2 days ago

This is a great trail, do to complications I only made it to the end of lake Echo and back. It would be an all day hike if I were to go to Lake Aloha around 6-8 hrs to walk there. Wish I could have made it but started too late.

The path from Lake Echo is very VERY, rocky so watch your step had a few people trip and sprang an ankle on this one, hiking poles are almost a must. If your not used to scaling the side of the mountain this trail is not a 2 person path it's narrow and almost no shade so wear some sun screen. I had 50 protection on and I still got burned lol. Start early so you can make it by lunch or so other wise when it gets dark out and you ....will....get...cold.

Beautiful views and great hike, this is a moderate hike/hard if you do not take the Ferry that will cut the hike to Lake Aloha down to 5 miles. $15 per person for the ferry.