over grown
5 days ago

Great variety of scenery - redwoods, oak groves, ridge, meadows and remnants of old estate.

Nice vegetation scenery from green forest with tall trees to dry narrow trails.

Planned trail is closed was at a point 3/4 way in from starting point. Plan to add another 2 miles to your hike

Spring lake trail is shady and nice but Blackhawk canyon trail is closed due to fallen trees, we took ridge trail back which is mostly open and no shades

Trail was nice and quiet during the morning. We arrived there around 9am on a weekday and we only saw maybe 4 groups of people walk past us. Its a nice hike with some challenging points. But overall pretty tame.

I did it counterclockwise and it was fairly easy even with the elevation change. I maintained a good average speed and only stopped for views and photos. Trail in an excellent order and wide enough for social distancing.

great hike took 3 kids with me and they all loved it!

Hike itself was fine. Good short workout. Far too many people. But I guess it’s expected on a Sunday during quarantine.

no shade
1 month ago

Nice trail. had to take a loop out of the way because there were helicopters dropping poles for the power company. I was free to walk by but, would have been 200 feet from a helicopter on the ground with blades running and i like having vision in both eyes (TONS of dust whipping around). Disappointed in park services for not having it wither blocked off or a warning beforehand. Super irresponsible. That's the only reason for my missing star.

This trail has so much to offer. Lots of off shoot trails which can fill your whole day :)

It was fun

2 months ago

too many animals during the coronavirus epidemic.

Expansive, long, beautiful trail. Hilly, steep at points. Sometimes narrow (one person), sometimes wide (two cars). Great, beautiful variety. Highly recommended. Slightly slick in a couple spots this time of year.

The Blackhawk section of the trail is officially closed but still seems to be used quite a bit

Lush, green, woodsy, and steep. Absolutely Beautiful!! It was slippery at some points, but it just rained this morning.

First hike alone with Sami.

Great workout! There are views at the top. Varied flora from oak and coyote bush and redwood forests. Hard packed fire road and trail, easy walking. Beautiful day!

Great trail. Wide enough to walk with the family. Easy hike through the redwoods and oaks. The loop goes near the ruins and the deer. Not many people on the trail for a holiday weekend.

Absolutely gorgeous 3.4 mile hike with incredible oaks and rolling green hills filled with wildlife and a few cows here and there.

4 months ago

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