spring.

6 months ago

Great hike, especially in the winter when it's not too hot as there isn't a lot of shade. Green hills and cows grazing on the hillside. Muddy due to the recent rains.

6 months ago

As mentioned, great workout hike. Easy to find TH and not a ton of parking. Trail was in good condition and lots of green rolling hills. At first the elevation isnt too bad however by mile 2 you will be sweating. I took the Gossip Rock Spur. I didnt see many people at the top however once you come down trail gets super busy

6 months ago

Lovely hike- took us about an hour. Great views, close cow encounters and historical landmark. Beware cow poop all over the place. Want to return to picnic with views in the future.

Went for a jog on a Sunday afternoon in January. Very pleasant, barely anybody for most of the time. Once you pass the cattle gate, it could get muddy but the views are very nice. Sweeping view of hills and the bay, mostly in the sun with a couple short shades. Watch out for cow poops.

7 months ago

Love this trail. Easy enough for all levels. Great views, and the trail is maintained and easy to follow.

8 months ago

Nice trail for a chilly day. Rolling hills but minimal shade.

I'm starting to hike again. My friends and I want to be able to hike to garin park from five canyons trailhead. Today we did two miles in and two miles back. Every week we'll increase a mile. Happy New year!

Great workout! There are extended periods walking up hill... not the steepest grades, but you will feel the burn. Descent can be tough on the knees, so wear good footwear!

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