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19 hours ago

I would say this is on the harder side

The trail was amazing and so much fun but definitely not 8 miles - I tracked 9.7. I decided to take my pitbull and was smart enough to bring more than enough water for both of us. But had I known it was about 10 miles, I wouldn’t have brought him along. If you decide to bring your dog, please bring enough water! I ended up drinking nearly two liters while he drank almost four liters. Still an amazing hike and would definitely do it again!

loved the views from this trail.

28 days ago

If you're looking for a moderately difficult trail, you've found it, I hiked from the North side it's 2.1 miles all the way up to the stone bench and it was a steep climb, I left at 5 PM with the sun above my head and thankfully there are trees to keep one cool and it does help when you have a 1.5 liter of hydration pack I got to the top in 2 hours it takes most advanced hikers 50 minutes. I then hiked down from the South side to take advantage of the sunlight before arriving down to my car which took me a little longer than normal as I was hiking with a few club members. All in all it was a great experience, which I would love to repeat a few times a week, it's a great exercise if you want to shed some pounds off.

Hiked the left side of the loop on the way up. Got to the top in 3 hours. I didn’t need a map or gps. Not bad for a novice like me! Great trail with awesome views! I will definitely do this hike again!

Beautiful views of Glendale, Burbank, and downtown L.A make this hike worth it. Going counter clockwise or right at the fork is a little bit easier uphill.

2 months ago

Great hike with lots of pretty wildflowers late April and May. There's zero shade so it's best to go early morning or night hike. Parking is very easy too. The hike itself is a great steady workout. Oh, watch out for fire ants. My dog got bit by some of them and was in great pain for the rest of the day.

This trail was awesome! I came up here early on a weekday morning and still was surprised to see a good number of hikers. The trail is fairly open but there was a nice breeze and bits of shade throughout as it was still early morning. This land is very inspiring and quite serene. There is a tree shaded area at the dead end with a bench that was perfect for a nice chill, music making session, and morning meditation.

I vlogged my hike so you can check out the trail ahead of time!

I also put together a playlist of music for hikers to bring on the trail :)
Playlist: http://sptfy.com/1VKg

3 months ago

The peak of this trail is really steep and slippery. Had to take it very carefully down to avoid falling and sliding. Someone gave me bad advice on how to come down and I injured myself. Careful!

3 months ago

This is a decent urban hike, more man-made stuff than nature. (Fellow pet parents: Please scoop the poop!)

What makes it interesting is that it reaches the high point in the San Rafael Hills, giving you a different vantage than you get in the San Gabriels or Verdugo Hills, for example looking down into the Rose Bowl.

By no means a "destination" hike, but it could be an interesting add-on to another hike in the area, to give you a different perspective.

3 months ago

Tough, but enjoyable hike! The loop is 5 miles in total and you go straight up for 2.5 miles. The peak offers views in every direction and the hike down the mountain is even more enjoyable. Took me about three hours to complete and wasn’t very busy on a Sunday afternoon.

on Crescenta View Trail

3 months ago

Nice place for an escape from the city feel with amazing views.

Very nice hike. It was foggy, so I was basically walking in a cloud the entire time, but the trail has a nice grade, and there's a lot of greenery and wildflowers. Can't wait to try it on a nice day!

3 months ago

This is a strenuous hike and so much fun! Great views, easy parking, sometimes the occasional mountain bike. Fun to see the radio towers up close.

We started at 8am and it was warm already. Start early to try to beat the heat. We tracked 10 miles. Also came across a rattlesnake!

I started counter clockwise. I also recommend using one of the “Recordings” from someone who completed the hike already as a guide vs this main one as it is short by 2 miles it doesn’t mark the trail correctly.

Nice hike, but lots of small rocks. End up being over 10 miles.

Really good workout. Make sure you bring enough water as the trail is strenuous and there is not much shade.

Distance was actually over 10 miles. Lots of unmarked forks so bring a map! Most of the trail (probably 99%) is in direct sunlight. Views at the top were great, but the journey there wasn't. Don't do this hike in the summer if you decide to go.

Nice little hike around the sports fields with a few views of glendale, Montrose, and la Crescenta.

Great trail. Get a good work out because the hills are pretty steep.not too much of a scene but it’s still a great trail!

on Beaudry Loop

4 months ago

Perfect climb and great views. a bit too much for 11 and under. I'd rate it an easy hard hike or a hard moderate.
we did this hike on a moderately warm spring day. started at 8:30am. that was almost too late (for the entire loop).
did it in 2.25 hours with little stopping. bugs were out.

Pretty good. There is a gate but you can just walk through it. Even ground. Long slog to top. Joins the motorway at the top. Yes it is hot. The sun exists.

This is a beautiful little place with several trails and options. Went after a storm and everything was incredibly lush. It is a steady incline on the Dunsmore Trail from start to finish, but the Le Messanger Loop is a bit nicer on the legs. We actually started from Foothill Blvd instead of the trail head in order to add a few more miles and about 500 additional feet in elevation...a decision my legs are paying for now.

Great hike, although I managed to take a few forks the long-way round. Also after reaching the summit, I missed the turn-off for the Picken's Spur trail to come back down the mountain and walked East on the access road for about a mile. So my whole hike ended up being about 11.3 miles, rather than the 8.7!

Either way, it was a great morning hike. I challenged myself, going the more difficult clockwise route, and finished the whole thing in 3hr11min (1hr36mins to summit, 1hr30mins back to the car - 5 mins rest at the peak!)

Amazing trail & not super difficult. I went up the Haines Canyon Trail to Rim of the Valley Trail which took me to the old Mt. Lukens Trail... hungout on top by myself for an hour and then took then the fire road to the Crescenta View Trail & down to the Wilderness Park.

3.5 hrs up & 2.5 hrs down. Frost line is about 4,000ft & snow line a little under 5,000ft.

on Beaudry Loop

5 months ago

Did this hike on a Saturday after it rained on Friday night. The views were beautiful and clear the entire hike. Extremely light traffic. Only saw a few people midday on a weekend. I definitely plan on doing this hike again. It was great.

A wonderfully challenging hike with great weather in mid-March. I tracked it at about 9.5 miles. We started the loop counter clockwise (the easier way) at 8am & finished in about 5hrs going at a leisurely pace. The peak is actually very industrial with the radio towers. Not great for photos, but plenty of spots on the way up for great photo ops. PLEASE if you bring your dog BRING water for them.

I hiked this trail just after rainfall and it was cool and damp which made the trail soft and easy on the feet. I imagine this is a tough one during summer months so I’d recommend winter as it is very exposed.

The peak is full of radio towers which makes it feel industrial. Other than that, the views are epic.

it's a tough hike but a good payoff with the view

5 months ago

Went up the North side and came down the South. The loop takes about 2 hours and change. Beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

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