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6 days ago

Great hike, but definitely more strenuous than this site indicates.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and the beauty of the redwoods can’t be beat. I haven’t been here in years but feel inspired to go back soon.

The hike was actually 6.8 Miles with 1558 elevation gain. The redwoods portion was beautiful. There are very steep switch backs and a steep grade going up and down. I’m recovering from an ALC surgery 7 months and I had to watch my son who is an active 6 year old from not falling off the ridge. I wouldn’t say it’s moderate. It was more strenuous than an average hike. My wife who is an avid hiker was not pleased to that it was not 5.2 miles as the app stated. We made it with sore bodies at the end of the hike. The top of the views were beautiful. The waterfall was an additional mile and a half so we decided not to add more to our already long hike. It took us a about 3.5 hours to complete with breaks.

Compared to other redwood parks (Montgomery Woods, Humboldt Redwoods, Redwoods NP) it was okay. I did go when it was sunny and I think redwoods are best in the rain.

Lovely hike through the woods and beautiful overlooks at ridge line. Recorded it on my Strava app and it’s just 4.2 miles for the entire East Ridge/Pool Ridge loop. Great place to spend the morning.

My friends and I had an amazing time. So much gorgeous nature and scenery. Insane views. Totally worth it. HOWEVER, as some have mentioned, it’s about 8 miles, NOT a little over 5. There is a lot of incline and it’s more strenuous than seems implied. There is also several forks in the road and we got a little lost (not by much, maybe 20 minutes extra) but still. In total it ended up being a 9 mike, 4 hour hike. That was with breaks and taking in the views. As I said though, totally worth it

Started the hike off with the incline up to 600ft elevation before looping back down. Great weather on the day I hiked. Will come back to climb a little higher.

3 months ago

Like others have mentioned, this trail is definitely more moderate than easy but it's such a beautiful hike. You can take your time and really soak the redwoods in while you catch your breath ;)

Very challenging, uphill climb. But worth it. Beautiful

Great glutes workout due to the uphill. Love that this hike is mostly forest but with the reward of a view at the top (midway’sh) of the hike. For folks just starting to get back into shape (like myself) this will be challenging but def doable. Just take your time, bring water and dress in layers.

Going up East Ridge is moderate and uphill the rest of the way into Pool Ridge, looping back is easier. Nice hike with great views at to top of East Ridge. I went with a friend so I didn't know much about the hike but not many Redwoods on the hike until the end when going back! Just be warned :)

I would rate this trail as moderate due to how strenuous it is. Beautiful views at the top of the ridge!

Easy and short. Lots of great redwoods!

Stunning hike. Loved the terrain, the smells, the silence. Make sure you ask the Rangers if the Pool Ridge Trail is closed. We told the man at the visitor’ desk that we were doing the East Ridge/Pool Ridge Trail but where they meet the trail was closed and there were no signs. We called the ranger station and they said that the trail had been closed for a year but they were just now making the signs!!! He told us what to do to reconnect further down. My advice would be to NOT close a trail without having the signs ready to prevent people getting lost......

This is a beautiful hike with a pretty steady and challenging climb to a stunning view. We went on a foggy morning and ended up above the clouds at the top. The last bit of the hike takes you through the giant redwoods of Armstrong Woods. Stop by the ranger station for a free map before starting. Parking is free in the first lot you reach off of the main road. Recommend hiking shoes.

Love this trail for it's ease and peacefulness.

Great hike, significantly longer and greater elevation than posted (7.9 m/1700ft). Today was beautiful, but the views must be amazing on a clear day!

trail running
6 months ago

I’m biased as I LOVE Armstrong woods but as an obstacle course racer I find the variance in up/downhill as well as terrain change (roots, steps, dirt, rock, etc.) ideal for training. As well as ideal for beautiful scenery! Parking can be a bit crazy if you go during peak hours but you can park along the road right before the lot no problem. Bathrooms, trail stops, and signage adorn throughout (east ridge trail can be a bit wonky at the top though) so you never feel lost. Check it out!

My all time favorite

Great hike! There’s some debris down on the pool ridge trail and the signage is a little wonky once you get on pool ridge if hiking counter clockwise.

Ran this loop counter-clockwise, most of the elevation gain was in the first 3 miles. Once I reached the peak it was difficult to know which direction to go as there were no more signs for East Ridge. The Pool Trail finishes the loop, a small section of had some down trees to get around, but once I got around that the trail was better maintained from that point.

one of my favorite hikes in bay area.

10 months ago

Beautiful hike, but more moderate than easy. Starting from the visitors center, the hike up the ridge is steep. Left my poles in the car and wish I had them several times. We went to the falls which was barely running but still beautiful. We hiked the nature trail that goes through the redwoods.

Not an easy hike with over 2,000 ft elevation gain.

Really nice workout hike if you begin at the East Ridge Trail and connect to Pool Ridge Trail. Definitely would say going up East Ridge, especially near the top is rigorous, but that is where the workout begins. We loved it, but if you don't hike, you may find it challenging. Some doubts some may encounter on the trail I will address. When going up East Ridge there is an unmarked fork. One will go up and the other down. It doesn't matter which one you take since they both connect within a couple of minutes of walking. However, when you get to the fork and notice no signs, you do wonder if it takes you elsewhere. When you first go down Pool Ridge Trail, cross the fire road to continue. There is no sign but will see the path. Also,when you are going down Pool Ridge and get to a small parking lot and sign board, there is no posting of Pool Ridge to continue. Again stay straight and go across the fire road and stay on the path...it is just unmarked but that is the trail. Finally, when going down Pool Ridge and you pass loop trail, part of Pool Ridge is obstructed and closed off with no warning or alternative markings. You will want to take the Picnic Area trail which will eventually connect you back to Pool Ridge. Finally, bring lots of water because it is a 6 mile hike and it does get steep. When we hiked it was 100 degrees in Guerneville though about ten degrees cooler under the trees. The vistas at the top are really beautiful and worth the hike. We saw a few woodpeckers, turkey vultures, red trail hawk, lots of salamanders, and the usual squirrels. Bring a change of shirt because you will sweat and that will be more comfortable for your drive home. Get out there and enjoy this fabulous hike...we encountered just a few people and we went on an early Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately you could hear a few people yelling and playing music..seriously people use common sense, we are in nature not to listen to your loud conversation about nothing and for Gods sake unplug from technology or stay at the damn mall. Figure would throw in a common sense rant.

Challenging ish start but nice crest and a quick downslope to some pretty dang big redwoods.
Lots of contact with roads and stuff so it isn't like being way out there but it's a great hike with good variety.

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