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El Dorado Hills, California Map

Awesome hike and beautiful lots of bikers but very friendly

very pretty but super narrow trail and TICKS. checked my dog a mile in and she had a dozen crawling on her front legs. we won't be back.

5 days ago

Beautiful Trail but can be a bit sketchy. Sharing the trail with bikes is difficult when you have dogs with you.

14 days ago

Great morning hike! Nice scenery. Plan to do again soon.

Beautiful out today, like Spring in Febuary! & only a few people out. Climb up was a butt kicker like always. Fun Downhills make it worth the effort.

16 days ago

What a cool hike. About two miles in, there is a trail down to the river/ lake. (Not sure what it is considered up there) Would be great to break off and swim in warmer weather or let your hound play in the water. The mountain bikers we encountered were very laid back.

16 days ago

Single person width trail only- not great for groups. Nice views of the lake during the first half of the hike. Better to park at the end near Salmon Falls and avoid the $10 parking fee.
Disappointed there was no “end” place to stop and have lunch- the group is rough with lots of stickers.

Far more expensive than it should be. Trail is decent and a work out if you make it one but otherwise, not my first choice.

30 days ago

This was an easy hiking trail with a nice view of the river. It was very easy to find, and we bumped into a few bikers and joggers, but no hikers. We went in the afternoon, so it was a little too late to walk the entire trail, but our pup was able to be off-leash and she loved it. The sunset view on the way back was really nice overlooking the river. There were other sprawling areas of land with tons of geese hanging around. Other than that, it wasn't too scenic. We will be returning for sure, as the hubby wants to reach the bottom!

1 month ago

Nice place!

Great trail! The first part of the trail is uphill and kind of rocky so hiking boots would be recommended although you could do it with tennis shoes. At first I was a little disappointed because I saw houses along the way but just keep going and eventually you will be in the wilderness with nothing but the sound of the river and the wind in the trees. The trail is well set and super easy to follow. Beautiful views. It’s not a difficult trail and a lot of it is pretty flat. I took my dog on leash. I only pulled one tic off her but she is on tic prevention. I only saw a couple other people the entire day Although I bet it gets much busier in the warmer season. I would definitely recommend! Beautiful hike on a sunny winter day!

What a great trail. Well engineered for hiking. Beautiful views.

1 month ago

Gorgeous! Not very populated and wonderful for running, hiking, or mountain biking! Most of the trail is shaded and very peaceful.

went in mid December and it was unseasonably warm. surprisingly good views of the river and salmon falls bridge. There’s a free parking area but then you have to cross the bridge to get to the trail. Dogs area allowed and bikers are respectful while using the trail

2 months ago

Farily scenic for the first 1/2 mile. The rest is more or so forest and dead trees. 5.4 miles back n forth overall. I enjoyed it. Happy trails!

3 months ago

It surprises me that very few of the tracks posted don't complete full trail.
Once you hit the dirt road the end is only .4 miles further, down hill to the edge of the water.
I can see this trail getting very hot during the summer months. If you hike it Start early!
Lots of bikes on the trail and very few hikers.
Not much to take pictures of.

If you wanna pay 12 bucks for parking because its a fancy area by El Dorado hills then this is great for you. If not go somewhere else.

on Darrington Trail

4 months ago

Not really too much to see other than Salmon Falls Bridge. You walk on a really narrow trail which you have to share with bicyclists and can be sketchy. Also a really small sketchy parking lot.

Took this trail about 4.9 miles. Part was along lake and part forest. Took about 3 hrs with short break at marina where there is a full, clean restroom facility. Free parking on Green Valley Rd and Sophia parkway. Really a lovely trail. Will need to try the rest soon!

5 months ago

I saw lots of wild life along the trail: deers , ducks , lizzards , toads, Tarantulas spiders.
The taril is mostly for bikers , so you need to pay attention as they come.
You have to pay 10$ for the parking at the trailhead , there's a box with evnelopes for that purpose at the trailhead.
Beyond the great views of the water along the trail , there isnt much to see.

The trail goes on, beyond the point I stopped. I went back after 3 miles, because I started late and it was getting dark

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