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Scenery: 2
Views: 4
Difficulty: 3
Crowds: 2
Shade: 1

My 1-5 Rating Scale Comparisons for above:
5 for Scenery; Mcway Falls Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP
4.5 for Scenery: Berry Creek Falls Big Basin State Park
4 for Scenery: Steep Ravine Trail

5 for Views: Nimitz Trail Tilden Park
5 for Views: Ridge Trail San Bruno Mtn Park
4.5 for Views Montara Mtn Summit San Pedro County Park
4 for Views Rancho Canada Del Oro Bald Peaks trail

5 for Difficulty: Junipero Serra Peak
4 for Difficulty: Mount El Sombroso Loop Trail

I did the cliff trail to deer gulch and then took a left to the 0.4 mile trail.
In general there is no parking and no entrance at the spot listed here. You need to drive to the start which is Morrison Canyon rd.
There is space for maybe 4 cars there.

The cows are fine, I saw lots of shit but they hide under the trees when it is sunny.
The trail is 95% sun and 5% shade.
I had 2 -3 bicycles in a hurry, I am sure there are more on weekends.

All in all it was ok. I took my kid in a baby bjorn. It was more of an exercise due to the high steep incline than a joy.
The heat was also oppressive even at 3-4PM .
The view is nice though.

Have fun.

3 months ago

can be hot and dusty. beautiful panoramic views of south bay.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Very nice trail for beginners. I took my 9 year old son who’s a novice and completed the trail in 45 minutes at a leisurely pace. Not too crowded with nice view and evening breeze

I try to hike this trail at least once a week. Back entrance is a slight incline into major incline and it's difficult for me as I'm a beginner. But, once at the top you have beautiful views. Saw a few deer. Watch out for cow poop. Recommend going early in the morning or on a cooler day as there is no shade.

Pretty great trail with a lot of birds and ducks!!! Good views too :( downside is that it has no shade and could get some sunburn easily

Amazing views

Best thing about this trail is, you get to see many buffalos and cows on the way and not very crowded like famous trails like mission peaks. I loved my lonely walk there. I recommend going there with your loved ones once in a while.

Great trail.

mountain biking
Monday, August 14, 2017

This was a fun bike ride. The wind was blowing hard toward the south-east as it frequently does. This made the Bayview trail tough sledding. For this reason, I chose to do the loop counter-clockwise to take advantage of the tailwind on the back nine.

There is a series of switch backs that takes you up the hill to the Red Hill trail (see my track). Then it's a series of ups and downs akin to riding a roller coaster, which was a blast! And don't forget to stop at the top and take in the views, because they are fantastic! I like when you're going down a steep hill and can see where the path is headed. And better yet there is an uphill on the other side that will slow you down so you don't need to use your brakes at all.

The tailwind made coming back on Bayview trail a breeze, literally and figuratively. The recording shows that I topped out at 23 mph, and I was in a middle gear not really pushing hard at all.

I did the loop on a Trek 7.2 hybrid with trail tires. A mountain bike would be preferred on Red Hill. You can ride a road bike on Bayview, but I wouldn't recommend it for Red Hill.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

An easy walk around the slough with views of the SF Bay, bridges and cityscape. (No dogs)

Detailed Blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1463115383527

An excellent hike with views of SF Bay from Newark. Red Hills trail will offer an energetic workout for those choosing to do it.

Detailed Blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1467243939417

Friday, July 14, 2017

A longer version of the Bayview trail.
the part on No-name trail is full of birds and is rather long, so biking is a good options. (I hiked this time, but I did bike this trail once).
Very nice sights and wildlife on the trail


road biking
Saturday, February 04, 2017

Not as nice as most of the other bay trails. There was a sulphur smell in the air from the surrounding marsh, which is to be expected. The main path follows the creek, with a business park on the other side of the creek and the bay on the other side of the path. So it's not terribly scenic. The path is a solid gravel/clay mix and raised up from the water.

If you want to add distance, you can head east on the southern end until the trail ends. You can also take the side trail on the north end that goes west and out into the bay. Total is 5.6 miles with these two additions (see my track).

