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Did this yesterday and it was amazing. Still a little snow on the side of the trail towards the summit but nothing to worry about.

Weather was beautiful - didn’t need much more than 2 layers for most of the hike but it did get cold later in the shade.

We did it all in one go - took 9.5 hours including about 45 mins hanging on the summit - we were moving fairly quickly and packed super light.

The views going up the mountain after dry lake are incredible. Highly recommended.

This is one of my favorite spots. Always beautiful.

This trail was absolutely beautiful. The first mile and the last couple miles up are the hardest but trekking poles help a ton. The juice is worth the squeeze on this one as the sights from up top are breathtaking.

Amazing views. very long hike on a very rocky and sometimes slippery trail. first and last parts were brutal, the first part also on the way down due to the strain on the knees (even with hiking poles). Are the views worth the pain? happy I did it, won't do it again.

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7 days ago

May 2018 Drove by fire ravaged Aspen Grove top turnout. Area closed. Can see some Aspen shoots coming up at creek. Maybe 4' tall. Drove to Fish Creek and the corrals and spring survived the fire. Area beyond San G sign closed as well as trail that heads back down to Aspen Grove. Area won't be close to the same for decades (really a century.) Many burned trees seemingly marked for removal. Looked like they cleared a swath along the PCT for safety and it was open.

Beautiful trail, definitely recommend Summiting in the fall and winter when you get to use crampons, it’s and unforgettable experience and the view of the the snowed mountains is priceless.

Great trail! Really well maintained. The first mile and last two are the toughest parts. Really beautiful and worth the hike! I did it in 2 days, but it could easily be done as a day hike.

Well worth the effort!
The hardest trail I've done so far. Great training for bigger challenges. My favorite trail and peak of the 6 packs. Will be back again! Took our 2 dogs and they are slumbering for days now, mission complete!

13 days ago

from the parking lot to the creek its more like 8 miles. Its a nice hike, very wilderness like scenery. Trail head is across the river, you know you reached the end when you hit the campground. You need at least 1/2 to 1 liter of water to be comfortable in reasonable weather. Steady incline the whole way to the creek.

Pretty hard because of steepness but the views are GREAT

6 am start under heavy cloud cover and drizzle. Reached the upper Momyer creek trail in just under an hour at 2.8 miles, here you go left and start the serious part of the hike. This lower part of the trail has recently been cleaned up making the journey more pleasant than in the past. The toughest part of this hike is between mile 4 and 6 where you gain about 2,200 ft of elevation, after that the steady steep gain is replaced by nice switchbacks. The upper trail has been cleared in places along the way but there still are a lot of overgrown areas and long pants are highly recommended. You will reach a bend in the trail where it crosses over the ridge and into a bowl where the trail traverses the entire length and one more long switchback before reaching the top of the 10,000 foot ridge, there are a few large downed trees in this final section resist the urge to go straight up and just walk around them. From the signed junction go left for the San Bernardino peaks, right for Anderson, Forsee creek, Dollar Saddle and beyond. For me today’s peak was East San Bernardino and was just a 10 min. easy walk from the junction. The views from this particular peak are my favorite in all of Southern California as you can see the big three and many other peaks from this vantage point. This is not an easy trail at 15.5 miles and 5,350 feet of total elevation gain and should only be undertaken by hikers in good physical condition. Enjoy and be safe.

17 days ago

Such a beautiful trail, it was our first time here. We encountered a rattlesnake hiding in the brush right when left the parking lot heading down to the start of the trail. And another baby snack in the stream heading up the falls. (not to sure what kind of snake it was tho.) I was prepared with our parking pass, $5. But noticed there was a graveled lot that said free parking.
Hiking up the riverbed to the various falls was a nice workout, not to strenuous but you can feel your muscles work as you find your balance on the slippery rocks. and yes they are very slippery, so becareful.! Great water flow, and it was very cold. But we loved it!

Amazing hike. Completed on 5/28. No need for microspikes. 1st mile and last before summit are the toughest, but worth it! There is plenty of water...best to fill up at High creek before and after summit bid.

24 days ago

It was beautiful and so peaceful. It’s a tiring walk since its all about balancing with all the rocks. Water is super cold. My dogs loved it.

4/28-29/18. No snow, some but not a heavy flow of water at high creek camp. Already crowded. Great hike though.

Too much snow to summit this route right now. Wait until summer. Crampons are not enough. Need ice axe and rope. Had to turn back after 9 miles.

Hiked 4 28 18. The trail is in good shape. No need for spikes. This one is long. The section from 10k to 11k feet is brutal. Start early and take your time.

