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I try to hike this trail at least once a week. Back entrance is a slight incline into major incline and it's difficult for me as I'm a beginner. But, once at the top you have beautiful views. Saw a few deer. Watch out for cow poop. Recommend going early in the morning or on a cooler day as there is no shade.

1 month ago

We enjoyed our first run!

Pretty great trail with a lot of birds and ducks!!! Good views too :( downside is that it has no shade and could get some sunburn easily

Amazing views

Best thing about this trail is, you get to see many buffalos and cows on the way and not very crowded like famous trails like mission peaks. I loved my lonely walk there. I recommend going there with your loved ones once in a while.

4 months ago

Easy trail, definitely enjoyable.

4 months ago

Nice easy hike. Beautiful views. A bit windy and chilly.

Easy trail with nice views and beautiful birds ❤️ can spot dumbarton bridge and 92 freeway! It has no shade but nice ocean breeze.

6 months ago

I love the meadowlark trail
Loop part of this trail for birding! Also fewer people! The bayview
on a foggy day was meh.

trail running
6 months ago

easy trail, beatifull views

6 months ago

7 months ago


9 months ago

Four stars for the paved roads, nice facilities (there's a visitor's center and restrooms, a garden, and a picnic area) and the beautiful views of the bay. Negatives are that the smell is truly awful (a marsh is a marsh) and it's not really a hike, more of a walk. Not a lot of elevation gain.

11 months ago

Not my fav. I ran it a few times only because it was local. The views are chill, but for a person that likes to jog/hike this hike kinda sucks lol. Smells like shit and there's very little shade. I almost got sprayed by a skunk, I probably cleared all the spider webs one morning lol.

This was a fun bike ride. The wind was blowing hard toward the south-east as it frequently does. This made the Bayview trail tough sledding. For this reason, I chose to do the loop counter-clockwise to take advantage of the tailwind on the back nine.

There is a series of switch backs that takes you up the hill to the Red Hill trail (see my track). Then it's a series of ups and downs akin to riding a roller coaster, which was a blast! And don't forget to stop at the top and take in the views, because they are fantastic! I like when you're going down a steep hill and can see where the path is headed. And better yet there is an uphill on the other side that will slow you down so you don't need to use your brakes at all.

The tailwind made coming back on Bayview trail a breeze, literally and figuratively. The recording shows that I topped out at 23 mph, and I was in a middle gear not really pushing hard at all.

I did the loop on a Trek 7.2 hybrid with trail tires. A mountain bike would be preferred on Red Hill. You can ride a road bike on Bayview, but I wouldn't recommend it for Red Hill.

on Bayview Trail

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11 months ago

My favorite running trail - expansive views, varied terrain (several other hillier trails connect to this one).

11 months ago

An easy walk around the slough with views of the SF Bay, bridges and cityscape. (No dogs)

Detailed Blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1463115383527

An excellent hike with views of SF Bay from Newark. Red Hills trail will offer an energetic workout for those choosing to do it.

Detailed Blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1467243939417

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The last time I hiked this trail was 30 years ago. The trail is still the same but most of the trail is now paved and lots more new trails cutting through this main trail. We chose to do the incline part first up the steps to re-enact my first hike up here. The views of the bay, the meadow, the eucalyptus trees, and the sight of a herd of about a couple hundred sheep homing was a plus. Though it's the dry season, the smell of licorice along the trail was a nostalgic reminder of the good ol' days.

Friday, July 14, 2017

A longer version of the Bayview trail.
the part on No-name trail is full of birds and is rather long, so biking is a good options. (I hiked this time, but I did bike this trail once).
Very nice sights and wildlife on the trail


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I liked this trail a lot! Beautiful and refreshing

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beautiful trail with lots of scenery to enjoy and piers to take restful breaks on. The marsh smells, well, like a marsh... So just expect nature to be itself. The paved roads were mildly bumpy, but not enough to discourage cycling.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

wilderness surrounded by the city life,
anytime I'm tired of the city crowd, this is my hideaway, alongside the Don Edwards wild life refuge

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

One of the most scenic places. Not too many people on weekdays. A great way to spend your day.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Great View. Fun trail to walk. I suggest combining it with Red Hill Trail to get a bird’s eye view of the bay. For a full day hike you can start at the end of Alameda Creek trail and Beard Staging center or Quarry Staging center. Take the spur off at Alameda Creek Trail and go up to the top of Red Hill. On the back side of Red Hill is the Dairy Glen center which has a bath room, bbq pit, water fountain and pavilion. The hills will give your quads a good work out. They are steep so coming down can be rough on the knees.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Amazing view

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Not as nice as most of the other bay trails. There was a sulphur smell in the air from the surrounding marsh, which is to be expected. The main path follows the creek, with a business park on the other side of the creek and the bay on the other side of the path. So it's not terribly scenic. The path is a solid gravel/clay mix and raised up from the water.

If you want to add distance, you can head east on the southern end until the trail ends. You can also take the side trail on the north end that goes west and out into the bay. Total is 5.6 miles with these two additions (see my track).

The parking area was a little sketchy. There were some ppl just sitting in their cars. I didn't feel great about leaving my car there unattended.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Real nice 4-5 mile loop. We had plenty of fun, located rabbits, gophers, a variety of birds. You can turn this into a reasonably moderate hike by climbing some of the hills (while they are not on the trail path).

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Easy trail, lots of lovely views. I went when it was overcast so it was super cold.

This trail would be ideal for a dog walk or a quick run.

I wish I had taken some photo's to share with you all.

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