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The trail was nice and easy. It’s a beautiful area and the trees are just amazing. I marked it down in stars because the picnic area/trailhead and the trail markers were not well maintained. The bathrooms were locked and we didn’t see any picnic tables as indicated on the Tahoe NF website. There were no maps or brochures at the little hut. There was only one marked trail and that was for the Forest View Trail which is a 1.5 mile hike that joins up with the Big Trees Loop. Upon our return, we saw a post that the loop trail sign should have been on but wasn’t. It was very weird that before we left, someone spelled out “loop” in duct tape on the post so others could find the trailhead (see picture). To find the trailhead, when coming from the parking lot to he kiosk, the Forest View Trail is to the left of the kiosk and the Loop is to the right. The trails were clean and clear but some of the trail markers were falling over. The Forest View Trail was nice and went through a burn area which really was fascinating to see what had burned and what didn’t.

Never found it

Beautiful shaded trail, creek and waterfalls are a nice treat. Currently closed.

Attempted this hike this past weekend. Access is closed right now. :(

You CANNOT go in through the Auburn side. The road is blocked 2.7 miles from trailhead and it says NO public. We made the mistake of trying. 02-10-18

made the long drive today to try and reach the trailhead for American Eagle Trail that Junctions at the end of the Euchre bar Trail. upon arriving to Pioneer Mine Road which leads to the trailhead we found that the gate was locked it is unclear as to whether it was the property owners at the very end of pioneer Mine Road or if it was the forest service I contacted the Foresthill ranger station and was not able to get a clear answer as to whether this is a public or a private road online research didn't yield any results either. Basically this Trail is inaccessible at least based on our experience today although pictures online from Google Maps show that at some point the door is open and another reviewer on trails.com stated he was able to access the site perhaps it may be accessible later on in the year we did cross the barrier and Hike about a mile-and-a-half on the main road on Pioneer Mine Road But realize that from where we left off it was still another five point five miles to the trailhead and it would inevitably cross s with the property that appears on Google Maps would not suggest this Trail for the time being completely inaccessible

clean beautiful hike. long dirt road in.

Beautiful hike! The ride after the paved road requires a car that can handle steep and uneven terrain. We parked on a flat area about 1.4 miles from the trailhead and just walked in.

A quick way to see Big Trees with the family. Very Clean. When we went it had a few wasps. They buzzed us but for the most part left us alone. My dogs love it there, So much packed into a little hike. Almost off season, We had the place pretty much to ourselves. Bring your own water as mentioned. A great place to try the little ones out on for hiking and teach them about nature and outdoor manners. Have fun!

9 months ago

Very fun

Son really enjoyed this hike. River offers nice backdrop to a pleasant walk. Very little traffic during week, when we went.

on Gold Dollar Trail

10 months ago

We never found the start of the trail. The area is really nice, been to big trees a couple of times. Any one know if there is a sign at the start of the trail?

Ling windy drive. Camped for 3 nights. Had alot of fun!

This trail is best for cooler weather or early mornings. We went at 8:30am in August and it was HOT. The first half (approx.) of the trail is in full sun, the second half is under the trees and shaded but there were some gnat-like bugs in the shaded areas. The falls are small at that time but still there. There is a $10 parking fee at the trailhead and parking is limited. Mostly trucks on the road, saw one car. Road is smooth dirt at the beginning but some rough potholes/ditches towards the bottom. The trail follows along the river so swimming is available also. Signs showed dogs on-leash. Overall we enjoyed the hike and would do it again, but after the rains.

10 months ago


Hike itself and area is beautiful, the effort to get there though was absolutely terrifying. I have a honda and did not read the fine print about unmaintained dirt road- it is seriously filled with potholes and it felt like I was going to slide off the road at multiple points. Would not recommend if you don't have an SUV or truck. Past that this is a pretty eery feeling hike.

Super remote trail, gravel road access and very hard to with a car. The trail it's self was beautiful but getting there was semi hard and that's the only downside.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

7/15/17: Ponderosa Rd is currently closed on the Foresthill side but you can reach the bridge and trailhead from the Weimar side. Recommend using a high clearance vehicle to make it down to the bridge and trailhead on the rough dirt/gravel road. Beautiful this year after all the winter storms. Fairly easy hike but it is hot this time of year.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

7/8/17: Road to get down to trail-head is currently closed due to erosion. We drove out to discover the closure and had to come up with a backup plan. I've heard it's a fun hike so looking forward to revising my review once the road is opened again!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Very short route direct to the grove - take the forest loop to add a little distance. Very easy hike, and awesome payoff (I know "awesome" is an overused word, but these trees deserve it). Facilities were locked, and the water fountain is posted as unusable so bring water.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

