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great 2 miles round trip. saw a mountain king snake. see photo.

not all photos are of this creek trail hike. some are from Pupout hill hike

Nice trail! So many lizards but definitely easy and beautiful

Great workout- very steep hike. My 15 year old son loved it - take your teens on this trail it will most definitely challenge them.

16 days ago

Very steep. Great workout. You’re able to go down a less steep way once you get to the top.

Awesome fun! Recommended!

21 days ago

cross country skiing
26 days ago


Maybe I’m spoiled from NorCal hiking, or maybe it was the 95degree heat, the trash, smog, or the homeless people living all over the mountain, but I just could not enjoy this hike very much. Suppose it’s good if you want a quick workout and are not expecting much, the views on the last descent were nice.

Nice little trail, quite short but very easy. A lot of lizards!

1 month ago

If you are looking to break a good sweat look no further! This steep incline is a great way to get in a short hike. I went at a slow pace and took a few 1 minute breaks and it took me 25-30 minutes to reach the top. Be sure to wear hiking or trail shoes as it is a bit rocky.

1 month ago

Great workout! I’ve done Poop Out countless times, but today I finally went to the top of Punk Out. Gorgeous view.

3/4 of the traffic were mountain bikers and they kindly warned us they were coming (or if more were coming behind them).

Loop took us three hours but next time I’ll run most of the way down and probably be able to do this in 2-2.5 hours.

Poop Out is my go-to intense hike (steep) and I usually run down Mystic Canyon for an all around great cardio workout in a beautiful location.

Really great for beginners and solo hikers. Trail is clearly marked along the way.

1 month ago

This was a nice easy hike to get away from people and into some woods. Most of the trail is in the shade and you walk along a little creek, so it stayed cool the whole time.
Pros: very few people, easy to park and easy to follow. There are also some cool rock roadcuts at the end.
Cons: you are along a road for a bit of it, which isn't particularly scenic.
We brought our two dogs and it was nice to have the trail alone for almost all of it.

2 months ago

Good workout, but a bit too steep for me, especially on the way back

I loved this hike! It's mostly uphill but not super challenging. There's not much shade so don't forget sunscreen. We hiked up to the cross but we weren't able to make it to the A. I will definitely be returning!

Don’t let the beginning of the hike deter you, it’s very steep and rocky. It will eventually even out. Great hike for serious hikers.

Super easy and great for first timers or someone just looking for a nice walk

Very steep at beginning and end, good workout, I recommend hiking shoes, dirt and rocks are loose be careful no to end up like me n slip and fall and scrape your knee. I would do it again

Nice hike up with the trail. Watch for poison oak. The road is a smooth return.

3 months ago

Easy trail water runs next to it so does the road. Lots of poison oak be weary. Really super good for a new jogger

Sunny with great views of the valley and asuza canyon. You can get to the same cross that was accessible from the gracia trail via this trail.

Great trail with such beautiful plant life

Fun, easy trail. Good for my dog too. We did have a rather large rattlesnake cross the path in front of us though, so keep your eyes and ears open and keep your dogs close.

Easy trail, close to my friends place.. we started a bit higher up, so it was about 2miles there and back. Had a fun rope to swing on.. swing at your own risk lol!

Nice sunny morning for a good moderate hike. I went about 2 miles in and turned around. There were several mountain bikers, but they all were very courteous informing me as they passed, how many more riders were to follow. Flies were plentiful, but I had bug juice which worked well. I was a little disappointed when I drove up Glendora Mountain Road to find the gate closed (again). However, I realized that the trail head was only about 150 yards from where I parked at the gate. So I went around the gate and enjoyed the trail.

5 months ago

nice little park that has two separate dog parks, one for big the other for little dogs like mine behind that are the hills with numerous trails to explore, pretty steep going up but they are short and you are rewarded with killer views on a clear day.

Went to hike Colby Trail but hiked this trail instead. Although it says moderate it was rather easy, no steep inclines but little rocky and narrow in some place. Even our little pug enjoyed the hike. Good thing most of the bikers have a bell on their bike otherwise you may not see them until it’s to late. Found a awesome tire swing and a cool little cave. Would definitely do this hike again.

5 months ago

First time going and I loved it! Will definitely be going back! Great workout!

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