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16 days ago

Not bad, mainly strenuous on the way back. Bring sturdy hiking shoes, and bug spray.

Mossbrae falls is well worth the hike! I’ve visited over a dozen times and the waterfall is consistently beautiful year round. I recommend waking the railroad tracks but make sure you do not park in the Shasta retreat neighborhood. Park up on the main road and walk in. You will be walking along active train tracks, be safe!

Beautiful meadows and lake views

Super short, moderate hike w a few switchbacks, but the falls are great! Geology buffs will love the cliffs of columnar basalt

1 month ago

Easy hike to what might be an interesting falls after a big rain or lots of snow melt. Not that impressive otherwise; still a good place to stretch your legs after a long day of driving along I-5. Needs some trail repair down by the falls. Watch out for the poison oak.

Gorgeous views of Castle Lake, Castle Crags, and Mt. Shasta!! This hike is worth every step.

2 months ago

Hiked up to Heart Lake, then down to Little Castle Lake and to the end of the trail (where it meets Mt. Bradley Rd.). The steepest parts are heading up to Heart Lake, then returning the last stretch up from Mt. Bradley Rd. (no real reason to make that descent unless you want the exercise, it's an ATV road), and then climbing back up from Little Castle Lake to get back to the parking lot.

A great variety of terrain, from forest to shrubs. In some parts the trail is overgrown with thorny shrubs to bring long pants if you intend to hike the whole trail (I didn't and have the scratches to prove it).

Heart Lake is definitely the highlight, with its splendid view of Black Butte, Mount Shasta and Castle Lake below.

3 months ago

How can you beat a view overlooking a gorgeous mountain lake and Mount Shasta?! You can’t! Absolutely beautiful area, and a great hike!

Be careful taking dogs, the train told by every so often and scares the dogs! Also the rocks along the railroad track get scalding hot so try and go early in the day if you have dogs to prevent burns.

4 months ago

Great little hike to and behind the falls and then on to a beautiful scenic overlook up and down the river. Definitely a hidden gem that I will go back to. Did this and 3 other trails along I-5 as part of a work trip. You can actually see this trail head from the off ramp it's so close. Couldn't give it a 5 due to it shortness.

Easy to get to. Not as far as you think.

5 months ago

I do this one often! The falls change regularly! The dog loves it!

The fact that ALL access to this hidden gem goes through private property doesn't seem to bother people, but to those of us with homes in Shasta Retreat and SP Railroad (with their legitimate liability and safety concerns), this has become a major problem since the advent of internet. As gorgeous as these falls are, they are not open to the public, which the All Trails description states in clear, simple terms!

No Parking and "No Access to Mossbrae Falls" signs are posted on certain sections of Dunsmuir Ave, at Shasta Retreat's entrance and inside our neighborhood community. Yet the public repeatedly ignores them and reviewers (like Nouvelle Terre or Natalie Lopez) incorrectly advise parking - illegally! - on our narrow, shoulder-less roads.

If the "shoe-were-on-the-other-foot", I doubt these same visitors would want the general public ignoring clearly posted no trespassing signs that bring a daily, endless flow of parked cars into their family's neighborhood! Thus, the reason for only 1 star.

The City of Dunsmuir has been diligently working on plans to build a safer PUBLIC route extending from the Hedge Creek Falls trail. When that happens, this review will be edited to 5++ stars. Until then, PLEASE respect the privacy of Shasta Retreat residents and honor SP Railroad's "No Trespassing" signs by hiking only trails that are OPEN to the public. Thank you!

6 months ago

Hedge Creek is always flowing. However when it is really flowing the falls are even more spectacular.

6 months ago

Beautiful falls hidden but very close to I5. Exit I5 at Exit 732 Dunsmuir Ave/Sisktyou Ave. The trailhead is in a small city park immediately adjacent to the interchange. You get to walk behind the falls. If you follow the trail to its end, you come to an overlook of the Sacramento River. There are plans (with some funds in place) to extend this trail across the Sacramento River and on to Mossbrae Falls.

Great falls. There’s mossbrae and hedge creek. Both spectacular!

7 months ago

Started early AM. Met two guys who had turned around due to heavy/dangerous ice on trail. I had yak-tracks, so I was able to push on. Amazing temp difference from start to a few miles away at ridge line. Not one person on the trail. Loved the solitude. The brush can be a bit invasive, but not even close to what others have said. Minor and momentary distraction, at worst.
Loved the hike and would like to get to the ridge and camp.

Like most waterfalls, trails, and other interesting sites around Mount Shasta, this is not one that is marked or easily found. Once you drive onto Dunsmuir Avenue, keep an eye out for a large concrete Arch that says Shasta Retreat upon it. Drive underneath it, go all the way down the hill, take an immediate right, and park at the bridge. You will get out on foot from here, cross the bridge and bank right. You will follow the train tracks for about three miles, it's roughly 40 minutes one way. You will then find the falls upon the right side of the banks. This is one of the most breathtaking series of waterfalls I've ever encountered. This is so worth it! Camera phone pics do not do it justice. It's huge! Word of caution however: there are multiple areas of the railroad tracks that are thin, narrow, and steep. They're long and narrow enough on both sides to where bad luck is entirely possible. According to locals, the river below is so loud that it can be hard to hear trains coming around the curvy corners. A reputable local told me that often times you cannot hear the train until it's right upon you. She knew one girl that literally fell off of the cliff side trying to avoid being hit. As I did, I would strongly recommend trotting or jogging over these narrow high parts just in case you get stuck in a sticky situation with a train. One of the locals told me it's maybe 80% safe, to take this now illegal hike. They have had fatalities in the past, and apparently it's also an old Indian Trail. Just be careful and trot or jog quickly over the narrow areas.

It was beautiful!!!! I felt like I was in fern gully once we got there. Walking along the train tracks was a little hard on the ankles so wear boots!

10 months ago

I cannot get over how great this trail was! There was a lot of up and down, with some steep grades, but the views are definitely worth it! The trailhead in Dunsmuir this app leads you to is actually private property and gated off. Just start at Castle Lake (off Castle Lake Rd, past the campground) and you'll still get to see all the awesome stuff. The trail isn't as bad as other people have described. A little overgrown, but you can definitely see the trail, just have to dance around some branches.

11 months ago

Quiet little area - nice stream. Blink and you will drive by the Trail Head. Very flat and no elevation. Really like the stroll

Easy trail but it's all railroad trail rock have a pair of really good hiking boots on.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dense Manzanita about half way up the trail. You can certainly get through it though. Terrain was up and down the entire way. Beautiful views of Castle Crags, Mt Shasta and Castle Lake.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Easy hike, we did see a train. It went slow, but was long. Water is very cold. But truly a gorgeous spot!

A super easy hike.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I had a really hard time getting through the trail about halfway through bc the manzanitas were so overgrown. I have multiple scratches, my shorts were ripped, and I was sad I couldn't finish the whole thing! Someone needs to do some upkeep

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Great waterfall but go to scarlet way and park on the road. Head down, cross the bridge and turn right. After about 20 minutes of walking on track there will be a big rock that says mossbrae falls!

Amazing waterfalls!!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Beautiful hike. Lots of rock with great views.

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