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27 days ago

did it from the half moon bay side, beautiful drive on purusima road before hitting the trail. we went counter clockwise, up harkin ridge trail and down whittemore gulch trail. highly recommend this agenda since you get the open big trail when going uphill where you can take more frequent breaks, and then narrower trail going downhill. took us 3.5 hours total and we took our time taking photos and enjoying the scenery. and then we ended the hike with a little picnic by the creek... couldn't be happier! =]

Great hike, beautiful surroundings - Moderately strenuous hike

1 month ago

Did this hike starting from Half Moon Bay side so was able to start the hike ascending and then descend back - just feels wrong going the other way. Beautiful forests and views; would definitely do this hike again. Parking and traffic were heavy, but the trail itself was not too crowded.

Nice shaded hike. The second mile (going up to grabtown gulch) was a bit intense, but completely shaded. There were quite a few mosquitos when we stopped to eat something, but they didn’t bother us as long as we kept moving. The creek itself was quite nice, and there was trickling water along many parts of the hike.

There weren’t too many people on the upper trails, and parking was okay. We got lucky and got an actual parking spot, but most people had parked along the road, turning it into a one lane road (not that it’s much more than one lane to begin with). The road up to the the trail from highway 1 is a bit curvy and narrow, but not too long.

Great Hike - easy to find TH but very little parking. Going down counter clockwise is steep - walking sticks helped. I extended by staying on the creek path - 1 mile each way. Coming up is gradual however it wasnt easy. As mentioned not much variety coming back up. Did not see one person until I got to Purisima Creek trail

Loved the beginning and end of the hike. The part that runs along the creek. The other 4 miles were tough, but we did it. We took the 2nd right off of Purisma Creek Trail and hiked uphill for 1.5 miles, sat and refueled then followed the 2.5 mile decent back to Purisma Creek Trail, take a sharp left and take it to the parking lot. Take hiking stick(s) and plenty of water as well as a snack to give you fuel.

Excellent hike for a hot day. There's maybe 100 feet of trail that gets sunlight on this route, so sunscreen is unnecessary. The climb sounds big at about 1,600 feet of elevation gain, but it does not feel like that much. Sadly, it appears that the trail which used to lead up to the top of Bald Knob is closed. You can get about 0.25 miles away from the peak before you find a closed gate. The gate says nothing about a trail closure or advising hikers to stay out, but what looks like it was once a trail is now overgrown with brush. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this hike. There are many extremely beautiful areas on this route.

Beautiful hike on a Sunday early afternoon. Actually 10.9 miles. Went counterclockwise, which is a little less incline distance. When you get to the forest floor there is a beautiful creek, amazing redwoods and still plenty of flora; salvia, minors lettuce, horsetail, monkey flower, clover. Didn't see many people on the hike upward towards end of trail. Seems most folks went clockwise.

Like being in the Sierra’s in our back yard.

Love Purisma Creek. Majestic redwood gulches

This trail was really nice. Not many people and lots of banana slugs! Definitely go counterclockwise around this loop.

Beautiful loop, wonderful views heading clockwise.

Good trail to hike and ride horse, moderate temperature, lots of redwood trees.

Nice hike with wide trails. The first stretch runs along the creek. It’s beautiful but not very memorable. In that sense it’s relaxing as it can just wash over you rather than regularly stopping for an awe inspiring view like the hikes around Stinson Beach. In my 3 hours I saw very few other hikers so mostly had the trails to myself with the exception of the banana slugs. There was occasional sound from distant airplanes.

Trail starts out flat and goes for about a mile along Purisima Creek. Redwood trees & banana slugs galore. Then the trail climbs until you start to loop back. If you get there early, you won't see another soul.

decent trail. heavy traffic near the parking lot but once you get in to the loop there's hardly any traffic. did clockwise. the first half was a bit boring as you just keep descending. like the redwoods area. was very serene.

beautiful trail with little traffic. mostly shady and cool even it was way over 80. the view is limited and the scenery is rather monotonous. lots of banana slugs.

3 months ago

Took trail counter clockwise. Wide, level path on Harkins Ridge Trail. Stay alert for mountain bikers. Some poison oak over growth, but nothing like in the north bay. North Ridge trail gets narrow and more uneven. Descent into redwoods and the trek beside the stream are wonderful, peaceful, and shaded.

First half descend and second half climb. Would rate more than moderate. Nice ocean view.

Just beautiful!!!

Gorgeous cut of earth that is not to be missed. this may look like the forest moon of Endor, but there are no furry creatures to save you. This is a strong hike that will make you stronger.

nice moderate hike .... counterclockwise route is less challenging .... steep descent 2 mi down .... rolling ascent 3 mi up ..... beautiful, tree-lined shady path along a bubbling brook near the bottom .... 2-3 people wide 90% of the way .... parking at the trail head is very limited, 6-7 cars along the side of the road max .... light foot traffic .... very enjoyable

5 months ago

Went Clockwise.. beautiful decent down into the redwoods and creek area , ascent back up was steady and challenging- amazing scenery. Would rate as on the “hard “ side of Moderate-

6 months ago

Epic, beautiful, challenging. I went counterclockwise, but would choose to go clockwise if I go again. You get vista views of the ocean along with deep, lush fern and redwood immersion. Loved every minute of it.

Lovely hidden gem of a trail in the Bay Area

Note that where alltrails has you start is at the top of the valley and there’s no real parking save a spot or two on the side of the road. However, it was a great hike and i enjoyed doing it! Very well maintained and pretty much had the trail to ourselves the whole time. As others mentioned it’s all in the shade so better to do when it’s warmer out. We also did it counterclockwise and the ascent seemed a little more gradual that way than had we done the opposite.

I typically do this counter clockwise. It’s once of my favorite hikes on the peninsula. Nice mix of in the woods and mountain Views. agree with others that it’s on the hard side of “moderate.” The trip back up is a lot of sustained climbing, but there are a few flat spots to catch your breath. Not for beginners.

Went clockwise this morning. Perfect cool temps. Able to race the loop in 2 1/2 hours- fast for me.

Very pretty hike. Strenuous though. Not for beginners.

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