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2 days ago

Great trail with beautiful scenery. Lots if water and falls. The first mile is quite flat, exposed and boring. If hiking in the evening, apply bug repellent or wear a bug screen. Very easy trail, that gets tougher once you pass the falls and head toward Paradise Valley. .

Easy fun trail, cool payoff with a view of sequoia lake

4 days ago

Definitely a hike that anyone visiting Kings Canyon/Sequoia NP should take. The trail is rather easy in the beginning as it winds through the forest with the South Fork King’s River to your right for the majority of the trip. But for all the beauty you experience you WILL be eaten alive by bugs. Even with frequent spraying of bug spray they managed to get every inch of me. About 2 miles in if you take the right fork you can get some beautiful views off a suspension bridge over the river. Shortly after this portion you will begin your climb. Of course with the gain in elevation you will see many smaller falls off to your right that you will been keen to snap some photos of. The falls are clearly marked on the trail by a sign and you can either continue the trail to the upper portion of the falls or relax at the bottom. The cool mist is so refreshing and offers a wonderful atmosphere to have lunch.

Terrible first mile, the trail is covered with sand/crushed granite and it exhausting to walk in but the rest of the hike is gorgeous!

easy and beautiful!! lots of mosquitos around sun set!! Bring mosquito spray cause we got ate up! Flat hike around the Meadow... great for kids and elderly.

It was a decently hot day and no real good shade for first couple of miles. the trail is sandy then becomes rocky. slight grade uphill until the top but does have variation so it decreases the difficulty. there were spots all along the trail to hop in the water or cool yourself down. the views all the way there were amazing. complaints are the squitos. yuck, even with bug repellant. the falls were beautiful and there were lots of space to sit back an enjoy. wish we would have seen some wildlife but only lizards and squirrels. beautiful, moderate day hike. bring lots of water!

Beautiful short trail. Trees were amazing & so much less crowded than Sequoia

This made for a great family trip. We spent most of a day in the park driving through the trees, stopping at lookout points, having a snowball fight (we found a patch of snow), and hiking. We did this hike with a 7 and 9 year old and had no problems. It was fun for the whole family.

17 days ago

Definitely tougher than expected. We backpacked in from Road's End, along Bubb's Creek, up the switchbacks, and then camped at Junction Meadow. The switchbacks are tough, but the trail gradually climbs for another 6 miles or so afterward.

There is pretty much access to water along the whole trail.

Saw a rattlesnake about 6 miles in, which confirms what an earlier reviewer said.

Lots of mosquitos and flies, we saw several people with bug nets over their faces.

The switchbacks are very scenic, afterwards is still beautiful but not as scenic.

There are bear boxes at many of the campsites.

There are several creek crossings, as of June 2018 the creek crossings were all manageable.

3rd biggest tree by volume and largest Sequoia trunk by diameter. Good enough for me!

18 days ago

Let me preface by saying that I was unable to make it to the waterfall due to a knee injury and the climb at the end would have been too much for me.

I honestly would have given this hike 4-5 stars (even without making it to the waterfall-it’s that gorgeous) if it weren’t for the awful sandy part in the beginning. It literally felt like we were walking on beach sand. Which is fine at first, but gets really old, really fast. Especially on tired legs as you’re coming back.

Otherwise, it was beautiful! Great views the whole way. The river was gorgeous. Fairly gradual climb until the end.

Bring lots of water if you go in the summer! It was in the 90s when we went and we felt every bit of that. Also bring lots of bug spray. They were relentless! Not a lot of shade for a good portion of the beginning (the awful sandy part) so keep that in mind if you go in the summer. We hiked this on 6/20/18.

19 days ago

Excellent hike. Great views of the canyon and the falls, with a decent amount of shade. I went yesterday, and even though the parking lot was overflowing, the trail didn't seem that busy. I think the length depends on which way you go though. I went out and back, instead of in a loop, and it was a little over 9 miles. Still a good day hike though, and I finished in about 4 hours.

The main reason it didn't get 5 stars is that there are a LOT of bugs. Even with bug spray, I still got bit, so come prepared!

22 days ago

A fun trail but definitely some mosquitos in the summer so bring bug spray.

23 days ago

Great views! Parking lot was full but we saw very few people on the trail. As we were returning, we crossed the Bailey Bridge and finished the hike on the “Kanawyer trail”. We preferred the trail on that side of the river. If you use that side you do have to walk a little further to reach the bridge to Zumwalt Meadow. I didn’t see any wildlife or notice the mosquitoes.

We hiked this trail yesterday 6/25/18. It’s a great hike! We saw a Momma bear with 2 cubs. The falls and the views are outstanding! The mosquitoes were bad at spots. Use bug spray.

25 days ago

Can’t give nature less than 5 stars! Super pretty! But as the last reviewer mentioned, not « panoramic » past the switchback. Still totally gorgeous, with lots of changes in scenery throughout. The creek is loud!! And the water is incredibly pristine. But bring the bug repellent! Also, this hike to Junction Meadows is a butt kicker: the switchback is toughest, but it keeps going up after that too. Not as steep, but it goes up very consistently. Possible rattlesnake den at about 6 miles? A hiker saw one hours before we did. Found a beautiful camping spot before Junction M to camp that had its own little beach. Wish we had time to make it to East Lake! Would have loved a 2 nighter here (and a fishing pole!! Saw 2 beautiful trouts at our spot). Overall a kick butt adventure we loved for an overnight walk up. -Do note the last reviewer’s comment about the first creek crossing.

27 days ago

Great trail. We completed this hike mid June and it was fantastic. The canyon walls tower over the trail and don’t even look real. Bugs were minimal but we used deet. We ran into two deer and didn’t encounter any bears... though given the terrain, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was common.

Beautiful! Great trail for the kids!

30 days ago

Easy trail for kids. We went in the late afternoon; not many other people on the trail and the trees were stunning in the afternoon light.

1 month ago

I loved this hike, we saw a lot of wildlife. We saw two rattlesnakes and a bear which was amazing. Others around us on the trail also talked about seeing other rattlesnakes, so watch your step! When we saw a bear, there was a ranger around who instructed us when to walk, and to walk fast. Overall, it was a nice hike, pretty flat with great views.

The first 2 or so miles are completely flat. The only thing that makes this a moderate is the distance. Lots of stairs, but completely doable. Make sure to use bug spray, and bring it with you to reapply!

1 month ago

tourist spot. cute area tho.

1 month ago

Great day hike. A few places along the river had smoldering prescribed burns. No problems with bugs at noon. Busy trail, never seen this many people on the trails other than at General Grant and Sherman. Pack plenty of water and snacks. Not a long hike but temps at mid-seventies, can dehydrate fast and steep elevation at the end can sap energy reserve. My loop took 3.5 hrs and I am in decent fitness condition. check out my pics.

These trees are so incredibly majestic. I appreciate that the park service has made the trails to these monuments accessible to all. There is no reason to not do this trail while in the area.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail with breathtaking views of Kings Canyon!
We started out early and were alone at the Mist Falls. Hiking the trail took us just over 4 hours, including an extensive break at the falls.
FYI: There were a lot of mosquitos on the first section of the trail, so I'd recommend bringing repellent.

Honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

paved, easy stroll through grove of big trees

on Mist Falls Trail

1 month ago

Fun trail with great views of massive rock cliffs that runs next to a scenic river. Mist falls is very impressive and a good spot for a snack. The bugs weren’t bad today, but it was slightly warmer with a mild breeze. One downside is the time it takes to get to the trailhead if you’re not staying close (we came from Sequoia National Park).

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