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Beautiful and Amazing

7 days ago

Moderate hike with great view at the top.

on Monument Peak Loop

8 days ago

Hard but worth it!

had a blast a few months ago. will definitely do it again.

30 days ago

Great scenic views from verdant green hills. Exceedingly windy above tree line. Knocked off a star because so much of the trail needs maintenance. Toilet users remarked about disgusting condition.

30 days ago

We enjoyed our first run!

Nice hike..slow elevation, green and scenic trail..

Did it at sunset. Last segment a bit steep but extraordinarily beautiful ♥️

A fairly easy 7 mile hike, although we started early (7:30am) - in the heat it’s probably a moderate hike. Great views all through the hike. The biggest negative for me was the traffic - it is the most crowded trail I have ever been on. There was even a long line at the peak. Ok to visit if you are bagging peaks, but wouldn’t recommend otherwise.

1 month ago

Love this for a casual walk on the weekends!! A lot of people and its fun :)

Pretty great trail with a lot of birds and ducks!!! Good views too :( downside is that it has no shade and could get some sunburn easily

Really beautiful when its green :) this side seems to be slightly easier than the one from standford avenue

Very beautiful place to hike

mountain biking
1 month ago

Beautiful lake and easy accessibility to the Alameda creek trail.

Great hike- open fields and tree cover. Also a cave. Warning, I thought this was a Hard hike, not moderate. Cows and plenty of their left behind obstacles. Watch where you step in some parts!

The trail was very well maintained and the route is clearly defined not much guess work to it which is nice. The first half of the trail could be jogged or walked dependent on your preference all around a good hike with out being to difficult. The viewpoints are excellent depending on the weather and amount of overcast.

very hard if your out if shape!!!!!! most people on this trail are physically fit. we made it just shy to the top of the peak because were so fat

AMAZING VIEWS! Great workout going up because it’s a steep hike almost all the way. It took me 2 hours out and back because I stopped to take pictures and enjoy the views. The wildlife is phenomenal! Saw wild turkeys, cows, ravens, prairie dogs, squirrels, hummingbirds, and many different birds. The path is wide and well maintained. Make sure you wear hiking boots or tennis shoes.

Great after the recent rains, so green!

2 months ago

TRAIL: It is mostly open with no shade areas. You will be under the sun 95% of the time. Bring plenty of water. On sunny days, it would get brutal. I personally experienced a couple of people asking for water on the highest point of the trail (half way). The terrain is well maintained (packed dirt-or-gravel terrain), you probably won't need trail shoes. I saw many people wearing sneakers in this trail. The top of the Mission peak is rocky (loose big rocks) and it was the only section where i felt that a good pair of shoes were necessary. Most of the trail is wide to allow for vehicles, but I only saw the Ranger's Truck going around.

NATURE: There is not much nature, the whole zone is mostly grass fields to feed cattle which makes it a bit boring in my opinion. There were plenty of cattle in the zone, many of which had no problem sitting in the middle of the trail. We had to go around of some cows that were sitting on the trail.

TRAFFIC: The traffic is very high. If you go to this trail to escape from people, this is not a trail for you. The only parts of the trail where we were relative alone were a small section of the loop of the middle of the trail, and the section between mission peak and monument peak. A lot of people (~50 people) at the top of mission peak. Bikers also use parts of this trail.

DIFFICULTY: if you do the ~1500 meters elevation in the 21 km, it would get hard. I consider myself in a good shape and the trail was a fair work out. If you are looking for a good trail to go running, this could be an acceptable place to train. If you go for a hike, it would take 5-6 hours of good training-like hike. I saw many people with big backpacks using this trail as training camp.

VIEWS: because of the lack of trees and the altitude, you will have beautiful views of San Jose and the bay for 50% of the trail. I took nice pics.

DOGS: too exposed and warm to dogs, they will get overheated (does not apply for cold days). The cattle can be also a problem if your dog is not used to it.

FINAL VERDICT: I won't come any time soon. The lack of nature, the high traffic and the kind of trail (vehicle-type trail) does not make up for the nice views. It does not feel like a trail, it feels more like a touristic point.

Boring till u each top but great for muscle training

Good start to a great day

on Hidden Valley Trail

2 months ago

Decent hike for people in the Bay Area, especially for fitness. Definitely not for people who are looking to hike in the woods. But the view of the Bay Area from the Mission Peak is wonderful.

3 months ago

Went along the right path from the parking lot, and found a lot of mud and steep ascent. That's when I realized that everyone took the left path for a more gradual climb. Got a decent hike out of it, however got lost as the trails criss-crossed, and had to double back when I found out what happened. (Found another hiker that got lost like me) After that, was a quick trip to complete the loop.

Would definitely recommend the hike, good view and the weather was great.

3 months ago

Nice, easy trail where you can just enjoy the nature.

3 months ago

Nice enjoyable trail that is paved all the way.

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