Looking for a great trail near Foresthill, California? AllTrails has 21 great hiking trails, trail running trails, mountain biking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Auburn State Recreation Area or Spenceville Wildlife Area, we've got you covered. Gearing up for a challenge? There are 9 hard trails in Foresthill ranging from 4.3 to 21.3 miles and from 3,464 to 6,768 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!






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Foresthill, California Map
21 days ago

Loved this hike. Easy trail along the river. Exactly 1.5 miles to the falls which right now is gushing with water! Fantastic falls for the Auburn area.
We found two TICKS. So be on the look out for those.
The drive to the trailhead is mostly off roading. Wouldn’t recommend bringing a small car. SUVs will have a bumpy ride. Preferable road to trucks and off roading vehicles. My 2005 Ford Escape made it!

Quick, easy, flat hike. River was high, and the creek/waterfall was flowing high as well. Road going in is paved part of the way, and then very bad dirt road for about 2.5 miles past that. You don't NEED a truck to get to the trailhead, but that's the easiest way - we did it in a raised AWD station wagon, and that was fine.

This was an ok hike. The entire portion that I did was a 15ft wide dirt and rock path. It serves as an access road for rangers and maintenance so you’re hiking on a path that doubles as a vehicle road and it feels like it.

I had to turn around at 2.2 miles in once I got down to the river. There was a stream that comes from uphill directly across the path with no good way to cross it. The water is only 2-5 inches deep but moves fast so your feet will get wet. With 1 mile further to go, I decided to turn around and not have to hike with wet socks and shoes.

Nice trail, you do cross Foresthill rd, but plenty of visibility both ways. Mountain bike use this trail and can be little aggressive.

Beautiful trail but there were mountain bikers flying down the path with no care for anyone hiking the trail. There are some places on this path where there is not enough room for a hiker and a bike to pass each other. I wish I would have known the mountain bikers can drive to the top of the first portion of the trail and speed dangerously to the bottom. I would have gone to the Clementine or another trail.

this trail description starts at the top of drivers flat road which is a dirt 1 lane road to ruck a chucky campground. the road is a little non descript but pleasant walk in the off season. when the road is open there is limited day use parking for a few cars. The trail along the river is beautiful and can be extended up Western States up canyon.

did only part of tral on the side of creek that hooks up to euchre trail to dangerous to complete went straight up mountain to get back to euchre trail i thought it would be a nice shot cut had nice views but not worth your life all trails should take trail of there app or mark as extremely dangerous dont do alone

Lots of ups and downs, mountain bikers, and trees. Still gorgeous and not too challenging

3 months ago

ok probably won't do again might do tge main trail an see where it gos

3 months ago

It seems like this might be mostly a bike trail - I only saw one other hiker to about 10 bikers. It was a beautiful rainy day hike!

4 months ago

Jeff Olson (11-7-18, Wednesday): From the campsite at Foresthill Road it is just under 1 mile to the beginning of the trail where there is a metal box where you can put on paper your experience for others to read. The trail is down from the box to the right. This trail was cleared Spring 2018; downed trees and blackberry bushes were cleared all the way to the river. The trail has a pretty steady grade of 20-40 degrees all the way down, a little steeper closer to the river. I took 2 hours going down, taking my time. It took me 2.8 hours back up, much harder! I didn't go up-river past the makeshift campsite at the end of this trail at the river. So I don't know if the trail upstream is clear of bushes, etc. No mosquitoes but gnats in abundance. A warm Fall season up to now, with barely freezing temperatures at night. I fished a little and caught a small trout. Easy with a pheasant tail nymph fly; released back into the river. A nice day-hike but strenuous. Once you reach the river, the big rocks just downstream a few hundred feet offer a nice place to relax, get some sun and swim or fish. Access to the river from the trail is very steep with few places to get down safely; one spot by the makeshift campsite. The miners cabin just past and up a few hundred feet from the makeshift campsite is well preserved and interesting to see. I saw nobody on or near the trail all day. One small creek about 1/3 the way down had a little water running; enough to filter if needed. I recommend 2 liters of water per person as you head up the trail from the river. No snakes, deer or bears seen. A nice day hike for the hardy hikers.

