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1 day ago

I hiked this trail and it is amazing. Definitely not 8.5 miles. I clocked 10.7 miles, so be prepared. Lots of it is shaded. You will see frequent changes in the ecosystem. This is a mountain biking trail and I was the only hikers I came across.

Great hike with my 4 year old!

Good Hike. Some steep downhill to start then a single track along the watershed. Bring some bug spray. Big deer flies along the whole trail.

Great hike, but echo the comments on mileage... my Fitbit said we did 13.1 miles, which when you expect 8.6 was a slog at the end. We went clockwise which meant we took the brutal cataract stairs down, instead of up. I think either direction would be an enjoyable hike though!!

Absolutely love this hike but parking lot is a big obstacle. Always full. They could easily accommodate more cars but locals probably won’t allow for it. You can get to the lot and have 3 cars waiting to park. I’ve had to wait 20 minutes for a spot. It can spoil what was to be a lovely hike.

1 month ago

There are so many beautiful trails around here that this one is just totally lackluster in comparison.
I would rate this trail as moderate, not easy. The climbs are not unsubstantial.
Majority of trail is a totally exposed fire road; no shade at all. I did this hike at 8:30 in the morning and it was still extremely hot.
Falls area was pretty, as was a brief forested area 3/4 of the way into the hike, but that was about it.

2 months ago

Nice and easy. Lots of birds and butterflies.

Great trail. Lightly trafficked this past Sunday. Fairly easy terrain. Lots of ticks. Found at least 12 of them on my pup. It’s tick season, not much I can do about it.

Hiked clockwise around Lagunitas and then Bon Tempe. Hiking time 2 hours.

This is one of my favorite hikes I have been on! It’s so quite and peaceful. I would 10/10 recommend going on this hike. However the is characterized as easy and I feel like that depends on the trail you pick, but some of the trail a moderate.

mountain biking
2 months ago


3 months ago

-good exercise with the incline on the way out and the way back.
-beautiful views
-waterfalls are always a treat
-we went on a nice spring day with a high temp of ~70, it was very warm with direct sun and only a small portion of the trail in the shade
-traffic through Fairfax was a nightmare. Took us an hour from Novato to get to the trailhead
-no bathrooms, few places to step off the trail with privacy

This was really nice for getting back into the swing of hiking. midweek, saw about 7 people. the falls are still strong and worth seeing as of today. good for contemplation. liked the little moments of opening up. hiked up a bit past the falls, too which was nice for a climb and peek above the trees.

3 months ago

The majority of the hike is open air with no shade. Once you get to the tree line cover it’s a pretty hike. The Falls still had water. I would recommend once you see the first waterfall continue hiking down and around. The really pretty view is further down with multiple pools and falls. The dogs on leash rule is real. Park rangers peruse the area and will issue citations if caught off leash with your fur friends. The trail is also rocky in the beginning.

4 months ago

Easy enough hike, uphill then downhill, waterfall at the end is a nice treat! Beautiful views at the top!

Came in mid-March and it was a great hike. Damp all around and the river and falls were in full force.

4 months ago

Solid hike! Surprisingly solid views of Oakland, an unidentified lake, and sweeping hills along the way. Waterfall was weak while we were there but keep going down afterwards for a walk among some big trees

4 months ago

Watch your feet. Almost stepped on rattler in middle of fire road. Very comfortable rocks at falls for lunching....

What a beautiful trail. I did the complete 2 lake loop. Most of the trail is undercover of the beautiful forest with views of the lake. I really flat kind of rolling with a couple short hills. Trail surface is pretty hard pack. But there is places that roots and rock mess with balance. The only restrooms are porta potty’s. They were very clean the day I was there.

Be aware that the trail is closed at Carson Falls - a posted sign says trail closed due to hazardous conditions. This hike is in a beautiful area but the trail map needs to be edited and updated for accuracy. I deleted my recording due to trail map errors and will record an alternate route next time.

Solid hike - some parts really nice, other parts pretty average, I extended the hike beyon what is on the site. 3 Star bc 1) Gate didn't open until late and you cant park around the TH entrance - ended up parking close a mile away from the TH 2) Lots of runners and much of the trail is pretty narrow

Gorgeous trail. Not too crowded on pretty Saturday. Don’t forget to pay for parking *$50 ticket for me!*

Nice loop trail with great views and some shade.

10 months ago

I picked this hike since it was dog friendly and on the shorter side though with a view of two lakes. Overall it was a good hike with some nice scenery though a couple more moderate sections with inclines. After, we drove to the Bon Tempe dam and after seeing the scenery there I wish we took the extra time to hike around that lake instead. However, for a less than 3 mile hike that is dog friendly and scenic, I recommend this trail.

A nice travel with good vantage points and a the chance to see some wildlife.

Don't get fooled by the "short" mileage, this is the most challenging "sub-10" hike I've ever done. The climb up to the Laurel Dell picnic site is rough especially on a hot day. Make sure to pack a lot of water since there is no water fountain on the trail. Stocking Trail is a fully exposed fire road so I recommend you do this loop clockwise so you at least hike the last couple miles in the shade. We also saw a big rattle snake on Kent Trail a little bit before the Van Wyck creek.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

save yourself the time & don't do this trail as there is no water seen running through here. extreme disappointment & I'll consider giving this an updated review if I decide to check this place out during a different season.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

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