The parking area was a little sketchy. There were some ppl just sitting in their cars. I didn't feel great about leaving my car there unattended.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nice morning trip.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A pleasant, easy loop -- though be prepared for lots of wind and sun. Not crowded even on Memorial Day. Some cool bird life. A good place to get moving -- some cool views though it can be monotonous for stretches. I enjoyed it. Seemed like it would be a great little running or cycling loop. (This entry may be a duplicate with the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge listing by mistake.) The tiny loop by the pump house is also worth doing -- egrets and cormorants over there.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A pleasant, easy loop -- though be prepared for lots of wind and sun. Not crowded even on Memorial Day. Some cool bird life. A good place to get moving -- some cool views though it can be monotonous for stretches. I enjoyed it. Seemed like it would be a great little running or cycling loop. (My recorded track is under a nearby San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge listing by mistake.) The tiny loop by the pump house is worth doing -- egrets and cormorants over there.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I went on this trail because I was visiting a friend and the other trails that looked more enticing were too far to reach before sunset, this was going to have to do, and it surprised me. The entrance is easy to miss, it's on the right side of a business park, the parking lot and the initial path leading into the lagoon area has a not so flattering view of the backside of the business park buildings trash cans and stuff.

The path itself is mostly coarse gravel (I would think this would be pretty rough on paws for dogs) and duck poop, kinda gross. I pushed on to see what I could see. I decided to bear right towards the coast, and am glad I did. Once the gravel path gave way to a dirt path things improved a great deal. I was surrounded by wildflowers and could hear far more birds than I could see.

There was a narrow wooden boardwalk that I started to cross but midway there was a sign saying not to cross, protected area. Mixed feelings of selfish disappointment and unselfish happiness for the refuge that this place is providing for wildlife.

I kept walking, it seemed like the trail was turning into an animal corridor, but in less than a minute it was back to a comfortable width.

Came across a snail that had died, not sure what cause. Ants were butchering it. It was so close to making it to the other side of the trail, a mere 3 inches or so.

I also came across a dead Cricket, a hundred yards away. Again no obvious cause of death. The cricket was missing an segment of it's arm though.

I kept walking until I wound up at a sort of mound that would be perfect for birders with a tripod or a monopod mounted binocular. I looked around with my binoculars but didn't see much. I think I saw two herons or something, that was about it. Enjoyed the sunset as I walked back to the car.

Passed by some people on the way out, some couples, a few lone women.

There was a group of men drinking beer at the picnic table when I got back, they didn't feel dangerous but I think they were concerned about people calling the cops on them, they seemed a little wary as I walked by them and got into my car. I was figuring out where I was going to go next on my phone (I'm road tripping) and the men were all gone within 5 minutes.

I felt like the first third of the park on entry was an eyesore with business park, electrical towers, the other two thirds nearer the coast was ok. So in conclusion if you're looking for a sleepy eyed birding or sunset stroll this place will do, otherwise I think you can probably find more scenic places to go for a walk.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Wonderful sight of nature that's such heart opening! Beautiful weather today too! So close to the bridge and toll plaza and nice learning of marshland and February birds there as well.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Nice flat walking with limited shade. The visitor center is worth a stop.

Friday, June 05, 2015

It used to look like The previous photo posted.

My son and I like to hike on the Mallard Sough Trail at the Don Edwards wildlife refuge located near Alviso . We have seen a layer of intense green algae like pea soup growing over the salt water pond very rapidly with a sulfuric smell. It has worried me to see snowy Egrets swimming around in it. Also black legged stilts and other rare birds.


Photos on the left are from algae on the Mallard Slough trail at Don Edwards refuge.

This was taken on the Lagoon next to the trail called Mallard Slough, not the salt pond on the other side of the trail that has algae . The first photo was taken April 27, 2015. The photo below was taken June 3rd.

No birds !! And drained way down even though it was full of water a week ago. I have never seen it look so desolate . I'm concerned since I did see at least 2 dead birds in the path.

I'm concerned that this is the last of these birds in our salt marshes. Very sad.

Mary Hahn

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In the past this place was beautiful but the beauty has been spoiled by the algae bloom. Possibly an industrial seepage from nearby facilities .

I need to figure out how to post photos for this.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Surprised to find there are two entrances to the park. One in Fremont the other in Milpitas / Alviso area. Nice place for casual stroll. Small museum currently under construction for renovations. Can be a bit smelly due to salt marshes but there is usually a nice breeze.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For visitors. Stay at the Aloft hotel across the street and run or hike here. Beautiful place. Too bad the hotel doesn't still offer use of bikes.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fantastic- short local hike to do with your family on a weekday evening!

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