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Very easy hike, but beautiful, relaxing and therapeutic! Great for kids!

It was nice a nice hike! It was quite tough though for our 9 and 5 year old. We also backpacked our 18 month old. The views from the top of the summit were awesome! The trail wasn’t too busy when we went which was a Saturday afternoon. It was 4 miles total from the bottom of the hike to the top of the summit where the American flag is waving and back down.

Busy trail. Didn't notice any litter. Sucks to see housing development being built below.

Good hike! Great views

Loved this trail. Definitely go early. When we were on our way out a ton of people were passing us going in. There are some narrow parts that make it difficult when trying to pass other hikers.
The view of the river is wonderful. Our 3 and 6 year old kids did good, we only did about half though.

Lovely hike, great cardio. To bad people trash it with cigaret butts, papers, dog poops not picked up etc.

Very nice walk ,more easy then moderate

horseback riding
27 days ago

Best riding trails in Southern California!

Easy Trail Walk rather than hike... wonderful sound of water accompanies as you stroll along a walk friendly path. Ideal for kids and seniors... I would add that there are a couple of vistas (midway and at the turn around) that could serve as very romantic stops. One word of caution... pay careful attention to the parking lot closure time (7PM)... they will tow you!

mostly shaded, pretty stream along the trail, plenty of opportunity to make longer by veering off a number of side routes. Park benches along the way. Many people on horseback, so be aware if you bring the doggos along.

29 days ago

Great workout and rewarding views

Hardest thing I ever did. Worth it.

Great cardio is correct. It’s a strenuous hike, mostly upward. Couple points, I felt like I couldn’t go further, incline was a killer! Was able to do the difficult route and even though it was raining, enjoyed enough, I think I’ll be back! Carb up before going and bring water.

Hiked clockwise, uphill starts right away and then you're at the top. Looping around on the descent you get ups and downs. Bring water; hiking poles if your knees talk to you. Lots of families, so it's not crazy hard. But I bet those kids sleep well tonight!

Beautiful trail! Super easy! We go when we want to get a quick easy hike in before starting a super busy day. There is the river that is just gorgeous and there are places off to the side for a quick snack break. Love this trail!

Great strenuous hike! The trail was clean but there is dog poop everywhere! We hiked the trail with 3 kids and a baby in a hiking backpack. We hiked counter clockwise which is the hardest way to hike this trail. We did all 4.2 miles! It was super hard and I love hiking! The kids were exhausted but excited because they felt accomplished and said they wanted to do it again next weekend! The view of the pacific wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. You only see the horizon. The other views are totally worth it! Totally recommend this trail!

good hike. it's more like moderate instead of hard.

Awesome cardio.

Beautiful trail! Just watch out for the Poison Oak...there is a lot of it.

Beautiful hike. Not well marked.

So beautiful I will going again very soon

One of my favorite local hikes ❤️ bring lots of water and sunscreen

Don’t let the “Hard” rating fool you. It’s not like hand over knee hiking. There were plenty of little kids hiking this trail. Trekking poles are suggested if you have bad knees. Also, it is better to hike the loop clockwise. There are no rocks on the south part of the loop and the view of the valley farms are amazing. You also get away from the interstate traffic noise.

This is a great training hike, to build stamina if you do the full four+ miles. there are 7 inclined sections. The views are gorgeous on top. If on a clear day, you can actually see the Pacific Ocean. bring lots of water if you plan to do in the summeror when it's really hot. Mornings are great to do this hike.

2 months ago


This trail is as described- strenuous! It kicked my butt!
It’s straight up - be sure to wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes with good ankle support.
I brought my dog and made sure to take breaks and give him lots of water.
I was worried about all the trash mentioned so I brought bags and gloves thinking I could help by picking up along the way ... but I found no trash?
The trail was clean.
This is certainly a cardio workout.


Very high traffic, tons of litter especially toilet paper and plastic bags with dog poop everywhere. Bring water this is a very exposed route. Good views from the top.

I’ve been walking this hills for almost 11 years. It’s a nice climb but over the past couple of years this trail has become very crowded. Toilet paper all over the trail. Follow the plastic bags of dog poop to the top for amazing views of the ocean. I would love to tell you it’s a great hike but it’s become a high traffic and very littered route. Too bad I too, I could spend hours walking around up there.

Slippery coming down. The September 11 markers makes you reflect on the fire fighters carrying all that gear up the stairwell. There is a marker every 10 floors and up to 110 floors. Please chip in at the donation pipe at the start of the trail.

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