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2 days ago

Beautiful trail, got my heart rate going.

Such a pretty and fun hike we started at the wrong start point so it added 4 miles to our hike but I didn’t mind at all the views all around were pretty and fresh air..they don’t tell you that you will need a parking pass when coming here but since I hike all the time I got the 40 dollar one for the entire year it’s a lot of ups and down but soooo fun

trail running
12 days ago

Gotta check this out!

Beautiful view! Great walk/hike for beginners! Gradual incline, Dog friendly, kid friendly, and family friendly. There are some great places for swimming! Some isolated beaches for a nice picnic. All in all We’d do this hike again!


1 month ago

We followed the signs instead of the app, which took us to the 4x4 access road that leads to the trailhead. Only the road had a tree across it so the gate was shut so we just parked and hiked up the road to the trailhead. Let me tell you, that road is long and steep. I imagine that’s probably what the Shasta Bally road is like, except longer. Once you get to the trailhead, the rest of the hike is pretty level to the falls. The falls are SPECTACULAR!
There’s another trailhead further down the road that skips the 4x4 road and that side of the trail and approaches the falls from another direction. Not sure how that trail is.

Awesome! We started at the trailhead by the sign. The first third of the trail was kinda blah, goes right next to a paved road on several sections. But once you hit the old mine (fenced off and apparently filled in) the scenery gets beautiful and you follow several different creeks and hit a few waterfalls (at least in March). The last third has you gaining elevation and skirting around some peaks, and winding back down to the parking lot. We ran into one other hiker and 2 mountain bikers during our couple hours there.

Glorious 3 hour round trip hike - 3 stream crossings, and some old settlements along the way too. Not too strenuous and a great payoff at the end. I’d defiantly do it again.

2 months ago

We started at the Brandy Creek Trailhead not really knowing much about this trail. The gravel road to the left of the trailhead will take you to the Brandy Creek Falls trail/parking lot, but starting where we started adds roughly 4 miles to your trip & is a beautiful hike! You will eventually come to the road from the trail, turn right & continue up the road until you see the Brandy Creek Trail sign that continues off the road, or choose to hike the road at this point & it will still lead you to the falls parking area! Great hike to take your dog but there are lots of ticks, so make sure to double check when your done :)

Great trail. Slow moving creek. Had the trail to myself.

4 months ago

Went in mid-January as I like to avoid the heat. Saw very few people on the trail. Maybe 2 or 3 other groups. First time raking my dog hiking and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I am not in shape but there was only one incline that's was difficult for me. This trail was right up my alley. The whole time you're surrounded by moss covered rocks and trees that lent it a very ethereal or old world feel.
only thing was that this trail is very confusing. We were hoping to make it to brandy creek falls and didn't realise that there we two separate trails. We were on the lower half of the trail and didn't realise that if we had driven further up the road we would have cone to the entrance for brandy falls trail. On our way back we ran into a father walking with his two small boys who had the same confusion we did. The lower trail does lead up to the entrance to the falls trail if you wanted to do both though. We'll be returning real soon to make the hike up to the falls.

Beautiful trail- felt a bit strenuous, but I’m also 8months pregnant. Beautiful creek, mines, and vista views!

An awesome trail with some cool views and interesting history. We walked the trail backwards (clockwise) with our 2 dogs. A steep climb to start off and gradual elevation changes until the end. The old gold mine close to halfway through provided a nice place to have a snack and read about its history.

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8 months ago

Recommended by a family we met hiking yesterday. What a fun challenging three miles for me and Murphy and Billy.
No water this time of year (end of summer) so that's a bummer for the dogs but I'm sure it will be great when there's some water running through. Lots of rocks on the Orfino Gulch section but nothing dangerous, just wear good shoes. #tenlegstosunset

9 months ago

The road up was a little scary but the hike itself to the falls was flat and easy. We had the falls to ourselves and it was beautiful. There is a nice little pool to swim in if you like cold water. There is also a smaller pool a little ways down that was perfect for my toddler to splash in.

The last half mile is like one continuous waterfall. It was nice and cool and beautiful.

Nice quick trail run.

Absolutely incredible waterfalls, even in the middle of summer! You can drive to the end of Brandy Creek road to make this a 3 mile loop as opposed to trekking all the way from the bottom by the lake. Pretty strenuous uphill for me, but 100 percent worth it. Try taking Rich Gulch on the way back down, a little longer but great views
of the mountains above.

Lovely trails, with plenty of blackberries at the trail head and along the way to snack on. It was middle of summer, so no waterfalls or creek flows for me, but beautiful trees and views of Shasta Bally and the other mountains. At one point you can see clear down towards Igo and Gas Point!

June 2017
Well maintained trail. Nice mixture of shade and sun, with a few moderate sections. View of the lake from a far distance at the end only. No waterfalls. No summits. A nice quick workout. I walked the 3 miles stopping occasionally to explore in 1.5 hours.

11 months ago

I started this trail at the trailhead down by Brandy Creek Beach which made it 6 miles, maybe a smidge more. Honestly, if I had known there was a road that lead closer to it I would have done that.
A man that worked there approached me about a bear, which I always say I want to see, but being alone and realizing it might actually happen had me pretty on edge! haha I walked with my taser the entire way and did not see a bear. I would like to go back with a friend and then I won't worry so much.
Some of the trail was getting pretty overgrown, worst of it was a short stretch after Brandy campground. One of the trails was missing its marker, luckily I had a map. :)
This was definitely my most eventful hike. Decided to walk up the side of the fall and see if I could find a way down next to it. As I stood there, debating if I could make it down AND back up, the really soft dirt came trickling away from my boot. Luckily a fallen tree was near and I was able to push off and scramble back up (Like Black Sheep, except my tree held strong lol)! Whooo, I would have been bruised and wet, but fine, but idk if my camera would have survived.
THEN, on my way back down from that, I scooted over to let some people by and slipped on a wet rock and landed hip and elbow first, hard. haha Idk if the trail liked me, but I still enjoyed it!

11 months ago

Beautiful hike. Gorgeous falls. Mosquitoes are horrible. Make sure you have Deet.

had a hard time but it was well worth it. Beautiful trail

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Beautiful falls at this time (late April). The trail is basically a service road so it's a very easy hike from the trail head. The road up to the trail head is very steep. I would recommend a 4x4.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

The falls were beautiful. The trail was pleasant with intermittent steep grades. I hiked this in late April and the falls were really flowing. Definitely worth doing.

Monday, May 01, 2017

The road up to the trail head was a little narrow but I made it in a van. The walk was easy and we'll worth the view our son was able to even walk up. hope u enjoy it

Monday, April 17, 2017

This was a great tail to start the season on. after sitting all winter it was great to get out and moving.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

The waterfall was really gushing! Really beautiful. However, was not happy the road is still closed. Wasn't prepared for almost a ten mile hike due to the road closures.

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