This was my first hike after moving to the area a couple days ago and it was a perfect first hike. You do have to drive down an un-maintained road for a couple miles but it is totally worth it. The first part of the trail is along the American River and then when the trail steers away from it, you get to the falls and they are beautiful! We were the only ones on the trail and we sat down on the rocks by the fall and enjoyed the water. Most of the trail is pretty shaded which was nice. Overall- I really enjoyed this way trail!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Hiked 5/27/2017: This hike was okay. The 2 mile drive down was a complete nightmare in our Corolla, took about 30 minutes. That alone would make me rethink going. We went Memorial Day weekend and there was no parking; we got "lucky" and parked sideways. $10 fee. Beware: they do give parking tickets if you're in a no parking zone. Hike itself was short for the amount of effort to get there, but it's nice hiking along the river and going to the waterfall at the end.

Beautiful hike with river, falls & wildflowers. The 2 mile dirt road in is pretty rough. $10 to park. Not a lot of parking if it's busy.

on Big Tree Nature Trail

Monday, May 15, 2017

Love going here for a short trip! It's an easy trail and our dog loves it. I always feel comfortable here, the picnic area is nice and the restroom is kept clean.

Great hike. It's narrow, so weekends are not ideal, but doable. The road to get there is complete crap. Beware. And!!... They just put signage up to limit parking. The only place to park is the side of the road and, on weekends, the line of cars can get long enough to block part of the road. The ranger told me today that he is going to start ticketing people. A lot of people. I said, even after driving that crappy road to get here, if there is no parking up to the sign, we have to leave? Yep. All that said, I'd be sad if I never found this trail. Beautiful. My son and dog love it, too.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Would've been a 5 but our 3 mile hike turned into 9. Ponderosa Rd. is closed about 3 miles from the trailhead due to rain damage. Would recommend entering from the other side. Still a beautiful hike.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hiked 4/10/17: We came in on the Weimar side and the rocky dirt road to the trailhead is best accessed with a truck or all wheel drive vehicle. The trail was really nice and mostly narrow along the river. You do go into a well shaded area to get to the falls and the trails ends at them...and they are stunning! My friend made her way to the top of the falls, but we didn't want to attempt rock climbing...lol! There are portable restrooms at the trailhead, which are helpful. It was a short hike, but perfect for after work during the week when time is limited.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not for the faint of heart driving on the dirt road down, nor is it for ANY car without terrific tires/good treads. Really best with a SUV with some clearance. I could see tires getting popped very easily and it is often narrow and steep. Not prime for tire-changing. The washout was bad enough that we had to walk the last part of road. A rad adventure if you aren’t worried about a shard of rock puncturing a tire!
This hike is amazing right now. (Early April) Another couple weeks and the creeks all dry up and the flowers and grass will be gone. There are a couple side trails down to the river, and in summer I bet it will be much nicer to get some river time in. Right now it is too high and dangerous. If you are going to bring dogs (it is posted NO DOGS ) at least keep them on a leash. It isn't pleasant walking some stretches of VERY narrow path with a drop off on one side and steep cliff on the other, often wet or with the path eroding and slippery, and having unleashed dogs running the trail around you. They don’t heed right-of-way and blow right past people. NOT SAFE! Be respectful. Young kids hike this trail as well as older people who just aren’t that sure footed and it is inconsiderate and selfish...on ANY trail. As an extremely fit hiker it is still very scary at times to have dogs, big and little, push past you or get caught underfoot.

I don’t often repeat trails, but I will bring my Dad out on this one before the flowers and creeks are gone. 3 stars for the amount of people, the dirt road down that keeps you praying you won't pop your tires on rocks, and the amount of unleashed dogs on a NO DOGS trail.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

To start with Ponderosa Way is closed if coming from Forest Hill. You will have to have to head up to W. Paoli Dr. And come down Ponderosa Way that direction. Dirt road is in rough shape and little cars will only be able to get so close, is what it is and all part of the adventure. Anyways this was my second time up here, last time was in the summer about 4 yrs ago. Going this time year was so worth it. The rive looked amazing and was flowing quickly, wild flowers were blooming bringing tons of butterflies & the falls were magnificent. So much water flowing down made the whole trip worth while. Do not wait too long to get out here or the Falls will not be so spectacular. Also, it is rated moderate, in my opinion, it was easy, my 7&5 year old kids did the whole thing with small packs. No sweat!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Great trail,but the road needs a little help ! Nice to see all the wild flowers in bloom!

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