The old ranch is cool, but the trail is a two-lane road

family/kid friendly hike with breathtaking views of the ocean. A great learning experience for the little one because there was so much to see from birds and flowers to bumble bees and seals sunbathing on a rock. The uphill climb was doable with our jogger stroller, we saw another stroller (not a jogger) who had a little harder time but still make it! It was in the high 70's today with a breeze, I'd wear my flannel in some parts but soon take it off. Don't forget a hat and sunscreen since you won't find much shade on this trail! There are a few forks on the trail that ultimately lead to the same point, so that made it easier for us to social distance. Will be coming back, but next time we'll bring our dog since it's dog friendly! today's visit was not planned, but still had a blast!

Straight down and back up. Just be prepared for the steep decline and incline. Overall good hike.

Mileage is for one direction in this out-and-back State Park.

Lovely easy trail with spectacular views.

Great mellow trail with beautiful views. My dog did get one tick from the hike though so be sure to check after.

Tranquil remote trail through the redwoods that is soft underfoot. However, have to drive on a narrow windy road to get here and there is limited off street parking at this trailhead. The trail itself is shaded and fairly wide for the majority. The loop as marked is all downhill then all uphill. Thus, I went partway down then backtracked, and went down the other way and came back up for elevation variety. Not many views of the surrounding area however the redwood forest itself is cool, calm and picturesque.

1 month ago

Nice trail with many poison oak trees.

2 months ago

Nice hike through the woods. A bit muddy but not terrible. Completely shaded would probably make for a great summer hike. Had planned to take the turn off to go up towards irish ridge but only saw where it rejoined must have missed the earlier turn.

Rainforesty, but otherwise nothing to write home about. Straight down, straight up

2 months ago

Beautiful trail, 134 yellow banana slugs, ate two chewy bars, took my friends from Florida, one tried to eat a slug down the gullet, went on a picnic.

This is a great forest hike. Has a nice incline on the way back that works up a sweat but won't make you want to die.

Nice walk along the coast and great views of the Mavericks and ocean.

several opportunities to take stairs down Pleasant meandering flat coastal trail that overlooks beaches that you can take stairs down to as well as the golf course and takes you through the Ritz-Carlton property.

Scenery isn't bad but I didn't like how you're either walking down a fairly steep trail or walking up a steep trail. There are very few flat sections in the loop. I extended my hike toward Irish Ridge Trail which I recommend if you want to add some distance (3 miles out and back).

very nice views but plenty of cover and zen forest cover

Wide trail on old roads. Only 32 banana slugs today

Great Trail! A little muddy but not too bad. We went on a Saturday morning/ afternoon at the end of January. There were quite a few banana slugs.. we counted 375!! Lots of fun!!

If you like woods this trail is for you! Gorgeous trees, wide path, muddy in January but not too bad. Not many people on the trail. Would definitely return in the summer.

This is an amazing trail for those looking to spend some secluded time in the redwoods. I went on a Sunday around 11am and barely saw anyone on the trail.

4 months ago

Fun winding trail to a truly amazing secluded beach! Trail goes along the creek and beautiful foliage. Fun mini rope climb or you can walk through the creek. Went with my 3 boys and had no trouble following or handling the trail.

5 months ago

It is closer to 6.5 actual miles; verified and recorded. Solid trail. If at the split you start out going left for the loop it will be much harder the last 3 miles as the elevation gain is much more. If you start going right it will be an easier time. All and all a good trail with plenty of forest and few people on many parts. Towards the main Purisma creek/river, the connecting trail to continue on this Gulch trail can easily be missed. Keep your eyes open, the sign is small.

Not very muddy considering the recent rains. Good mix of incline and downhill. Perfect for running because there’s not many other people or bikes. Also saw a lot of deer which is always fun. Closer to 10 miles according to my phone.

big Parking, beautiful scenic views, i saw a cute fox, beautiful waves, easy hike which can be done with a bicycle as well

Really pretty, wooded, quiet. Nice for biking too.

trail is plenty wide, no obstacles

Nice wide path that is shaded the entire time. Beautiful redwoods and a nice stream to explore. Steep grades on the way back!

no shade
6 months ago

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