Hiked 4/21/18... hardly any snow on trail.. lucked out with perfect condition! The view at the top is amazing. The key to this hike is to start early!

1 month ago

It’s a very short and easy hike until you get to the bottom of the falls and cross the water if you want to get up closer to the falls. Climbing those rocks can be a little steep but manageable for most people. There was quite a few bits and pieces of trash on this trail and at the falls. When I got to the top there was a group of young males smoking weed and leaving their trash behind. I guess easier hikes attract this type of crowd. Don’t forget your $5 adventure pass(got mine at local big 5). There was a free dirt parking lot behind the paved parking lot but I didn’t know if it would be okay to park there even though the toll booth was closed? Not sure, but better to be safe.

Great Hike (13-14 APR 2018). My GPS showed 21 total miles round trip... We stayed on the trail. I think that the switchbacks have been extended. Friday on ascent we only saw 3 other people. Saturday, on our decent we saw about 40 hikers on their way up. Used only trekking poles.

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1 month ago


Started this hike at 5am. There were already a few cars parked at the trail head. The trail is distinctly marked with signs from the trail head as you cross the Mill Creek River Bed.

It took us about 6 hours to ascend to the peak. We definitely took our sweet time. The weather was just too perfect! Hardly any wind at all and a cool 65 degrees for most of the hike. Still a few patches of snow and ice, but microspikes it not necessary. I would recommend trekking poles hiking back down due to the speed descend.

Be aware that once you come down the peak, don’t take the peak divide trail by accident. That will take you to the San Bernardino Peak, make sure you take the trail to the left.

Overall, one of the most beautiful hikes out here in the Inland Empire.

Bonus: We saw a bobcat hiding in a small cave.

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Started at 5AM and took about 9.5H from the Vivian Creek trailhead to summit and return. There is minimal snow above 8k and was perfectly fine with poles and microspikes / yaktrax. Crampons and axe are unnecessary right now. The initial switchbacks and elevation gain are brutal and even worse when coming down. Take as little weight as possible to save your knees.

Fantastic challenging trail. Completed 10/6/17. From trailhead to summit - 5 hrs. Weather was perfect in early October.

The trail is very difficult and conditions are terrible deep snow and ice are all over the trail but the view at the top is amazing the trip should take you about two days make sure to bring appropriate clothing and a tent

Great easy hike that can be challenging if you climb the river bed to the various falls.

2 months ago

Forest Falls was beautiful. Great nature trail.

Proper preperation prevents poor performance.

March 20th was my third time on the mountain this winter and I had the pleasure of bringing the girlfriend recently.
Started at 3 am so we could be high enough for some good morning shots. Together we reached a point about 2.5 miles from the peak but the girlfriend was dead! She just got back the morning before from a week long trip to Bali so I don't blame her. Ran/Jogged the last 2 miles up. There's two little peaks at the top but I went to the one 20 feet lower in elevation so I could save the real peak for the girlfriend and I. All in all a good experience with the right gear..and weather lol

2 months ago

Beautiful but very short hike I would call it more of a 8min walk.

Hiked up to San Bernardino Peak with my buddy on Friday 2/9/18. Beautiful views but she makes you work for it. Didn't see another hiker all day, it was awesome!

We started out on the trail at 545am, arrived at the Peak at 12:57, and after a nice long hour and a half lunch, we started decending at 2:25pm. We did not get back to the car till 615pm. Make sure you bring PLENTY OF WATER. Unless you keep going to Alger creek you won't have any water source. i would reccomend filling up before heading up to the Peak, just in case. i brought a 3L bladder for the entire trip and i wish i had filled up Alger Creek.. This trail is relentless the entire 7.1 miles to the Peak so be prepared. About 3 miles in you arrive at the fork, where you can take Alger Creek, Dobbs Cabin, and Dollar Lake saddle, OR you can take the trail to San Bernardino Peak. We chose to trekk to the San Bernardino peak, as we have both been to Dobbs cabin on this route. The trail up to the Peak is not well maintained and there are alot of fallen trees and a few rock slides that have covered parts of the trail. As long as you are paying attention, looking for trail markers, and following other hikers footsteps you shouldn't lose the trail. The trail beyond the fork is difficult, and has a steady incline for 3.5-4 miles to the Peak, but the views are worth it! There are small patches of snow around 8500ft and plenty of powder at the summit.

I would highly recommend this trail in the winter/fall, and even spring time. You are exposed alot of the way so I could see this trail being very difficult in the summer. AGAIN, bring plenty of water and make sure you are wearing pants if you decide to take the San Bernardino Peak fork, there are overgrown thorn bushes and manzinita that you must pass through to get to the Peak!

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