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Guadalupe, California Map

Hiked along side the beach and then uphill on the dunes which took it out of us. We decided to skip shoes since we were on sand but would advise bringing some just in case because the ground can get rough. For ya it wasn’t too cold but the wind did pick up near the end and it would have liked a light jacket.

Ive been doing this trail for years and the journey through the sand never gets easier. Well worth the effort though.

Just got back from hiking from the Gaud dunes to Point Sal beach. We starting on the road leading to the Guadalupe Beach parking lot. We hiked up and down across the dunes until we hit Mussel Rock. There's a steep sandy drop leading down to Paradise beach. Next day we hiked up and out of Paradise along the ridge of Point Sal. Heading south on the ridge we came across a spot that seemed washed out by water leading down to Point Sal beach. There's a steep trail next to this wash out running down the mountain side. It seems intimidating upon appearance, but definitely saves a couple hours from having to walk around the whole ridge line to get down to the beach. This route is definitely a hard one. Be very cautions if backpacking. The trail will take you down to the very North tip of Point Sal beach. I do not recommend taking this route alone.To get to the parking lot of Point Sal from the beach, we found the beach access at the south side of the beach. Once on the paved road, you can choose to take a shortcut straight up to the top, or follow the winding long road. The shortcut connects to the road you're own. Another indicator of the shortcut is a water runoff drain at the top of the shortcut. Once you've hit the paved road you're back on track to the parking lot. Bring camping gear and lots of food and water. This route is not one for the weary. I hope this helps out anyone looking to explore this area. Safe travels!

This is NOT a hike. It's a wild life preserve. No dogs allowed. Had a big run in with the Ranger over taking my parrot out to the beach. This is not a beach you can walk. It's always very windy there per the Ranger.

This is not easy if you walk from the parking lot to the end of the beach the sand makes it challenging..

I was hoping for a hike to the beach here. Sadly the road is paved all the way out to the beach. Other than that disappointing fact the beach and area surrounding it are beautiful. If you want a quiet fun Beach place to take you kids to play this is it. Sadly not the hike I was looking for.

I love this place! Great for kids

Saturday, March 12, 2016

From the Guadalupe Dunes park at the end of W. Main St, head south to Mussel Rock. In this El Nino winter with weeks of heavy surf, the last mile of beach has been waved away. From Oct thru Feb. the Snowy Plover fences are removed and you can walk on the dunes (generally easier than the soft sand beach). These dunes are the highest on the Pacific Coast (about 400 ft alt.) and are spectacular. The view overlooking Paradise Beach to the south of Mussel Rock is not to be missed. We tried to get onto P. Beach but turned back as too risky for us. Decided that this Paradise was well named, alluring, beautiful... but you can't quite get there.

These directions are outdated; they will take you to Point Sal Trail, a steep rigorous climb then down to the beach.
To see the Guadaloupe Dunes, you now need to go to Guadaloupe Dunes Regional Park at the end of Main St. in Guadaloupe. Don't miss it; spectacular!

Really nice walk along the beach. Head south to get to a bouldering opportunity. And the farther you go, the more secluded it becomes.

My favorite time to go is early on foggy morning.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great place with some fishing at the Oso Flako Lakes. Cool dunes to explore. And if you go there expect it to be windy!!