Great views of both mount tam and mount Diablo! Not that much shade but a good amount of hills!

Very hard uphill for a short 2 miles hike Still loved it!!

Rolling yellow grass hillsides ending in a hillside manzanita grove. Lots of flies and open (so hot on a sunny day) but very pretty walk. Cool swing at the trail’s end which looks out over north bay.

a lot of poop on trail. pls pick up after ur dog.

7 days ago

Good trail, great views of the dam. I wanted to go on another trail but it was blocked. So I kept to this trail. Shady more inland. I would do this again and go on the other trails when they open up.

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over grown
16 days ago

Not as challenging as we had hoped.

Amazing view. If you’re starting on Clark trail: I recommend turning right towards Belgium trail for less intense uphill & left towards San Pablo trail for an intense uphill start. No shade until Wildcat trail (and throughout Havey canyon) so definitely being sunglasses/hat if it’s a sunny day.

Extended this one by adding the Black Oak Loop. Good quick walk with moderate elevation change to get your heart going.

over grown
1 month ago

Partially/mostly shaded. Nice challenging short loop.

Very nice course with great view and various up and down paths! Loved it so much!

Beautiful trail!!!!! so green and amazing views

Perfect for a nice stroll. Left if you want to start off immediately with an incline. Right for a good steady of downhill and uphill trail. Parking is street parking but be kind to the residents. Be mindful to nature. Will cross paths with cows, coyotes, bluebirds.

Parts of the route I took were ebmud and not well maintained. Careful to stay off private property. Morningside trail has ALL the poison oak. Barely anyone on trail.

2 months ago

A bunch of junctions makes for a lot of back and forth.

Pleasant, esp in morning when no one else was around

Wet little shade until the Manzanita grove, but it’s a cute little hike!

This route starts from the Rifle range TH, up E. Muzue trail. San Pablo ridge trail, old oilwell, and turn aroun at the intersection between Coak boas and Belgum. It boasts panoramic view of both San Francisco bay and San Pablo bay view; on the othe side....Mount Diablo and the Las Tampas views all around.

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3 months ago

couldn't find the trail

it's a lovely, meandering, gently rolling, wide-cut trail. there were some deep rutts on the backside slope down to the loop, which make sense with the slick topsoil. definitely be careful if it's been raining recently.

Definitely wouldn’t want to hike this in the summer due to lack of shade. Our favorite part was the Manzanita Loop portion and looking out over the neighborhoods was pretty, too. Nice inclines and declines to increase the heart rate.

I left with some beautiful sunset pics, and sightings of cows (par for the course), raccoon, deer, and a cute little fox who followed me for the last mile, all the way to my car. The first two miles or so were AWESOME , with steep hills and wonderful views up top. The last half or so of the hike was disappointing, gravel and PAVED road, no views. I would recommend avoiding the Wildcat Creek Trail, pick almost any other here.

Nice incline at Clark Boas trail going up to San Pablo ridge trail. Great views of the East Bay (Richmond/Pinole). Cows, horses, mountain bikers, hikers and lots of mud. Don’t recall much on Mezue trail. But Wildcat Canyon Creek trail was gravel/paved road, fun visiting the creek several times.

6 months ago

Went when it was muddy and foggy

7 months ago

Trail was better than expected. Gets really nice views of the San Pablo reservoir at the top of Upper Seafoam trail.

Intense/steep grade if you start by going east. There is some shade during certain parts. Fire trails and pavement for most of hike. Great views of entire Bay!

very beautiful. A great short hike all the signs were clearly marked. I will be doing this again.

I did this as part of a larger loop but ended up eventually crossing the street and going all the way up to Tilden. The part of Kennedy Grove was surprisingly nice with many mature oaks and quite a bit of shade. Good heart pounding way to start a hike!

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