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5 hours ago

Nice little walk through the forest of giants. easy stroll. great sight seeing of general grant and other huge Sequoia Trees

Nothing spectacular. Easy walk. paved. Easily accessible. Great for someone who doesn't want to go off trail or has little ones.

Watch out for rattlesnakes sunning themselves on the trail. Some nicer views higher up but somewhat by muted the forest, as glorious as the ponederosa forest is up there.

10 days ago

nice spot to chill before heading back home from sheep creek campground

there's a larger series of trails in here besides this paved section- we got out early and hiked all around, beautiful to do in the morning when there's no one else there! Lots of beautiful trees besides General Grant, get out on the non-paved trails to see them!

great view payoff from the top- go early and you'll have it to yourself!

Definitely not a trail for someone out of shape. You climb 5300 ft (1 mile) vertical over the first 8 miles. There is no gradual start to the hike. Be propared to work from the start. There are half a dozen or so streams on the way up with multiple lakes / ponds once up at the pass. The view is beautiful.

13 days ago

Fall is incredible in May! Right off the road.

The panoramic view + an additional mile beyond are worth it. The fire lookout was lame with no views

Caltrans has reopened Highway 180 past Hume that morning, so we decided to drive down to do this hike. Hike is easy and flat. The hike to the Roaring River Falls goes alongside the highway. Lots of bugs on Zumwalt trail. Very beautiful and peaceful hike and not many people on the trail. Highly recommend!

Very nice views !! And very easy to get to.

Nicely paved and handicap accessible, not that my family needed that, but it’s fenced in both sides and easy for kids as young as 2 to navigate and explore without needing to stay on top of them. We used this as our warm up walk to stretch our legs from the drive in and tucker the little ones out so we could backpack them on our more ambitious trails later.

2 months ago

This is a great trail to hike with your K9 companion(s). Since this is National Forest land near Kings Canyon, you’ll find the scenery throughout the area to be breath taking. This is a Western US gem.

2 months ago

I was looking for a trail during a solo Kings/Sequoia 3 day trip and wanted to look into a nice hike I can spend majority of the day with. I picked Mist Falls over all the other trails because of the end point being a nice waterfall. Growing up near Joshua Tree NPS I anticipated the trail to be fairly barren (meaning not much to look at) until the end of the trail but this trail proved otherwise and not disappoint! The first chunk of the trail has light shade and is fairly flat, then you shift into a denser forest before you get granted with a nice walk along the Kings River. The overflow from the river does feed into the trail, which forces you to maneuver a bit more off trail expected but it was easy to find your way back. Dense forest goes into fairly open canyon stone trail with a bit of elevation gain that increases in intervals. The last mile of the trail does get a bit strenuous if you're not careful with heat and your own pacing. The waterfall, however, does not disappoint and you're treated with a nice view of the canyon.
Round trip took about 5-6 hours including a short picnic at the end of the trail. Waterproof hiking shoes and bug spray are highly recommended!

3 months ago

Not really a trail. right off the road but amazing waterfall!

3 months ago

This trail is a best kept secret at Kings Canyon National Park!!! First of all, driving back to this trail has more beautiful grand views, than any views in Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks. The first half of the trail has just enough mosquitoes to drive you crazy but its easy to speed through high mosquito zone. The second half of the trail opens up and has some of the best canyon views of a fast flowing river I have ever seen. The views of the falls at the end of the trail make it well worth toughing out the mosquitoes.

4 months ago

Not too difficult but by far, one of my favorite hikes......you better like stairs though! Make sure to pick a warm day to do this trek because it'll add to the overall beauty while keeping you energized to continue.

aside from getting eaten alive by bugs, it was a fantastic hike.

fun trail with a good payoff at the end. Great drive up to the trailhead as well.

5 months ago

Awesome trail. Killer mosquitos. Stunning views

Easy walk through beautiful grove of trees. Popular hike in the park.

Awesome easy flat hike in King’s Canyon. Flat. Loved the meadow board walk and rock sections.

6 months ago

easy hike to do in a few hours. make sure you get to the sequioa lake overlook point. awesome!

6 months ago

This trail is marked easy on AllTrails but really the whole trail isn't easy.

While you're on the Fire Road, during the first third of the loop, the trail is easy. But once you turn off the Fire Road at the Apex of the loop the trail becomes a mid-sized path that is more moderately challenging than an easy rating would suggest. We would rate it moderate because of the elevation drop and level of trail maintenance. I would not suggest that day hikers who are limited to easy trails should attempt the section that branches out from the Fire Road particularly after a rainfall.

In a previous post, Luke mentioned that the turn off is easy to miss and it is. As you are walking north on the Fire Road, look for a picnic table on the left in a clearing by the creek. The trail will begin in about 50 feet to the left. There is a marker but it is still easy to miss.

My hiking partner and I used AllTrails with my phone over Verizon. Using GPS we could track our location in real time on the AllTrails map. Even so we accidentally ended up off trail a few times. Some of the intersections along the trail are not clearly marked.

Once on the moderate level section, the trail begins a rapid descent which you can see on the AllTrails topo diagram. There are sections that could be difficult for anyone who does not have good lower mobility. At the location I have marked with 2, the trail splits and the marker isn't clear. Use your map with GPS to make sure you get on the correct trail.

I hiked this trail in Oct17 and even then the creek had enough water in it that you would have to wade through where it crosses the path. Be aware there's no bridge at this spot. You can see the water level in my photos.

Features of this trail as it is mapped in AllTrails include mountain top views, patches of Lady Bug swarms, creek crossing, views that potentially could gaze out to the coastal ranges and off-highway vehicle access.

We thoroughly enjoyed this loop but both of us thought it would be wise to note that the Fire Road section and the third-third which begins at the creek crossing at the forest floor should be considered easy. The second third should be considered moderate.

The only good views are at the very beginning but the rest of the hike was kind of "meh". A bonus though is we see no other people on the hike.

Beautiful trail with a paved section leading up to an awesome overview of the mountains. The Trail then continues as a dirt trail but is well maintained

Nice hike. Views of rock falls, stream and forest. Feels remote even though there's a road very nearby.

Nice little hike. Super busy but for a quick look at the great trees it is well worth it.

7 months ago

I have to give it a 4 due to all the (non-biting) flies on the trail. Otherwise, this is a definite 5-Star trail that is not too difficult, and has constant beautiful scenery.

7 months ago

The Don Cecil is graded incredibly well! It maintains an even climbing incline for its entirety, and allows for consistent pacing all the way up. It's an efficient way to climb out of Kings Canyon proper. Lookout Peak is quite nice (not sure how one could complain about the views aside from a hazy day) , but the spur trail to the peak does get quite scrambly, and could deter a few folks who aren't ready to pull themselves up a steep hill after the 3000+ feet of Don Cecil from the bottom. Had a hard time finding how to get to the meadow, ended up enjoying views of it from the summit road. Saw 2 people total in 7 hrs of hiking.

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