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5 hours ago

This hike was really fun, but definitely a challenge! You're quickly rewarded with the cascades at the very beginning and then it's a long way to the top! The streams and change of terrain along the way make the hike interesting. Ran into some gnats in some parts of the trail. I did not go all they way up to the lookout, but did make it to the summit meadow. The trail to the lookout is really non-existent once you get to that point. I definitely want to do the hike again, but start a bit earlier to leave plenty of time to enjoy the top. (I started the hike at noon and reached the bottom at 4:30.) It is really neat to think of the history of this particular path into the canyon while hiking along!

Beautiful trail in the gorge by the river. No wildlife sitings, but fun nonetheless!

2 days ago

Park in small lot for Grizzly Falls. This is an easy hike which you can make as difficult as you want by going uphill from Falls, not sure what is up there. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon. This is a great hike to start out your day to see some falls, or after a long hike to stretch out before the ride out of the canyon.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFO02nxPdM4-CabegFIPlow?view_as=subscriber

3 days ago

You are ascending the whole way up. Make sure to save energy to make it up to the look out, difficult to fin the trail when you reach the top.

4 days ago

This was so much better than the last time I was here. As we were coming out of the park after hiking in the valley, we decided to stop and hike around General Grant. We just started walking around the giant trees and to our surprise there wasn’t many people around which was awesome. The crews at this park are actually getting it ready for winter already in the middle of September. As these gentle giants rising up into the sky they were just awesome.

Loved our hike! Perfect temperature and not too busy. Clearly marked and very easy hike. Huge issue with mosquitoes and flies at the trailhead and continued along the hike

Magical walk on paved trail through a magnificent grove of Sequoia trees. Not nearly as crowded or noisy as the General Sherman tree walkway, and I thought the General Grant was more majestic! Do not pass this by if you enter through the north entrance of the park- it’s right there!

13 days ago

Nice place for a picnic. Not really a hike though.

Way back and nearly forgotten.... Awesome sight when I was young.

16 days ago

Great short hike. Little elevation. Saw three rattle snakes by the boardwalk in Zumwalt Meadows.

Roaring River Falls in Late August does not have a lot of water but still pretty during Golden hour.

My star rating is based on the expectation for a nice hiking trail. This is a wide fire road that is used by off highway vehicles. So everything is a bit dusty, and we didn't see any other hikers but several 4w drive vehicles and quads passing us, and some that were not considerate enough to slow down. A good portion is through area that was hit by fire so there is not much shade as the taller trees are ghostly charred sticks but nice green growth around them. But it was a bit too warm for us, Labor Day '18. If you're into ATVing seems like a fun trail, hiking, not so much.

The trail is steep, but paved the whole way. Not difficult at all. The 4 year old made it no problem. Totally worth the time to go to both gorgeous viewpoints! Remember the bug spray (end of July).

26 days ago

More of a steep stroll than a hike, but definitely worth the time! Gorgeous views of giant trees! Easily doable with a stroller.

28 days ago

Not really a hike but a short walk, worth stopping by!

Very easy and beautiful hike! Great views from the meadows up at the canyon. I hiked in the meadow and did some scrambling on the big rocks above the river. Would definitely go back again!

There is a $35 entrance fee into the Sequoia National Park to get to this trail, but there are loads of hikes to go on while you are here. The hike itself is actually part of the National Forest, not the National Park and is accessed from the Princess Campground. It is a quick 1 mile or so if you make the loop of the paved and unpacked area. The meadows and stands of trees are BEAUTIFUL, especially with the wildflowers. Since the area used to be a logging camp there are several Giant Sequoia stumps that make great photo ops. All in all, I was a little disappointed that the trail wasn’t 3 miles as it said, but it was a very pretty, easygoing hike.

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1 month ago

we enjoyed our leisure trip. the trees were massive and the docent was great!

1 month ago

Great waterfall - not really a hike though and tons of touristas. Said better - if 100ft walk is your definition of a hike, you need to get out more!

This place is beautiful and peaceful! It starts off at a waterfall. Looks a little to dangerous to get in. There are lots of nats and mosquitos since you’re walking along a pretty little river but, my bug spray from Walmart worked just fine. I fell in love with the meadow , there’s a wood walkway that takes you through it. We recorded 6.8 miles because we walked the whole thing and went around a extra loop at the end(by accident). My son is 9, it was his first hike and he did very well! This place is definitely a must see. (Also someone stole my go-pro from the bridge please return it

1 month ago

Not much of a hike, or even a walk to be quite honest, but the waterfalls are pretty and definitely worth stopping for if you happen to be driving by.

Nice hike with kids. A bit trafficked but manageable.

1 month ago

Completed trail right at sunset. Unbelievable! Boole is worth the hike. Road to trailhead can be rough and a standard vehicle may bottom out in some of the dips. Hike is a contact incline until you see the tree then all down hill. Great hike! Will do it again.

Such a beautiful hike surrounded by towering granite walls and the sound of the river accompanying us along the way. Very easy walk although we recorded 4.9 miles and 387 ft of elevation. A minor negative were the gnats that seemed immune to bug spray. Highly recommend this hike that all fitness levels can enjoy. 8/4/2018

1 month ago

nice spot to eat lunch and enjoy a waterfall even into August. you can see the falls from the parking lot. so, not a hike but a great opportunity to get up close and feel the mist coming off the falls.

Decent trail if you're looking to bring the pup and not deal with a lot of foot traffic (I didn't see another soul). Area still has significant burn remnants and doesn't have much shade for most of the trail. Heat was an issue in the (late July) afternoon, and I definitely recommend refilling your water at each creek you pass. If I do this hike again in the summer with my dog, I'll avoid the trail in the mid afternoon hours because the sand was pretty hot. He made a point of trotting to shade, then waiting on me to catch up.

So easy and so spectacular! Wildlife is very present here so be careful. Definitely a must see when the sun is rising or setting though.

A little more strenuous than I planned on, but beautiful hike. Cool trees and some interesting burn damage.

2 months ago

Easy fun trail, cool payoff with a view of sequoia lake

2 months ago

Short walk. Only .2 from the sign to the stump. Pretty cool! Great for dogs

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