4 months ago

Having been down this trail several times in the past, prior to the fire. I eagerly started down a trail that had been destroyed and closed by a forest fire eight or more years ago. My online search having shown that the trail was good and cleared to the bottom. The trail drops 2700 feet in 2.36 miles and in difficulty would be equivalent to doing the Euchre Bar trail to the river and back 1 ½ times in one day. This was what I considered the difficulty prior to the forest fire. That was all about to change.

There were no road signs to get into the trail. Maps or GPS would be helpful if you had never been there. You will need to park near the paved road unless you have high ground clearance. After you walk in, you will notice that the trail sign has been burnt and shot and is slightly legible.

Trail has a short incline in the beginning and your Verizon service may work - mine did. This will last for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile then the signal is gone. You will also notice on the trail is that with the canopy of the forest missing, the sun is on your back. Any hope of a mountain breeze is blocked by the new, dense 5’ undergrowth. The dead fallen trees hold the moisture down and make the humidity go way up. The insects are thriving There is a brand new ecosystem with lots of decaying matter which feeds insects, small mammals and snakes and bears.

I had called the ranger station as well as checked the U.S. Forest Service website prior to trip and based on the information I found had anticipated a good trail. The first mile was great, then it became overgrown about halfway down. When I considered a retreat, I thought it would be safer to go down further to the spring and resupply with water. Unfortunately, the further you got down the trail the worse the trail got. You are basically bushwacking through high humidity insect and snake country with the sun on your back. Definitely wear a hat even if you are planning on using sunscreen as any sunscreen you have will bleed off in sweat.
There were a lot of bear droppings. About 3/4 of the way down you finally hit the spring. At this point there is running water and the trail is gone. It was apparent that someone had marked the trail with orange/pink tape down low. You will need to cut your way through and climb over and under fallen trees and bushes to get to the bottom and you will lose the trail constantly. It’s apparent that work was given up on the lower trail. You can see they had a chain saw. They didn’t cut through the fallen trees, just nicked the top of fallen trees with a chain saw like a marker on the way down. After you get to the bottom of the trail you won’t be at the river. You can go down to the river (Westerly) or up the river which will bring you to the slightly damaged Tadpole Creek Bridge. There is water there -take-it the water had almost stopped running in the creek and was almost gone. You can scramble down this steep creek to the river or follow the trail up or down. I did the creek scramble toward the river and loaded up on snacks and water and walked out in daylight as the evening became cooler. My whole body was sore and dirty from trail hunting, trail climbing and bleeding from the bushes.

I think the trail was actually equivalent to three times in one day of the Euchre Bar trail to the river and back in effort. I’ve hiked these areas for thirty years and this hike could be your last if you are not in shape and prepared. These areas are intensely beautiful/steep rugged and rarely crossed by foot, raft, etc. You would think a forest fire would clear the trail. However, it’s just the opposite. I drank approximately 3 ½ gallons of water on total hike.

So, if you do choose to take this hike be prepared for a wild and dangerous adventure and proceed with extreme caution! Read trail reviews as Forest Services website claimed in May that the trails were good. Reviews will set you straight. I called the ranger station following my trip and four months later the forest service state that the trail is clear?

In summary if you like hot sun, snakes, mosquitos, ant bites, poison oak and bleeding scratches from berry bushes you will love this trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago

I've been riding this trail since 1962

4 months ago

I wouldn’t say it’s moderate. Definitely be in shape for this trail. It’s steep and both ways will hurt. The trail and river used to be beautiful before it got burned out by forest fire so it’s really not worth the trouble. Too bad

5 months ago

Even though it is dry in late September the waterfall was still active. There are some nice water holes to cool off in too. Good short hike, with a rough drive in. Drive out was easier since we were going uphill. Coming back in the spring!

Did the out and back from Mumford Campground to Mumford Cabin and back with wife and daughter . Trail is in great shape, really enjoyed it! Some beautiful views of the canyon along the way. This hike is basically an easy 4.75 miles down and a solid effort back up. We recommend it!

Dogs are allowed, and the drive down is great just have a good SUV. Also, very remote with no cell coverage.

