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Harbor Hills, California Map

A really wonderful park for getting away from city life. Well maintained trail with signs along the way with information about birds, animals, plants and history of the park.

Be prepared for snakes. We came across a rattle snake on the trail. Aside from that scare, we really enjoyed the hike. We saw a cottontail rabbit and plenty of birds.

It’s a moderately easy path with an uphill at the end of the trail.

Very easy walk, only a slight incline. It was perfect for my lazy dog, but not too challenging for me. This trail would be great for small kids and anyone just starting out with a fitness regimen. Parking and access to the trail were both easy to find.

Beautiful and quiet. Lots of nature where you feel away from the city. Some challenging parts and great view at the top.

My 3 year old grandson and I both loved this trail. It's a good walk uphill to start, the higher up gets pretty steep for little ones. I was actually more concerned about going down, but my little hiker did it :)

Short, easy hike with a good view at the end. Continue to the end after the boy scout "summit" sign for the best view.

Good family hike. Informational plaques a long the way. If there is a good rain there would be a stream. Horses and dogs are allowed. Lizards and birds are plentiful.

Perfect day hike, easy enough.

good short work out, but the amount of horse feces found is ridiculous.

Good short trail, very shady, nice little inclined. Perfect for a beginner like me. Careful with the horse poops.

Awesome hike

Such a beautiful hike. Took my beagle and friend with me. My dog was so tired after about a hour, but he loved all the different plants and smells. Definitely coming back with my pup

9 months ago

Nice little local hike if you live in the South Bay. Short in and out hike but great views of the city from the top.

Ok hike.....you still hear lots of city life, and see homes, so it doesn't really feel like you are "out" in nature too much. Easy hike though....good for kids and those not in the best of shape (like me).

Very short hike, less than 2 miles

My girlfriend and I took the “Stream” trail. It was very peaceful, once we reached the end, of the trail.

Description is spot on. Easy but great view. Fun little stroll.

Easy hike with my dogs. Posted a few photos. Stream is dry. Not sure about winter and spring

Birds chirping, great smelling bushes and a hike that starts off easy and then becomes welcomingly more challenging as the trail starts to incline more and more. Also a nice view of a small portion of the cityscape behind you.

I believe the trail has also been extended further up.

Monday, July 24, 2017

I did this trail today with my sister. It's an easy hike, about 1 mile in then you come straight back out. The trail is in pretty good condition, but there are some cracks so you need to watch your step. Very minor incline until about the last 1/3 of a mile where you start to get a little steep until you get to he lookout. Good if you want an easy hike. Bring lots of water and wear sunscreen! There are some nice shaded areas you can take breaks, but you are in the sun the majority of the time.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Great trail. Though I did spot a small coyote one time. Just be careful of that.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Bees BEES BEEEEES AND constant INCLINE!!! The trail is smooth sailing 0.5 miles in. Their are just allot of bees. AND HELLO INCLINE. The incline is about a 9 at times 11 and it does not stop. I was expecting a rest stop but geesh, it was inclined too lol. This is definitely a moderate hike. Whoever said it was easy LIED. We did the trail with a stroller so it is possible because it is pretty smooth for the most part. Make sure you bring bug repellent and some type of stick for defense I swore I heard a coyote. Anywho is was worth it, because my legs are feeling good and sore today. #GREATWORKOUT

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Enjoyed it! Saw a rattler so keep ur eyes open.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nice little hike out and back with parking and a nature station at the bottom. Nature station contains snakes and insects kids would enjoy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fantastic family friendly hike! This trail starts right behind the Nature Center and is very easy and peaceful. The first half is fairly flat but there is a slight incline towards the end of the trail. Easy incline for an adult but could seem a little steep if taking your toddler. You will be sharing the trail with horses and there are road apples everywhere so you may want to watch out on your footing. There are multiple chairs to take a break and just listen to the birds. I did hear a lot of buzzing while hiking through several sections so I'm assuming there are bee hives nearby. Lots of birds and lots of bunnies as well.

Never been inside the Nature Center and would love to visit next time when they're open. There was a restroom by the Nature Center but was not open so it may only be accessible when the center is open. A water fountain is also available towards the beginning of the trail.

Dogs are allowed on leash. Parking is available by the Nature Center and there is also another gravel lot right next to it.

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