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A good hike up the mountain.

Love the trails! You can make your hikes short and quick or go for miles. I condition my horse for endurance here also. Great technical ups and downs and flat areas to trot out.

Beautiful hike and great views on top.

14 days ago

Fun hike with some great inclines!

We tried to hike it and it has no trespassing signs once we cross the street from the nursery am I missing something

That’s good one for biking and rent boat at the end of the hiking for $75 all day.

This was a beautiful trail with great rest stops, pretty decent instructions, and incredible views! Reading the previous posts really helped in being prepared for this hike. It is pretty rocky and I would suggest hiking boots, although I did it in my regular walking shoes and was okay. But it’ll ruin your shoes pretty fast if you do this trail often in them. I also agree that it’s so much better to go earlier rather than the middle of the day because then the sun is so high and more direct and that makes it less enjoyable. For me at least! Make sure to read some of the other posts for some good tips. I also would suggest bringing water. I didn’t think a little over 3 miles one way was going to be that big of a deal, but you it’s a pretty decent incline most of the way, so having some water and maybe a snack bar would be helpful. Hopefully this helps!

27 days ago

Got a little lost, would highly suggest keeping a map close by. Great hike overall. Little hidden ponds were fun to find.

Easy flat trail for walking/biking. There is just one tiny part of crossing about a few inches of water on the bike or stepping stones. Gradual small incline and the view was very peaceful. We ran into more bikers than hikers on midday Sunday. Minimal shade during the hot day so bring lots of water.
-we parked near the farmers market (1030am-330pm) and trail head was down the end of the road. There’s other trails from here.
-it is along the highway for a bit but it gets more quiet along the trail the further you go.

Great hike! Hard in the beginning, start early bring water

We enjoyed the hike, up for 2 miles, but the fires really ate up the mountain. It was interesting and sad. Regrowth has begun and little sprouts of green and red laurel sumac and yuccas are sprouting. When you get to the top there are chairs and we enjoyed that view a lot! Then there’s a bit more trail and that was cool too. Spring may bring even more joy to that area :)

Starts out on a paved road uphill, eventually getting to some nice dirt and rock trails. Good up and down elevation, went in the morning still had shade here and there.

1 month ago

this was a fun hike. trail is rocky most of the way. i liked the rest areas spread out through the preserve. very well marked and has way points by the trails. do yourself the favor of getting a map, or snap a pic of it at the start so you can navigate easier.

Very pretty trail for a ride. At the top of the hill overlooking the lake, there is a fork that leads to the south Lake Trail in the left. On the right, the map says it loops back to rejoin the original trail. However, the fork isn't well marked and I couldn't find the loop-back trail on the right. I didn't want to risk it with my bike so I just ended up retracing my original route.

I thoughts this was a nice hike to go on, relatively easy and great view of olivenhain reservoir and lake Hodges! Definately a hike to do on an overcast day since there isn’t too much shade
I would say it’s a great trail to go on if you don’t know how far you want to hike since it does connect to the greater trail system.

Love this hike for the dog, she can be off of the leash for most of it. Make sure you bring lots of water.

Took my work team out for a team bonding Activity yesterday morn. The temp was perfect and the hike great for some beginners. We took off the boulder loop section and came back down the ranch house trail so took off about 2 miles. Our hike was 3.1.

First mile, high elevation gain and tires you out but rest of walk to Lake Hodges overlook is so worth it! Creek is on way in/out of trail next to parking lot. I got a late start at 1030am and was done by 1pm

1 month ago

Revisited this hike. Started from the opposite direction this time. Was a great hike. Phone died and didn't capture full hike. Actual time was 4:27:12

The creek was beautiful and had more flow than I would have thought for this time of the year. The trail was rocky most of the way up but you just have to pay attention a bit. I couldn’t believe it when I got to the top and I found toilets and a water fountain! Are we spoiled or what—-:-) I’ve never seen that before!

Excellent hike, both vertical and mileage!

Well this is one of my favorite hikes in San Diego! The views were beautiful and it was like a walk in the park compared to Lawson peak ! Round trip took me about 2 1/2 hours!

horseback riding
2 months ago

Love this trail, I have ridden to Raptor Ridge, one of my favorite trails. Good footing for conditioning, I was able to do lots of trotting. Parking lot is good for all size trailers and is huge and safe. Only issue with the trail is riding up to Raptor Ridge, there is a section which has a single track with a downhill cliff, I was a little nervous and decided to hike and lead my horse both up to the ridge and down.

Trail was nice. Easy one hour up and one hour down. Nice view at the top. 1/2 trail was affected by recent fire but still accessible. If anyone is planning on doing this hike, please bring a few trash bags. I picked up several bottles on the trail and 3 bags of trash at the trailhead. There was still plenty of trash left behind that I didn't have room for.

Great for family

2 months ago

Best during overcast weather. Late summer walks can get a bit dusty but scenic.

beautiful, not too challenging, and quiet. we may have to go back with bicycles too.

2 months ago

Definitely enjoyed this hike - good mix of inclines, not too strenuous, very scenic. Tons of different trails so you can make it a longer hike if you want.

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