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Drove about an hour ish to get here. All trails said we had reached our destination yet we could not see a trail? We were at a ranger station, but of course it was closed

Nice well marked trail. Uphill most of the way, but do able. Only 3 people on bikes passed us and we were on the trail from 10 am-2pm. We went in November so it was cool. But you travel in and out of the sun. Lots of beautiful trees, pine cones and a few nice rock croppings if you go up far enough. Would totally do this trail again. Adventure pass required.

My Boy Scout troop originally thought of this hike. We decided to pick numerous trails for a point to point backpacking experience. It was a long trip but extremely worth it. The wildlife and scenery was amazing. Certainly would recommend to others, but do go in the spring or summer. Weather was chilly around this time of year.

11 days ago

Loved the hike! Easy trail up to Mt. Pinos from Nordic Base. We added the 3-2-1 Challenge to our hike and included Sawmill Mountain & Grouse Mountain so it was more of a moderate/hard hike. Beautiful trail past Mt. Pinos. They could use some trail markers as it is easy to get off trail. We had downloaded the gpx map to my watch so we didn't get lost. I'd do this one again. Loved it!

I have don this hike many times. Great little workout to bring my kids. Wild life and history lessons out here are great! I have seen bob cats, deer, scorpions, etc. really great hiking for beginners who want to get a sweat in.

Done this trail several times. Great steep training, well maintained trail. Definitely a workout. Tons of mountain bikers who come up on you FAST. Hikers are supposed to have the right of way but it certainly feels like bikers run the path around here. Almost have been run off the trail several times. Campgrounds restrooms are available toward the top of the trail (a mile or 2 down) at the paved campground. Also restrooms available at the very top of the trail.

off road driving
13 days ago

I took my 2012 JK Unlimited with 35's and had no problem. It was a bumpy trail with sharp rocks. I saw on the map after there are some mines I may go back to.

Beautiful trail, 2 miles gradual uphill then back down. Chilly this time of year, should have brought a light sweater. Some lovely birds in the meadow near the top.

Nice trail, bikers and hikers are friendly. I logged 16.4 miles round trip! Excellent views at the top. There are toilets available at the campgrounds you pass through, but no water.

on Mount Pinos Trail

2 months ago

Fantastic views for such an easy hike. What I really like is that you can add much more to the hike when you start below the Nordic base. A bit more challenging and beautiful shaded meadows with lots of flowers.

2 months ago

9-1-18: Nice walk anyone can do. There was an 89 year old gentleman by himself with COPD breathing hard that was taking lots of breaks and moving slowly so anyone that can walk up can do it. I think it's 2 miles from parking lot to the top. Great weather, temperature 73 deg at noon (not cold or hot), no wind... Perfect. It is over 8,000 feet so oxygen in the air is less... You'll be breathing a little harder.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Really great short drive terrain isn’t to rough but would recommend 4wd or awd. View point at the top is very worth the drive.

Super easy, beautiful hike❤️⛰

Trailer to the top worth the spectacular view. Can be windy so check the weather report. Trying to time a trip when the air is clear.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail! Fairly flat up to Mt Pinos, but the trail gets a little more difficult if you want to continue to Sawmill Mountain and Grouse Mountain (which makes it about 10 miles RT).

5 months ago

Not too hard, great view from the peak.

healthy hike, beautiful views overlooking Pine Mountain Club and the valley. beautiful view of mountains.

About 13 miles from the parking lot by ranger station to the Frazier mtn. lookout at the top. About 2700 ft incline, but its all nice and steady up. Road is paved until you get to campsite, then its dirt road with some rocks. I hiked in winter so there was nobody there except maybe 2 cars passed me by. There was about 2-3 inches of snow for last couple of miles, but nothing major. There are some beautiful views of the valley along the way, and some big pinetrees. Seen at least 2 different kinds of birds, some rabbit prints in the snow. The view from the top is also very nice. I can see this trail is really crowded in the summer mostly cars.

Nice views of the town and surrounding mountains; even better if you are a fault line buff. Nothing is marked so easy to get side tracked on the trails around the campsite. Start and stay due west of the campground. There will be a moderate climb to start the trail.

9 months ago

I have been here twice and still have to do the complete loop. Both times I came out here, I saw one or two people but that was it. The trail starts at the campground where you’ll also see the picnic tables and bathrooms. Last time I hiked the bathrooms were open (summer last year) this time they were locked. They were clean though last time too. There is a dog park you will pass for the registered campers only, that is when you circle for parking. The trail is very easy to navigate and very pretty. When I have the time to spend there and do the entire loop, I’ll be back again!

It was super easy. The only thing is that there was snow and we were not ready for that. But fun never the less

off road driving
9 months ago

Excellent summer run with beautiful valley views. Locked gate during winter, however; a tight gate bypass is available if you don't mind pin striping. (I fit a four door jeep down it) It is not mapped but this trail does connect to 8N04B and over to the Frazier Mountain lookout. Trail is rough,sharp stone for about 70% street tires are not recommended as they will get torn up by the stone. Slow progress until you reach 8N04B expect about 45-1hour drive one way.

10 months ago

Nice uphill climb. Mostly smooth dirt road. Little to no people. Views.

10 months ago

Super easy and fun trail. Did it for my annual New Year’s Day hike and the views were awesome! A little warmer than expected but still perfect weather.

Awesome view!

Beautiful trail, a quick in and out. Perfect for new hikers and families.

off road driving
11 months ago

The trail mapped here is not the Lockwood Creek Trail, but rather, it is the West Frazier Mine trail. It eventually connects to the Lockwood Creek Trail, but not as it is shown on the trail map.
The trail shown is the old route for the West Frazier Mine Road. Most of the portion from Lockwood Valley Road to the first intersection (about 1.5 miles in) is now closed to vehicles, as they access this road from the Frazier Mountain Road instead. A left turn at the intersection would take you back to the beginning of the vehicle route. Continuing straight at the intersection takes you up the west side of Frazier Mountain where the West Frazier Tie Road veers to the left, taking you to the summit of Frazier Mountain. Continuing straight at this point will take you into Lockwood Valley and connect with the Lockwood Creek Trail.
Most of this route is a rocky four-wheel-drive trail, with several stretches where there is little to no shade. The climb is moderate, but manageable.
I've been over this road on a motorcycle and in a truck, and have also hiked a portion of it. The scenery is pleasant, though not what I would consider exceptional, so I prefer to drive over this route as opposed to hiking it. There are other places nearby that I prefer to hike instead.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Great hike. Less than a mile to the first great view of the valley.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Great hike with lots to explore when you get to the top.

mountain biking
Friday, September 22, 2017

I ride a few times a year. There are a few sketchy spots. Don't ride it in the dark : / A couple rock beds are more exposed than last year. On the bright side, a few sandy spots are packed hard. Some trees that fell this year were cut very narrow. One monster tree needs two branches cut. Any volunteers?

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