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on Green Valley Trail

1 month ago

It’s been three weeks, and I’ve finally recovered and calmed down enough to write a review without profanity. First, this hike can only be described as “Easy” if you’re about 6 feet tall. There were at least three spots climbing up the hill that required me to use my hands because they were so steep and little to no footholds. Also because I went under the false assumption this would be an easy trail hike I was not prepared with enough water for my dogs. They finished off the 16oz before we even made it to the area by the cave. By the way this is NOT a dog friendly trail. After surviving the trek over the hill I was looking forward to the level walk around the small lake. Frustratingly blocked off by a barbed wire fence and posted signs that no dogs are allowed, I didn’t think we’d survive finding another way to pick up the trail on the other side, and I wasn’t willing to risk another mile or two. So I carefully pushed my dogs under the barbed wire fence to get into the area then out. Finally coming down the last slope to the main entrance I slipped on a patch of loose dirt and landed on my knee. I literally left behind a (quarter) pound of flesh. Also noteworthy there’s an entry fee for people and dogs. The payment machine accepts cash and credit cards. One star for the GPS mapping working quite well. The only good thing was I didn’t get too lost.