6 months ago

beautiful area. it's too long of a drive for such a short hike but worth it if you visit the other spots in the area or you're camping near by or out enjoying a Sunday drive and want to take a meandering walk through this old Grove. great place to take someone who can only walk a little distance and wants to enjoy the Grove without the millions of people in Yosemite, although it too is gorgeous and a must see.

7 months ago

The trail is in the worst shape it’s been in for 36 years with trees down and overgrowth, we had to “rock hop” along the river for some of it. It also had more fresh bear poop that I’ve seen and one of our group saw a mountain lion. It’s worth getting down there but be prepared to hurt.

Did about 10 miles of this trail this past weekend. Nice trail, lots of shade. Got a good workout from the long descent (about 2.5 miles) which bottoms out at the river (bridge) then did another 2.5 miles ascending away from the river before we turned back as it started getting warm.

Only downside was the mosquitoes which were out in full force especially in the shade. We used a lot of deet and picaridin, but it wasn’t enough to keep them away. Would advise anyone to cover well and maybe use those weird hats with veil/netting I see some hikers wear if you don’t want mosquitoes constantly in your face and eyes and biting.

Overall nice trail, would do it again.

The final 2.5 mile drive to the base of this canyon- and where the trailhead begins- is difficult to drive. There is not any true designated parking area, so most vehicles just park along the side of this dirt road. There is a sign next to the bridge & bathrooms directing you toward Codfish Falls Trail, which we set out on and hiked for about 45 minutes before we came to a very dry creek bed and a bunch of homemade stick signs pointing us to go back

Still one of my favorites!! Tried some new trails this year and finally got back to this one for the first time this season! It's perfect for all fitness levels. I usually run it and feel safe doing so. The bikers are courteous and usually make their presence known! It is pretty much all brown now, but still lovely. Half sun and half shade. Some poison oak, but the trail is clean, clear and well marked!

8 months ago

Good physical challenge. Boring switchbacks mostly shaded. Trail is a continous steep grade all the way up the canyon. River is nice and there are blackberry bushes at the bottom. I went in july and drank all my 1.5l water and ran out about the last mi on a 90 degree day. There were a couple of creeks running on the way to get water. I would say wear bug spray and carry at least 3l of water or a backpacks straw to refill at the bottom.

To say that this trial is hard, would be an understatement! 11.5 miles from the campground is very accurate. The trail is very overgrown. To the point where we questioned if we had somehow gotten off the trail. To get down to the water is extremely difficult and steep! Bring bug spray! The mosquitos are horrendous! We gotten eaten alive! Make sure to bring plenty of water. We ran out on the way back and had to send my brother in law to refill our water bottles at the little water fall/spring. Not to be dramatic, but we thought we might die, and we’re not amateurs to hiking.

The trail was nice and easy. It’s a beautiful area and the trees are just amazing. I marked it down in stars because the picnic area/trailhead and the trail markers were not well maintained. The bathrooms were locked and we didn’t see any picnic tables as indicated on the Tahoe NF website. There were no maps or brochures at the little hut. There was only one marked trail and that was for the Forest View Trail which is a 1.5 mile hike that joins up with the Big Trees Loop. Upon our return, we saw a post that the loop trail sign should have been on but wasn’t. It was very weird that before we left, someone spelled out “loop” in duct tape on the post so others could find the trailhead (see picture). To find the trailhead, when coming from the parking lot to he kiosk, the Forest View Trail is to the left of the kiosk and the Loop is to the right. The trails were clean and clear but some of the trail markers were falling over. The Forest View Trail was nice and went through a burn area which really was fascinating to see what had burned and what didn’t.

Never found it

8 months ago

To add to the crazy stories from this trail, yesterday I was attacked by a nesting goshawk that built its nest right above the trail. A few good punctures to the back of the head. I would not recommend hiking this trail until later in the year when the chicks have left the nest.

Trees down and erosion at end prevented us from safely accessing the river.

Nice trail. Watch out for bikers.

10 months ago

Tough trail in parts with steeper climbs and downed trees, but worth it for beautiful views of the American River.

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